Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Case 8) An Incident at the 6000 Couple Blessing

At the time of the 6000 Couple mass wedding, among the blessing candidates were some who were not completely qualified. Some came from Kyung Sang Do, Cholla Do, Kyung Gi Do, and Choong Chung Do, and others gathered from five oceans and six continents. So it was like a marketplace of the human race. It was not only full of different colors but also bumpy all over, and in order to assure that there were no collisions, I had to sweat a lot. Since the 12,000 people had on frantic headlights of love, they could not see or think about anything else.

If I did not match them right, something might go wrong not only in their future but also in the fulfillment of God's will; therefore, I had to be absolutely prudent. To match a few thousand couples in a matter of a few days might be easy in words, but is it easy? Think about it. In the world, there are many cases where in order to match just one couple, it requires many interviews and then it still doesn't work out.

This task was impossible to do in any ordinary way. Therefore, I had to use my secret method. I gathered them in one place, and let them sit with knees bent for hours. I made it so that they could not move nose, eyes, or mouth. At first they stirred, but as time passed, they lowered themselves like picked scallion. After some time passed in that uncomfortable position, they not only said, "We are sorry. We will do as you say, so please forgive us," but also they sincerely bowed down so that when I matched them, they were thankful without complaint. With that attitude, I could match them rapidly.

They, for the first time, discovered another aspect of Father. That is like discovering the awesome dual aspects of God-that God is not only a God of love but also a God of judgment. Anyhow they, who thought that Father was considerate and loving, came to discover yet another aspect of Father.

Father's legs hurt if I stand up for three or four days. That is why I exercise, but since I had to exercise my legs in so confined a place, I sometimes kicked their shins or hips. When I did that, they obeyed me without objection and things worked out smoothly.

But this does not mean that I chose their spouses haphazardly. I have matched more men and women than anybody in the world; it is true that I am confident in that field. I am confident that I am better at knowing your psychology than any psychologist or psychiatrist.

You need a safety pin, like that in a bomb. Man's fate is to walk all kinds of roads. What can keep you from accidentally exploding and losing the value of your existence? You must follow your destiny to obey God's will.

One member from the Soviet Socialist Republics who attended the 6000 Couple mass wedding had to marry by picture alone. This was because the spouse was working in a communist nation and could not attend the marriage ceremony. And yet, some Korean youths, especially the women, rejected the person Father chose for them, saying that the person does not please their eyes. I was truly embarrassed to see the foreign members after that. That attitude of the Korean members is like treason in the world of the heart. It has all passed now, but that should not happen from now on.

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