Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

8) Love Affairs are Absolutely Not Allowed

If a person comes to have deep faith and has spiritual experiences, that person will not act recklessly or without thinking. To love another for his or her own pleasures is the illicit love of the satanic world.

If there is a person who has acted this way until now, that person has to repent from the moment he or she hears Father's speech. Adam and Eve looked away from God and loved each other, thus bringing about a most tragic result. If you do anything like marrying amongst each other, you will not become a new ancestor but instead will bring about disastrous results. Therefore, in the Unification Church, freely having love affairs is absolutely not allowed. You must entrust everything to God.

Through the Blessing, you will form close relations of love centering on God. But if there is a person who says, "I am that kind of person," but presents himself outwardly only himself, heaven will never support him. In the Unification Church there cannot be any love affairs. They will not be recognized by heaven. Those who had each other in mind will never be blessed to each other.

Do you want to be blessed or not? Do you want to marry inside the Unification Church, or would you rather marry anybody you like? