Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Case 6) The Faith of One Missionary in the Netherlands

Among the people who pioneered the Netherlands, there is a person named Teddy. He worked with machines and graduated from a famous technical school. He met Father, went witnessing in the Netherlands, pioneered the Dutch Church, and became a first generation ancestor in the Netherlands. If you listen to him, you can see that he went through many difficulties that are inexpressible in words. He resolved to live through at least three months of indemnity in Holland. He gave up everything he had and went to work at the docks. Even though he was a skilled technician who received about 1,300 dollars a month, and even though he had the certification to receive good treatment wherever he might go in the Netherlands, he abandoned it all and became a laborer on a wharf.

When Father went there, he was eating and living with his work crew. His situation was very difficult. His hands looked like the hands of a toad and his face had the appearance of a miserable manual laborer. He seemed to have become a most wretched per, son. What he ate at mealtime was hard bread. He earned only 38 dollars a day, but still he saved enough to translate and publish the Divine Principle. On that book, he wrote a statement in blood and offered it to me. When I saw that, I was deeply moved.

When he was witnessing he had to walk everywhere, so I asked him if he needed a motorcycle, but he said that he did not need one. Then when I asked what I could buy for him, he said he wanted a bicycle. So I bought him a bicycle. Though I bought it four years ago for him, it is still new because he did not ride it, thinking that no matter who touches it, even if it is a president of a country, the person might damage it. He gave this much effort.

When I was giving the Blessing in Germany to the European members, I told the leaders to prepare a list of names in advance.

Other people had persons they hoped to wed, but this person had no one in mind. I asked him whom he wanted to be blessed to, and he said that while he was in America he knew a person who was truly loyal and followed God's will. When I asked who she was, he said her name was Pauline. She joined the Church at 34 and had been a member for 8 years, and she was in a trinity with a member named Doris. She was one of the three revolutionary fighters for our Will.

When Teddy was working for God's will in America with her, he had a lot of results gained from enduring and pioneering. But they seemed to have had happy moments, too. Also, he said that he knows very well that she has been pioneering alone in the most difficult environment for ten years until now. Having heard that she had not married yet, he asked me if he could marry her.

He said that even though there are more beautiful women in the world and also in the Dutch Church, a woman who does not have experience in society cannot become a revered wife who can embrace and take good care of the church. He said that, of course, there are beautiful women who have worked very hard for him in Holland too, but that is not the issue. He was saying, in effect, that in order to leave behind a good tradition for the Unification Church in Holland, he needs a mother-like person who can love Holland and who can stand in the shade to embrace and take on all the good and bad things in and out of the church. That is why he was saying that it does not matter what other people think, but that I bless him with the woman who is like an aunt and who lives in America now.

So I said to him, "Hey, she who looks like an aunt also looks like a horse," and told him that she stands and walks like a horse. Would you feel good or bad if you heard that?

Mr. Kuboki was startled when he saw the woman and gasped. He supposedly said, "What kind of woman is this." Since she has a long face, she does not look good if she shows her forehead. Her back is bent, she has a big nose, and is so tall that wrestlers seem like nothing. If an ordinary man sees this woman laughing, he will probably be shocked and run away. In spite of this, Teddy wanted to spend his life with her.

When Father saw this, did he feel good or bad? At first I did not feel good about that because Father wanted the young man to hold a beautiful, young girl. Father would have felt better if he had received a woman who could make him burst with hope for a good future, who is a flower among flowers the more one looks at her, who will spread fragrance among fragrances so that one could say that she is one's love day and night. But since he was already far away from my thinking, I felt bad. However, the fact that he wanted to prepare a strong foundation for God's will, for God's citizens, and for the three million citizens of Holland made me feel good. Also in order to do that, he said in effect that he has to become a man who is able to elevate the dignity of woman. I saluted him for his desire to do that work.

On the day of the marriage ceremony, Father received a sincere promise from him. Father said, "Since she is already 42, there remain only about 4 years in which she can have babies." He replied that that is no problem. He was saying, "Since God loves us so much, He will make us the most blessed family among the European families. Then would not God the Creator give us children so we can fulfill the four position foundation?" With that kind of faith, he surpassed the faith of his elders.

I asked Teddy, "Will you really send your wife-to-be witnessing or will you not? Think again." Hurt, he said, "Do you not trust me?" Europe has dignity because it has that kind of person.

Anyone can fly from America to Germany in a matter of a few hours. Thus she came right away. When she entered, I tried to appreciate her from his position and with his interest: "Ah! She looks like that." Women are worrisome when you send them pioneering since you don't know if they might be carried off by some noise. But you can feel safe about this kind of woman for thousands of years, even if you send her alone to the Arctic region. Also, since she has a lot of experience in society, she does not lack anything internally and externally to be a mother in a family or a church. And since she knows that she is old, she knows that humility should be her philosophy of living in order for her to attend a young husband. She has to be humble.

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