Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1) Fathers Eye for Matching

Father knows how to see through people. In our tradition there is something called "gunghap" (marital harmony as predicted by a fortune-teller). A pine tree has to grafted to a pine tree, but a pine tree and a poplar tree cannot be grafted to each other.

If Father sees a person just once, he instantly can perceive his nature and fate.

Father knows what kind of people are people who can receive good fortune. When he goes to where some people are gathered together, he knows whether or not some particular individual will become rich.

Father also can immediately tell someone's fate by looking at his hand. He can know right away whether the person is good at sculpture, good at literature, good at playing instruments, or whether he has a thief's hand.

Father has been leading and guiding many people until now, and that is why, if someone comes to him, Father can catch all of his good points and bad points right away, just by looking quickly at the way he smiles. There is a woman whose eyes protrude out as if they will fall down. That kind of woman should be matched to a person who has hollow eyes and protruding cheeks. If there are Unification Church women who look like that, they should not think even in dreams what kind of person they want. If such a woman does not think of anything other than to be matched to such and such a person, how can she be matched to that person? There is no way she will be matched to that person. Father will not do that.

If Father says to you, "This person is a match made in heaven for you," and decides the match definitely, it will be an absolutely right one. In order to find the right matches for you, Father does not sleep well. In the position of being responsible for others' matters of life and matters of spirit, the task is not simple. If you look at people, some are ill-fated. If you know how to look at faces, you can see that there are some types of people who will have to marry several times. That kind of person will become a widower. When I look at the eyes I can tell without fail. There is a type of woman for whom the right man inevitably will live uncomfortably with her for at least a few years and will constantly get into arguments with her for that period of time. In the case of a woman who has such a signboard on her, I have to give her a man who fulfills that criterion.

If such a man becomes her husband, at first he seems exactly like an enemy. If they were to start out harmoniously, that marriage would break apart. Therefore, if they start out as enemies, after a while they will fit perfectly. Father knows these things. No matter what the nature of the case, people have to discuss it with Father if it is about the Blessing.

When I am matching people one after another, I try not to look clearly at the contours of a person's face, if I can. I rather look at two persons for a while, and check what kind of feeling comes. It is as if there is a measuring device for minds, and I compare the two without delay. If when I look at the two, instantly and without self-awareness, I feel as if they are becoming one, then it is precisely a match made in heaven, a perfect match. As for some other pair, they seem to break away from each other. That is not a good match. And if there is an expression of concern for each other, those two will become a very good pair after some time passes.

From the day Father first began matching people until today, if Father says that a certain couple will have about a dozen kids, it comes true without fail. Father does not match people haphazardly. Because Father matches so many couples in a night, the people of the world think that Father matches people haphazardly. But Father's recommendation is exactly right. That is why fortunetellers, physiognomists and persons who predict marital harmony look at those couples and say that those couples are the best they have seen. If you cannot believe that, go to the fortune-tellers, physiognomists, and matchmakers by yourselves and ask them. They will say without fail that the couples fit perfectly.

Even when Father matches dozens of couples a night, the fortune-tellers would say that all the couples' "saju" (the four pillars of the year, month, day, and hour of one's birth which are supposed to have influence upon one's fortune), "Wansang" (phrenological interpretation), and "gungho" (marital harmony) are the best. If they tried to equal that, they would have to make effort all day and do their very best job to match even one couple. The fortune-tellers (who look at the contours of people's facial structure in order to tell their character and fortune) are flabbergasted by the fact that even if Father matches dozens of couples in one day, all the "sang" (image or structure) fit right, and they advertise the Unification Church. They are doing a good job as publicity agents for the Unification Church. This matching, which is centered on a fundamental issue of life, in terms of time takes place in a brief instant, yet it ties together part by part the destiny of the world. Therefore, from now on, the blessed families have to become one.

Father has dealt with many young men and women when giving the Blessing. They might have had negative feelings about each other even just a few minutes before. Whether they felt good or bad towards each other, once the decision is made, they really love each other. Among all revolutions, there is no other revolution like this.

