Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) The Four Types of Man and Ideal Balance

Man, in developing himself, has to gain an understanding and a love for all four directions in their various aspects in order to stand straight and proceed in the right way. If he likes the cast and does not like the west, he will only be half a man because of his lack of understanding about the west. If he does not like the west because he thinks that the east is day but the west is night, that person would, in the end, find it difficult to say that he understands the value of the day. Surely, one cannot know the day without knowing the night. And again, if by chance he gets trapped by the night, he might never be able to come out of it. The day can be gained only after crossing the night.

Man has the concept of all directions from where he is standing. Therefore, he has not only to understand and love the eastern direction and western direction but also to understand and love the south and the north.

If a person is asked to pick his or her ideal mate by preference from many people, that person will not be able to select the ideal partner. If there is the east, there is also the west, and if there is the south, there is also the north. If an east-type person meets another east-type person, it will not be an ideal match because of the absence of west. And if a south-type person meets another south-type person, it will not be ideal because there is no north. That is why the east-type person should find the west-type person and the south-type person should look for and go to the north-type person. Do you understand?

One year contains four seasons. There is fall, summer, spring and winter, but if a person just likes the flowering spring and does not like the cold and dark winter, he will never know the true value of spring. The winter is an absolutely necessary season for the coming of spring. The fruit that is born in the fall began its life in the spring, but the fruit by itself cannot break the thick shell. The ground holds the right moisture for the seed, and it freezes due to the cold of winter. It becomes loose when spring comes and by the swelling heat breaks the thick skin. Only then does the form of life that was inside the fruit begin to sprout. Therefore, winter is absolutely necessary for the coming of spring.

Even inside our lives, we can use winter effectively. In the spring, you can go to the mountains and hills to find the fragrances of flowers, but in the winter you can enjoy yourself by skiing over the white snow.

The person who can absorb anything by being beautiful in terms of compassion and by being pleasant in terms of emotion corresponds to the spring season. A person who has a lot of affection and many tears corresponds to the summer. A person who is equanimous, clean and faultless corresponds to the autumn. The person who corresponds to the winter has an essential element of being unable to be separated by clinging on tenaciously. You yourself should know the season to which you correspond,

One who corresponds to the spring should meet a counterpart corresponding to the fall. A summer person should meet a winter person. A person who is so hot that he makes others worry should be cooled down by someone who is cold. These things can be known by looking at each person's eyes and appearance.

A person who likes only the east or only the spring will ultimately be isolated from the other directions and other seasons. This is far short of the goal of human desire. The directions are east, west, south and north, and the seasons are spring, summer, fall and winter. People differ according to their preference for one of the four directions and four seasons. You can understand this by thinking about the fact that there are people living in the arctic regions as well as people living in the tropical regions. Thus one should visit every place on this earth and also experience living in all seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter.

Without an object, "I" cannot exist. "I" must recognize the object in order that "my" existence is also acknowledged by the object. If a man likes summer, the woman who is his object should like winter in order for there to be a balance.

If a beautiful woman is matched to an equally good-looking man, how displeased she would be. For this reason, a beautiful woman prefers a person who is full of healthy masculinity over a plain good looking man. In this way they can attain a harmony of love.

In order for an spring-like woman to pass through summer and winter, she has to meet an autumnal man. A woman who corresponds to spring has to pass through summer in order to meet an autumnal man, and the autumnal man has to pass through winter in order to meet the spring-like woman. Therefore both ultimately will pass through all four seasons.

When Father selects your spouses, Father matches according to this principle. There is someone who says, "My gosh, I do not like it," without knowing Father's love, which is full of pain and effort. That kind of person not only does not know Unification Church's Divine Principle, but also is going the way of unhappiness.

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