Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Case 2) Picture Marriage

The women who are gathered here, please listen carefully. The members in Japan will do anything that Father tells them to do by a special order. If Father says, "Will you marry a Korean?" one hundred out of one hundred will consent. The Americans are the same. If I say, "Will you marry a Korean man who does manual labor" they have to say, "Yes." Whether they like it or not, they will say, "Yes." They might not like it at first, but when they meet their spouses, they are sure to like them.

This is the special privilege that only the Unification Church has. The way of the Unification Church is to hold a marriage ceremony with the husband on one side of the Pacific and his wife on the other, or one in Tokyo and the other in the middle of Seoul. How wonderful! I wish I could have a marriage like that. People will say to the blessed couples, "You are better than me. Your husband is better than me. You are better than me since you have done what I could not do; you have married a husband who was overseas."

How great it is that without even having looked at the person, just his or her picture, you have married the person. You have never met, never seen, and never had a conversation with your spouse. How rich is the heart of someone who can attend a person as a husband just by looking at a picture? How rich. How sincere her heart is, saying that she does not like any of the Korean men and is looking for a Japanese man. How much has she loved him that she marries him just by looking at a picture? That is truly an ideal couple.

Father is doing the work that makes this possible. Thus the world is incapable of containing Father. This time when Father was blessing 120 couples by gathering them in Citizens' Hall, Father did not send formal notices to their parents saying, "Will you allow your son or daughter to get married?" Father did not bow his head saying, "I will hold a mass wedding for your son and daughter, so please give me permission." But Father never met one parent who protested saying, "Why have you given marriage to my son and daughter?" Who else can do this sort of thing?

When you see this, you can sense that the person who thinks deeply has better views about us. What group or what nation can do this kind of work? What president of a nation can do this? Only the Unification Church can do it. The parents of the blessed couples still feel gratitude towards Father. That's how it is.

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