Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

7) Marriage Should Be for the Sake of the Descendants

When Father matches you, what do you hope for in the spouse whom you will marry? You should not hope for someone who looks good to you but for someone who will give you good sons and daughters. You should marry for the sake of your children. How would it be if by letting people marry according to their own choice, they had children at whom no man or woman in the world would look? There is no worse fate than that. That unhappiness will last a lifetime. It is worse than the unhappiness felt by being crippled or having some defect.

Therefore, our marriages are for the sake of our descendants. Thus, even though candidates might appear unsuitable in some way, the problem is how to match people so that their children inherit only their parents' good points.

Love was supposed to begin from heaven, but it started from Satan. What is the fall? It is something that started horizontally from Satan and from Eve. You are the descendants and therefore are horizontal. You seek Father's blessing, and in a sense Father is being used by you. But what does Father desire for you? Father hopes for your well-being. Father desires that you do not have bad descendants. This is Father's intention.

Marriage is not for the good of the self. What if you have bad children? That household will perish.

The fact is that Reverend Moon of the Unification Church blesses people not for themselves but for their descendants. I have a different view from you.

What does Reverend Moon of the Unification Church think is the purpose of marriage? I regard marriage to be for the sake of the nation. If you marry for your nation, what happens? The goal is achieved when the parents have children who are better than themselves. For example, imagine the offspring of a marriage between a man and woman who both have a triangular form. Will their offspring enrich the nation and future generations? Such a marriage can destroy the nation.

Why do you women marry? It is not for "I" It is to inherit the foundation of thousands of years and of ten thousand generations of chosen people; it is for the future generations. If you marry for the sake of yourselves, you will destroy everything. That kind of decadent trend is sweeping over the world, and all of it has to be cut off. If you young women have that selfish thought, you are my enemies.

To become an owner who can love a nation first, and then to become a wife, is the natural law of the Principle. While Adam was growing to perfection, he was becoming perfect as the owner of a nation. Adam was supposed to fulfill perfection as the central owner of the world. Therefore it is the Principle that you are to be blessed after becoming a man or a woman who dreams of becoming the owner of the world and who can take the responsibility for being the owner of a nation. Can you be blessed without having done that? There is no way.

I don't know if I told you, but when we were having the closing ceremony for the workshop in Soo Taek Li training center, one person gave a testimony saying that when she had a baby she had a Caesarian section. And she was wondering why she felt so good. She could not explain, but it felt good. Then she said, "When you were always talking about the restoration of the four position foundation, I did not understand, but after having a son I now know what it means to fulfill the four position foundation as the Principle says. Truly it is something of which to be proud." Then Father said to her, "Hey, don't talk about the four position foundation and things like that. If you feel good, just say that you feel good." That's how it is. It feels good to have everything. But when you don't have children, you feel unhappy. No matter how beautiful she is, if she lives alone, that is unhappiness.

That is why you should realize that marrying in the Unification Church is for long life and for your descendants. Don't be concerned about how you or your spouse look. You must be like this, honestly. Think, "Since I look this way, I should receive this kind of man for my descendants to be the best." For example, a person whose eyes are sunken will certainly become a widow. So that kind of person should be matched to someone whose eyes protrude and whose cheekbones stick out. In this way their characteristics fit together. You can say that we are doing an engrafting process in order to improve a seed plant and to obtain a new plant.

So you should not worry that your spouse does not took good to you. Father has been leading a lot of people until now. If I took at the children of the people I blessed, they are on the whole better than their parents. Do you think it's true or not! If it's true, then it means that I have matched them well.

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