Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

6) The Prerequisites That Are More Important Than Education

People with ambition think that since they have graduated college, they should go to graduate school.... They want to earn Ph.D.s, right? But if you want to look for a person with a doctorate, are there any among the young men gathered here for the Blessing? A person with a Ph.D. is close to 30 and like a mole. No matter how good they say that person is, he does not have conjugal affection. Most people do not know this. What I am saying is that even if you set your hopes on marrying a Ph.D., his having that degree does not guarantee that you will be happy.

I have been matching you for three days, and I spent one and a half hours with the women. These people who supposedly have graduated high school or college all looked around, opening their eyes wide. They lowered their eyes only for a short while, and again opened their eyes wide, trying to look for good partners.

For a day and a half I told them to lower their eyes, but they lowered them only a short while and again raised their heads to look around. Everyone seems to be unsatisfactory for them. So since it will not do to bless people with such an attitude, there was no other way but to go around and grab whoever was suitable. A change of strategy occurred. Even for God, there is no other way. Before the rock appears, He has to try to look for soft ground. It is common sense to use this strategy.

How can you get around my strategy? You may not like it, but I do it the way of the Bible. I do it according to God's will, according to the Principle, and not according to my will. Then what is God's will? God's will is that the one who wants to become high is brought low and the one who wants to lower himself is raised up. I told the junior high school graduates to choose those above the junior-high level, so they did. I matched them all to the high-school graduates and to college graduates.

This was not Father's personal strategy, but was what Father had to do according to the Principle. You should understand this. Therefore, I do not have the responsibility for whether you agree to marry or not. I also interchange leaders based on this fundamental rule.

At this time also the ones who got blessed (1800 couples) were serious about choosing their spouses, but they were serious without the right content. If they were serious with content, we could quite easily have broken through. If one is serious centering on oneself, one will become Satan's food. The group of people who were supposed to get blessed were all high- school and college graduates. But they all wanted to go up, and what good is that? That attitude gives you a score below zero.

Those of you who want to become the wife of someone who judges without love, raise your hands. There are none. Why? Only after the existence of love can judgment exist. Love does not grow out of judging. But because of the fall, God, who is supposed to love the world before He becomes a judge, became the judge first and then is finding love.

God brings people into judgment first in order to make them worthy of love. Thus the Christians say that God is a God of judgment. But in the Unification Church, we know that God is a God who judges in order to love.

Among you there may be someone who says, "Since I have graduated from a university, my spouse should be a woman with a bachelor's degree," or, "Only a man who graduated from a graduate school is right for me." But anyone, even a common laborer, is right for that person. Man and woman are made to fit with each other. Please don't think that you must have someone who fits your concept.

It is the same with all you blessing candidates. Let's say there is a good-looking woman among the blessing candidates. She might look splendid on the outside. But what is important is whether or not she has the value to exist in the future in front of the will of God. That is the primary question for the man whom that woman meets.

But among the blessing candidates, some woman comes up to Father and says, "Since I have graduated from a university, shouldn't my spouse at least be a university graduate?" Then Father said to that woman, "OK, you think you are so good. Since you said that you are so smart and graduated college, choose any man you like by yourself as your spouse and marry him." How much better would it be for her if she had said that she wanted to marry a man with the mind of loyalty and devotion?

On the other hand, among the blessing candidates this time, there was a woman who had only graduated from elementary school. Father called her up and said, "Since your face does not look so bad, it would be much better if you at least had graduated from high school." Then she said, crying, "Since I only graduated from elementary school, it does not matter which person it is as long as he is a person who is working hard for God's will and does not speak many words." So Father matched her to the most intelligent regional leader among all the high-school graduates. Is Father's way wrong? That is the way heavenly fate moves.

This time when Father went to Japan, I said to the Japanese members, "If you do not listen to me, Japan will perish in 70 or 80 years." Also when I asked each of the sisters whether she wanted to receive a good husband or a bad husband, they were so moved by warmth and affection that all of them cried. What about you?

Do you men want to receive a good bride or a bad bride? It is no use to ask this to some men who are like thieves.

Then, which type of bridegroom is good? If he has a handsome face, good appearance and a diploma from a top-ranking university like Tokyo University in Japan, is he a good bridegroom? Is he? Some people will say, "Yes." But even if someone graduated from a top-ranking school, if he does not believe in the Unification Church, you would not want to marry him, right? Do you want to receive a bridegroom who is a graduate of a top school but who does not believe in the Unification Church, or do you want to meet someone who is just a manual laborer on a farm, who does not know whether he is going to die or live, but is loyal and devoted to the Unification Church? Whom do you want to receive? I don't have to ask you since you will probably answer that you want to meet the manual laborer loyal to the Unification Church. That is how it is.

Then I asked the Japanese women whether they would marry the worst-looking person if he were the most devoted to the Unification Church, and they were hesitating whether to answer or not. But what can they do? They had to answer. Eventually they answered, "We will go to the worst-looking person." Human beings are like this. This is the absolute truth.

I continued, "Then if there is a most faithful person in Japan and most faithful, black person in Africa, and if that African who is ugly is ten times more devoted to the Unification Church than the Japanese, will you marry the African? Please answer me." Then the women answered in tiny voices, "We will go to Africa."

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