Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Case 7) A Blessing for Restoration Through Indemnity

You Koreans might counter with this question, "Then in order to fulfill the will of God, should we marry even an American?" If Father tells you to marry, you should. Can you do that or not? What will you do? The law of Korean tradition does not allow that, right? It is not allowed. But if the Will is fulfilled that way, what should happen? The elder women here, please answer. What will you do? Will you marry an American or not? You might in the near future stand in that position. Then if I tell you to marry a Japanese, what will you do? The blessing for restoration through indemnity is a complicated process. Also, what will you do if I ask you to marry a grandfather? That will not happen, but if I were to tell you to marry one, what will you do? You might say, "What kind of God is that?" That is your own thought. Do you know how complicated the way of indemnity is?

With whom did Tamar have a relationship? Perez and Zerah, whom she bore by having a relationship with her father-in-law, became the direct lineage blessed by God, the ancestors of Jesus, right? Also, in what circumstances was King Solomon born? Solomon was the child David got by killing his loyal retainer Uriah and taking his wife Bathsheba. Since he had enticed his loyal retainer's wife, he should have been punished, and his child should have been one who ruined the world. Then how could Solomon, a glorious king, be born from them? How did it come to be like that? In the gospel of Matthew, Rahab appears in Jesus' lineage. What kind of person was Rahab? She was a prostitute, right? But then whom did she help? She helped a spy. It is realistic for a prostitute to sympathize with an enemy country, but she risked her life to do that. For the sake of heaven's will, one has to risk one's life. It means to deny one's life, environment, and everything that has to do with one's privileges. History progresses from that point of self-denial.

These days, there are many young men who are living with older women. There are plenty of people who are living with women who are like their mothers in terms of their age. Why is that? There is the term "cataclysmic change," right? Normally a man should marry a woman who is a little younger than he is. That is normal. Then what do we mean by "cataclysmic change"? It means becoming the opposite. To go one level higher than persons of your same age or brotherly relationships is a "cataclysmic change." Marrying a woman the age of one's mother or marrying someone the age of a maternal aunt is a "cataclysmic change."

Young people have to bow their heads to the elderly. But at the time of "cataclysmic change," the elderly people have to bow their heads down to young people. Why? Even if it is a woman like a grandmother, if she gets a young husband, she still has to bow her head down, right? This is how "cataclysmic change" is. But I do not mean that this is to be the official way of things. I am saying only that it could be that way.

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