Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) The Meaning of Receiving the Holy Wine

What is inside the holy wine? It has an ingredient that symbolizes parents' love. Also, it has to have something in it that symbolizes blood. Accordingly, when you drink that, you become one body with parents' love and one body with parents' blood. Then how is the holy wine made? It is wine which is made from ingredients that symbolize the earth, the seas, and heaven, and that symbolize the whole cosmos. In the holy wine there are three kinds of alcohol. Besides that, it has an ingredient which symbolizes all things. The fact of drinking this means that one is being born spiritually and physically. If this ceremony did not exist, original sin could not be removed and the lineage could not be converted. Without converting the blood lineage, one cannot become one body with God's love by passing through the standard of perfection. The holy wine ceremony is the ceremony which indemnifies all of this.

The holy wine contains all the essential elements of things which are without Satan's accusation. If some person does an act that defiles him after receiving the holy wine and becoming one with the True Parents, he comes to stand in a position more fearful than Satan's. Satan defiled and violated the perfection level of the growth stage, but if a person who received the Blessing makes a mistake, he commits the sin of treason against God's substance in the perfection level of the perfection stage. Therefore, the person will not be forgiven through eternity. That is truly a fearful thing.

In the holy wine, there is the flesh and blood of parents. The holy wine is the wine of love, the wine of the husband, and the milk of mother. It represents the water of life, the blood of parents, the manifestation of all glory, and the love of bridegroom and bride, and it contains in it the life force of the Father.

With the holy wine I am giving out the substance of the Father's heart and blood lineage. Through it I am giving out the life force and forming a connection of lineage.

I give out the holy wine in order to cleanse the body's defilement and bring it into God's blood lineage. The holy wine results from the substantial marriage (True Parents), hyung sang marriage (36 couples), and symbolic marriage (72 couples).

The process of restoration went through Cain and Abel, Esau and Jacob, and Perez and Zerah. But for original restoration, one has to set a condition of having gone through Jesus' body.

One must come to stand in a position like having been born through the womb of True Mother. After having passed through Adam, to Jesus, and arriving at the Second Coming, one must stand in a position of having been born at the same instant as a baby born from Mother.

The holy wine, which is made of 21 ingredients representing all things and levels, is given to the wife first. At the fall, Satan first tempted Eve and then Adam was lost; therefore we first establish the restored woman in a position to find the man. The man receives the wine, representing parents' flesh and blood, through the wife. By drinking this wine in this way, he comes to stand in the position of having passed through the internal body of mother and makes the indemnity condition for the separation from Satan.

This time is the same as when an innocent, young bachelor first enters the room of his bride. We must achieve the purpose of love by centering on God, with left and right becoming one.

Even Eu Hyo Won does not know one of the meanings of this wine. Drinking this wine has a meaning equivalent to Jesus' saying that one who drinks the water of life will have eternal life.

Your existence before and after the moment you drink is entirely different. Drinking this wine is more important than husband and wife's making a relation of love. This wine represents the connection of life.

This wine represents the original core of life. After this ceremony, there should not be any falsehood. You should not ask about the past. From now on, become a couple who lives to fulfill the Blessing.

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