Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Case 1) The Person Who Prays for Himself

Father once told the Blessing candidates to write down their choices on a sheet of paper, and some people wrote down five names. There must also be someone like that among the people who are here. So I thought that this time I might tell people to write down over ten names, but this would be difficult because you do not know everyone's names. You cannot indicate a person by drawing his or her face on a piece of paper. You just have to clearly write down the three syllables of his or her name. Since it is difficult to write down many names, I asked people to write down about five.

Then when I saw what they wrote down, it was really something. The women all focused their attention on the man who was the most outstanding. Also the men all concentrated their attention on the woman who was supposedly the most beautiful. Even though there were about 500 people, all of them asked for the most handsome or the most beautiful. But I cannot marry 500 women to one man, so I was in the position to remove 499 of them. If that happens, it is more troublesome for the women than for the men.

It seems that the way men think is better than the way women think. When Father quickly glanced at a man's list and told him, "Hey, your number one choice has flown to someone else," then the man just accepted that that's the way it is. But when I told a woman, "Hey, your number one choice has flown to another man," the woman stuck out her lip grumpily. I felt so bad, even though it's obvious that 500 people cannot have the same person. But women think, "Since I have prayed for Father to give me this person, I think he will listen to my prayers." That kind of prayer is useless even if done for a thousand years. Do not pray like that. That prayer is full of greed. Answering it will not be possible. Isn't that right? All 499 would pray, "Please let me be married to that person," right? Then to whose prayer will God listen? He will sympathize with the one who did not pray for herself. Even if Father were God, he could arrange no other outcome.

Therefore, those who pray for themselves are selfish people. Rather you should think, "I entrust everything to You, God. I will receive anyone. Only do as You will. If You tell me to die alone of old age, I will do that too." This is the most comfortable thinking for your minds.

I can feet it when people don't think like this but whisper among themselves, saying that the Unification Church is like this or like that. If that happens, Father neglects them for about a week. Then they make an uproar since the result they expected doesn't come. After three days or so pass, they become serious and do not even eat. When a week has passed and their worldly eyes become loose, then Father may feet that they have sacrificed enough and will announce the results.

During the matching, if someone shakes his head saying that he does not like the person, I match him the last. He cannot do anything about Father's not matching him. Someone may think, "I have done a 40-day cold shower and prayer condition in order to get blessed, so Father will certainly match me first." But it will never be that way. The person who prays centered on himself is a person who will receive punishment from heaven.

But if someone prays, "There is a special gathering for the Blessing at this time. Heavenly Father, it does not matter who becomes my spouse, but please let the person be among the ones whom You can be happy with. If it is a person I know, it will be that much better." Since this prayer is open, it will transmit to heaven. If you are going to pray, you should pray like that. But if everyone prays, "I will not receive anyone except that one woman," then what will happen? It should not be like that.

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