Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Case 4) One Crippled Woman

When I was blessing people, there was one crippled woman. But her face was not ugly. She was born with a good ancestral background and a good nature, but she became deformed due to the fault of her parents. Every time I matched her to someone, each would reject her. In actuality, who likes to marry a deformed person? Then I saw one certain person who had sunken eyes and many defects in his appearance. I knew that the person who could make up for those defects was that woman. Thus I began to persuade him, "Even though this woman looks this way, she is a good person. If you notice parts of her that you do not like, you can close your eyes. But her face is really beautiful. And why are you getting married? Isn't it for the sake of descendants? If you marry her in this kind of position, will it not remain for a long time in the history of the Unification Church? It will be an incident that I will not forget for the rest of my life." In this way I talked to him. And I matched him saying, "If you marry her and have a daughter, she will be a beautiful girt, and if you have a son, he will be a general."

Several years later Father visited a region, and that couple attended the meeting. As soon as that man saw me, he ran up. I asked him if I could see his baby, and when I looked, I saw that she was a really beautiful girl. Thus he was praising his daughter saying that what Father said is absolutely true. In the same way, don't think that somebody is good just because he or she appears good externally.

All people are brothers and sisters. If there is a deformed person among one's brothers, it is brotherly love to sacrifice for that person. Again, if one's parents are in the same situation, it is the way of the filial son to obey and sacrifice for those parents. This is the general rule. Let's say that there is a child who is not only ugly but also so short that others will not even look at him. But his parents will feel the utmost pity for that child. It is the nature of a parent to love that child with the heart of God more than anybody else.

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