Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2) The Process of Being Reborn Through the Holy Wine Ceremony

We must change the condition of having inherited the lineage that was tainted through the fall. If we do not do this, we cannot remove the original sin, and if we do not remove the original sin, we cannot rise to the stage of being able to receive the blessing as true children. That is how the Principle works. The ceremony that removes the original sin which came about through the fall and changes our lineage from Satan's to God's is the holy wine ceremony,

The holy wine ceremony is what roots out Satan's blood that has tainted the human lineage through the fall. In other words, it is the ceremony that removes the original sin.

You, who are engaged, will do the holy wine ceremony before the blessing ceremony. This is the lineage-converting ceremony that alters the blood of the fall. Fallen man cannot go to the place of blessing without denying his past love, which was stained by the false love of the satanic world, and without being equipped with the resurrectional substance centering on God's love anew, and reviving the true love of parents. Therefore, the holy wine ceremony is the ceremony where we promise that we will establish a new standard of life by going through the gate of True Parents' love.

Fallen man has to convert his lineage centering on the True Parents. Man is the inheritor of the fall. Consequently, we should absolutely deny our past way of living. First and foremost, we must have the conviction to "absolutely deny" our former way of life.

The parent who gave birth to me is not a true parent, and the brothers with whom we have been living together are not true brothers. Moreover, the society and the nation in which we live now are not the true society and nation which God desires. Accordingly, to create what God desires, we must wake up to a new self originating from a total denial of the old. That will not come about just by our believing. We must present the condition needed for that. That is exactly the holy wine ceremony.

What is the holy wine ceremony and how does it come about? Since our parents who are living in the satanic world are Cain-type parents on the side of Satan, we need an Abet-type parent on the side of God. Mary was that kind of parent for Jesus.

After that, there has to be a mother figure on earth in the unfallen original position. In other words, there has to be an original mother figure who has not had a connection with fallen love or the lineage of evil. There was no mother figure like that. For this reason, you must find three levels of parents-fallen parent, parent restored from the fallen world, and unfallen parent-and completely restore the connection of those parents. It has to be done.

Because the family of Adam and Eve fell, Jesus became the person to deny that family and establish the standard which God can approve. But because Jesus could not fulfill that responsibility completely, God prolonged this dispensation to a third time, which is the period of the Second Coming centering on Christianity.

Then what does the Lord of the Second Advent come to do? Because the age of the Second Advent is the perfection-level age, Christ at the Second Coming is a person who comes to find the mother of humankind. That is, he comes to find a bride. The bride whom the Christ, who is the bridegroom, is trying to find on this earth is not a woman under the dominion of the fall. He is trying to find a person who is born from an unfallen, pure lineage. That kind of bride or mother figure has to be born on the foundation of an Abel-type mother in the fallen world.

Accordingly, your first mother corresponds to the position of the fallen Eve, and the mother after that corresponds to the position of Mary at the time of Jesus. The third mother has to be the one who can advance to the position of Mother (True Mother) as a virgin who has no connection with evil.

The position of True Mother was supposed to be fulfilled centering on Jesus, but it was not; it was only established spiritually. So today, in the Last Days, this fulfillment must take place. There has to be a strategy to put everything together again.

Where do you, who were born in fallen families, have to go! In Jesus' time the people who had been born into fallen families went to Jesus. Today, the people who are born into fallen families believe in Christianity. Then where do those Christians have to go? They have to travel the road that passes through the womb of an unfallen mother and into the interior of an unfallen father, and be reborn. Without doing this, resurrection is not possible.

Originally, the baby seed that was dwelling inside the bone marrow of Adam was to go through the body of Eve, who was to be a true mother, and then be born centering on God. But it did not happen. This is the fall. In other words, the fact that they did not see the birth of a new life that God had been desiring is the same as the fall.

Since everyone is born from a spoiled place, what can be done in order to restore this? One has to find and enter the womb of a true mother. For that reason, Christianity today says that even a person who believes in Jesus has to receive the Holy Spirit in order to be reborn. Then what does it mean to receive the Holy Spirit? Because the Holy Spirit is the Mother God, it means receiving help from the Mother God and becoming one with Mother. Everyone has to go through the body of True Mother.

Because the Holy Spirit is the Mother God, if the Holy Spirit enters someone, the person comes to long for and attend Jesus as the bridegroom, that is, as the Father God. When that heat of longing is greater than one's life, finally a new life will be born. But this new life has not become a life which is perfected both in body and spirit, but remains the standard of perfection only of spiritual life.

Christianity, which has remained only at this standard of spiritual resurrection, now has the mission to find the standard of physical resurrection. Because this worldwide mission still remains, Christianity has been waiting for the time of the Second Advent.

Since you are the descendants of fallen Adam, you have to establish indemnity conditions. Besides the perfected Adam, there is no one who can jump over the road of indemnity. The perfected Adam is the substantial object of God who is the subject of love. The Second Advent of Christ comes to perfect that position. He comes as a magnet, a center of love to pull all people together.

The principle of restoration is like a magnet, bringing two poles together. Since the fall took place after Adam and Eve's engagement, there is a providence of restoration for after the engagement.

By analogy to a magnet, we are doing a ceremony where the woman who has become a perfect minus, as Eve should have, is creating a perfect man. The holy wine ceremony is a spiritual restoration ceremony. After the woman is born anew spiritually, the man in Adam's position is born spiritually through that woman.

The holy wine ceremony has a significance similar to the Eucharist, when Jesus looked at bread and wine and said, "This is my flesh and blood." The holy wine ceremony is the ceremony that establishes the condition that the person has become one with the True Parents. If a person becomes one body with the True Parents, Satan cannot accuse him or her. The person stands eternally in the position of having nothing to do with Satan.

From now on, the two of you must make the determination to create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth as a new Adam and Eve in the eternal garden of Eden. By restoring the engagement period of Adam and Eve before the fall, you must not leave behind any condition for accusation. If Adam and Eve had become husband and wife and had lived by loving each other, the ideal of creation would have been fulfilled. But because the order of love was reversed centering on Satan, this very starting point has to be restored. This is called the ceremony for the change of blood lineage. For the position of Adam, it is the ceremony for the reversal of dominion. Since Eve lost Adam through the fall, no matter how difficult it is, she has to re-position Adam and restore him as a true husband.

This is why women have suffered in the world until now. Women are suffering everywhere. The women of Japan have an especially miserable history. Women were always being controlled by the fallen archangel. You must know clearly the fact that the holy wine ceremony has the power to restore that.

The holy wine ceremony has the same meaning as the Holy Communion did for receiving Jesus. In the Holy Communion, you eat bread and drink wine symbolizing Jesus' flesh and blood. This means that since man fell, he must receive a new body. In the same way, this holy wine ceremony is done because fallen man has to go in the direction opposite that of the fall.

What does the holy wine ceremony do? It is the ceremony to install God's body inside my body. Do you understand? Since there is only one fallen body, the ceremony substitutes for it a new body centering on God. This is exactly the significance of the holy wine ceremony. just as Jesus said that one must eat and drink the bread which symbolizes his body and the wine which symbolizes his blood, it is this ceremony which can cleanse the original sin by receiving parents' love, receiving the substance of God, and inheriting a new blood lineage. Without going through this ceremony you cannot go to the place of Blessing. Thus, this ceremony is a ceremony which converts the lineage.

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