Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

8) The Labor of True Parents to Recommend Engagements

I have a plan to hold a special workshop for the young men and women all over the nation in March. But in order to match 700 couples, even if I decide five couples a day, they will always have to think about the Blessing, even while sleeping or eating, for five months. They will wrestle with the one problem called Blessing for five months.

If that happens, the young men and women might rejoice in the fact that they are getting blessed, but it is a big problem for Father who has to take responsibility for it and take care of everything. I feel the same way as when I was being tortured by the Japanese during their occupation of Korea. I feel as if I were digging through a long tunnel full of poisonous gas.

That is why Father requests that those who will be attending the special workshop in the near future not make trouble for Father. Today, for the occasion of celebrating my birthday, I ask this favor from you and that you please understand my situation.

Where else in this world is there this kind of marriage ceremony? Father did his work without sleeping, beginning the ceremony at 10 p.m. and ending at 8:30 a.m. Other people's lives and their marriages are this important.

In Japan, in two days Father chose 1,610 couples to hold an engagement ceremony. For you, it would be hard even to make 1,610 sheets of paper and to match them.

You should think about it. To make connections of love over national boundaries for 12,000 young men and women from 83 countries might be easy in words, but in actuality, how easy is it? What kind of benefit does Father gain by doing this work? In order to bless 6,000 couples, Father was always tired. I have rested a little since the Blessing ceremony ended ... But there is never a moment when my body is comfortable.

From this viewpoint, you can expect that in the near future there will be many obstacles before Unification Church members can receive the Blessing of heaven. At this time, how do I feel as I take responsibility and do this work for several months? I feel as if I were entering a coal mine. You should try going into that hole. If you have heart problems, you cannot go down into the mine. When you first enter it, it is dark. The further you go, the narrower it is. Father feels as if he were passing through such a tunnel while matching you.

When Father toured some foreign countries and went to Germany to bless some Western people, a man of about forty who had lost his teeth was waiting for Father, postponing marriage. He was saying that he would never get married if not by Father. Wouldn't it be better that his parents arrange a marriage for him rather than Reverend Moon of the Unification Church? What about you? [It is better that Father arranges the marriage.] This is why there is so much commotion and why Father receives so much slander and persecution. What good have you done to deserve having Father arrange your marriage for you? Father selects the right one for someone and then receives injury for it. If Father did not do that, he wouldn't have to suffer in that way. But red people, black people and yellow people all stick their head in and ask Father to arrange marriages for them. That is why Father holds mass weddings. Even if you have a feast every day for twelve months of a whole year, there will still be some people left over. That is why there is no other way but with a mass wedding. But you cannot be haphazard about a marriage that comes only once in a lifetime.

In order to truly subjugate all people, you must start at the lowest place. You do not know what kind of order Father will give this time. You probably do not know how much internal agony Father went through until the time of your Blessing. I have placed you here with the heart of a gambler drawing the last card.

Even though I continue matching past midnight, past two o'clock, and even stay up all night, my eyes cannot get tired. You must be steadfast in this place. Yesterday and today, I have not slept many hours-maybe only one hour. I cannot sleep while I am taking responsibility for others' lives, taking care of the most important matter of people's lives, which comes about only once.

Because the couples I select in a matter of a few moments are better in every way than what you could choose in ten years, I am doing this work. It is serious. Since I came to know the secret of going beyond the fate of inevitable destruction and doing the one mission which has never been accomplished, I can put up the signboard which says that the Unification Church has not perished but has prospered and is victorious. Do not become small-minded people.

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