When "love" is said, all heaven and earth will come down. Even though they were saying that this is good, that is bad, and so forth, once the decision is made, they continually follow by themselves even if they are told not to. At that time if someone tells them not to meet, that person becomes an enemy.

Among all the mothers-in-law living with couples who have received the Blessing in the Unification Church and observing all aspects, you can see that there is none who say that they got a bad daughter-in-law. And of those people who got sons-in-law, they say that the sons-in-law whom they got by the Unification Church's Blessing are the best. Now we are in a stage where this fact can become common public opinion.

There is this person, Mr. Mo, who is well-known to be a good teller of gunghap in Korea. That person came to know the Principle and really respects Father. Mr. Mo said that since he is very famous in Korea and matching is his profession, he should help Reverend Moon in the matching. Then Father said, 1 don't need help," and asked, "What about you, elderly man; how many couples can you do in a day?" He answered, "In order for me to match one couple, it will take me at least a week." I said that that is not going to do much for me. Then the elderly man asked, "Then Reverend Moon, how many can you do a day?" Father said, "My record is 72 couples and normally I match about 70 couples."

Father took out his material quietly and showed it to him saying, "Let us confront each other, comparing the way you do it and the way the Unification Church's Reverend Moon does it." The man was deeply impressed. He said, "Truly, you are a genius. How can it be possible P' For instance, there was a woman who will in some way die a sudden death, and no matter how much one looks for a mate for this woman in all the world, it seems impossible. But Mr. Mo said that Father picked just the right person for her. In this way there is something about Father.

When Father sees you for an instant, there is something he feels spontaneously and somewhat unconsciously. Besides having extraordinary wisdom, Father has a born genius for this kind of activity. That is also why Father was able to discover the Principle. If something flashes across my mind, right away I think and try to feel what the outcome and result of that will be. You need that ability. When Father studies, he never reads the whole of one book. He does not even read half of it before he goes to a different one. Thus if I see a person for a moment, I quickly feel how this person's partner should be. That is why Father is better than you in all aspects.

When I first gave the Blessing, the parents who had been persecuting Father so much because their children joined the Unification Church said, "Reverend Moon of the Unification Church is bad, all right, but he is a little bit better now because he has matched my son and daughter so perfectly." Then is it good or bad for them to say that Father is a better person? (Good.) If it's good, everything is all right. But since they thought Father was bad, they should repent. Now, many parents want to become Unification Church members.

A while ago, when I was holding the 777 Couple Blessing, some parents came to me and said, "Reverend Moon, our daughter's name is such and such, and we really wish that you'll give her a good husband." When did parents' opinions become like this? In what interval of time did the Reverend Moon of the Unification Church rise up to this high position? The world does change. We think it is winter, but before one is aware, it is spring. Now I feet the taste of living. Because of even that small kind of enjoyment, Father can go on living.

When God sees a person, He sees the person's mind, his past history and his future. You also have to look at people in this way.

At any moment, one could meet a handsome man or a beautiful woman and say, "Ah! I have never met a person as wonderful as you, so let's get married." And the other would say, "Let us," but when you open up the history of that other person, you see that he or she is a murderer. If you were to marry, dreams, hopes and everything would be shattered, and you would become miserable. That is why you must know the past.

Also, how are the person's ancestors? What kind of history does he or she bring along? And how are his or her parents at present? How is the family? Everything must be considered. And you also have to know whether this person will go to the north or to the south. You have to know how to perceive all these aspects.

Father has the ability to perceive a person's nature by looking at that person once very quickly. That is how, when I was blessing the Japanese, I matched all 230 couples in 10 hours. But then among them there were some who came to me saying that they do not fit with each other because there is discord. When I asked them, "You have this kind of history; do you or do you not?" they answered, "Yes, we do." Then I yelled, "That is why this woman is right for you, and this man is right for you." After that, they said, "We are sorry~" Father is a professional who knows how to look at people. Because I have offered my life for this until now, I can see things right away. But I do not boast of my knowledge. I just pretend that I do not know. Even if I pretend that I do not know and turn my back, I can know it all just by the sense of smell. I know all about whether this regional leader here has given effort and devotion or whether he has not. If I pray for him a little, I will know everything. That is why the Unification Church is not just a phantom but is for real.

I examine a person's heart right away by looking at a slight indication in his eyes, and I know what he has been doing by looking at his image.

In two days I have matched 1,600 couple,-A in Japan and returned to Korea. In twelve and a half hours, I matched them all. But it was not done with estimations made by finger or with my eyes closed. I compared personalities, looked at descendants and their whole life, and then decided. I looked at the ancestors, calculated the couples' spans of life, and matched them so that they could avoid the place of potential death by becoming one. It is the same as the fact that winds become nothing if they collide. Because Father matches people knowing this content, it is better than if each person matches him- or herself. They obey Father because it is better for them, even though I choose people in that short a time.

Father is not an ignorant person. Father knows about ancestors, about today's societies, about posterity, and about pretty much every, thing that is good to know. Because I know for certain that you will go on the right road if each of you give individual effort after receiving the Blessing, I guide you to the way of the Blessing. It is your responsibility to understand this, to act based on the theoretical foundation, and to examine whether the result that appears on the foundation of that action is in agreement with the Principle.

Father's nose is high and pointed and has a specific character. just as the noses of Jewish people are pointed, the people who have religious tendencies have pointed noses. The nose represents Adam. The fact that the nose is high means that the mind is keen. Artists and people who have religious tendencies usually have pointed noses, right? The eyes symbolize God, the nose symbolizes man, and the mouth symbolizes all things.

The part of the face that takes up the most space is the eyes, and the next is the nose. If the center of the universe is man, the mouth represents all things and the forehead symbolizes heaven. And the nose that comes down on a straight line from the forehead and rises up high symbolizes Adam and Eve. Thus, if you establish a home in a circular form centering on the nose, you will prosper. (Everybody laughs.) And the ridge of the nose protrudes high like a mountain range from the forehead which symbolizes heaven. This symbolizes God appearing as man and woman.

The great differences in human fate is revealed by the shape of the mouth. That is why Father can know the nature and fate of a person by glancing at him once. The furrow on the border of the mouth should go down at an angle away from the mouth. However, if it goes down straight close to the mouth, the person will face a hard life. When water flows, it should not fall down following this furrow in a straight line. It should flow around the border of the mouth, and not close to the mouth, for the person not to face hard, ship.

Why am I telling you this? It is to show you that everything is in accordance with the harmony of the universe. The face is com, posed of three stages. You can say that the mouth is formation, the nose is growth and the forehead is completion. A rich man has a wide forehead. Such a person has a good deal of ancestral merit. And again, the eyes, the nose and the mouth are in three levels; this is in accord with the law of three stages in the universe. As for internal organs, there are also three: the lungs, the stomach and the liver. Human beings possess every aspect of the mystery of all things.

Even if God does not go out for a walk, when man loves, He will feel everything through man. If a man makes love to a woman, he will know all about her collection of the female sung sang aspects of all things. When a woman finds a man, she will have found the collection of the masculinity of all things. In this way, if one man can love everything about one woman from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet, he has a connection to the center of the universe. It works the same way when a woman loves a man.

Moreover, even when a person sees the eyes of the one he or she loves, the person should see the eyes as the sum total of all people's eyes and the best flower bud. When looking at the nose of the beloved one, you can say that you looked with eyes of true love only if you feel that it is the representation or collection of the thousands of noses in the universe. No matter how ugly the mouth is, one must be able to think that it is the best masterpiece among all the mouths of humankind. The only power which enables us to do that is love.

When you laugh, do your eyes , nose and face laugh separately? Or does the whole face laugh at once? The person whose eyes and nose laugh, but whose mouth does not, will always be in need of food. And as for the person whose nose does not laugh but stays stiff while everything else laughs, his descendants will be scarce. And the person who laughs but whose eyes do not laugh usually is a person who lacks affection. Therefore, it is normal that every part of the face laughs at once with a wide smile. It is normal for the whole face to laugh when the mind wants to laugh, and it is the same with all things in the universe. If our minds are a metaphor for God, our faces are a metaphor for the visible world.

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