Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5) The One Who Wants to Go Down Will Rise Up

I want to ask you one question. When you get blessed, you probably want to get blessed with the best and the most distinguished person. But we should think this over. It would not matter so much if two similar persons met, but what if the most distinguished person in the Unification Church meets our most ugly and undistinguished person? How happy would the ugly person feet in the distinguished person's position? If God wants to feel compassion for someone, God would justly feel compassion for the person who lowers himself and wants to live with someone worse than him- or herself, more than for the person who raises him or herself. Therefore, the Bible says that the one who wants to die will live, and the one who wants to live shall die. This is the same principle. For instance, the person who thinks that he will be fine even if he meets the worst person will meet the best person. And the person who thinks that he should meet the most distinguished and the best person will meet the worst person. If there is a woman who thinks that she is too base to live with a great man and lowers herself, she will meet someone even better. Those things will happen because there is the heavenly law that says that the one who wants to lower himself will become high. No one can evade this law. If there is a woman who thinks, "I am such an unattractive person; how painful it would be for this man to live with me for the rest of his life," and lowers herself, the law of the universe will inevitably move and make her attractive. God loves that kind of person. The person whom God loves will appear beautiful.

When I was preparing for the Blessing, I quietly watched one member. I called the person and tested her. I asked, "To what kind of person would you like to be matched?" She said, "I like this and that kind of man." Then I said, "What kind of man is that? You are greedy. You don't have the good fortune to get married." Then she said, "Is that how it is, Father? If you specify for me anyone in your mind, I will marry him." At that time I said, "What about this person," and tested her by picking one from the lowest place. She said, "Yes, I want to. I will gladly do it." Then Father absolutely did not match her to the person of the lowest level. I do the opposite. In the work of God, it is inevitable that the one who wants to become high will be lowered, and the one who wants to lower themselves will become high.

Father himself did that. When Father was getting married, he did not do it by looking up. If you do things by looking up, it becomes harder. And trying to live by looking up is hard. It is much more comfortable to look down at a 45 degree angle and live. Think about it. How difficult it would be to live with a wife who thinks she is so great. Some man might think, "Since I did not study enough, I need a wife who has graduated college." Such a person is finished. How embarrassing it would be for a man to sit on his wife's lap and talk about how much he learned and so forth. It is all right to be unlearned.

Then am I saying that those women who graduated from college should not get married? No, not necessarily. I will bless them, but they should take off the pride of having graduated from college. So what if you have a degree? Do you need university diplomas to have children? "I have a bachelor's degree and Ph.D." is this needed? Those things are unnecessary. There is a lyric of a song which says, "Are you a man only by graduating from a university?" In the same way, it doesn't matter how one looks as long as they fit right. When you think about the signboard called college, it is a big obstacle for marriage. Therefore, don't ever think like that.

Don't you think that Father himself thought about this matter from the viewpoint centering on the course of restoration? "What would I do if, upon the foundation of 6,000 years of effort, God selected the most unattractive person to be my spouse?" When Father first stepped forward to walk the road of God's will, Father thought about this. "Will I sincerely and truly welcome her? Can I seriously and sincerely welcome her?" What do you think about that? You too should approach the Blessing with such an attitude.

Unification Church women, you look at yourselves in a mirror and say such things as, "I will not be ignored wherever I go, since I look so good." If I catch such a person, I'll .... If you feel hurt by these words, please run out of here.

When I was here the last Blessing time, I saw that some people had timid eyes. For the first week I left them alone. Then some person would come out by the door and look up and down at the other people. He seemed so busy because he wanted to took at hundreds of people by himself. But don't even think about looking around. You should think that you will marry the ugliest person. You should think, "Even if I marry that ugly person, I will live happily with that person." If you are sitting down thinking like that, your mind will be much more comfortable.

Don't be like the person whose mind flies from one person to another evaluating according to his own desire. This is not good.

You should not look at even one person; just look at the floor. The person who looks around is a cheat or a thief. Why? He is a thief who wants to fool himself. There also may be someone who writes down another's name on a paper and decides that person will be his or her spouse. Some woman writes down her number one choice, and then if he is not picked within a week, she has an affair with him in her mind. If that person then says that he likes her, she thinks that he is hers for sure. Don't do that. If someone says that you are his or her first choice, you should think, "You can write it down, but it does not really concern me."

If you are only concerned about saving face and your self-respect, and lose the chance to get blessed, not only you yourself but your family and descendants will become miserable.

You should not think lightly even of a prostitute who is abandoned on a street. If there is a cataclysmic change, that prostitute could become a king's wife. Isn't that right? Is there a law that says she cannot become like that? If the king says that he will kill himself if he does not marry her, there is nothing anybody can do. So do not look at the world from your own viewpoint. A wise person realizes that just because something is high, one shouldn't just look at the top. Even in the lowest pit, there is an infinitely high place. That is how things are. When you look at the three-dimensional world, it could be like that. From a two-dimensional viewpoint, you might think that Nam San in Seoul is the highest mountain, but farther north all mountains are higher than Nam San.

Now you know your position, right? Will you follow the king of the satanic world or the servant in the heavenly world? Do you want to follow the servant of heaven? Great! At least you answer well. If a lame, crippled person in the Unification Church and the king of the world both wanted to marry the same woman, to whom should that woman go? This is not a laughing matter. Where does she have to go? She must receive the cripple of the Unification Church. He might be crippled, but he could conceive a baby who will be a prince of the heavenly world.

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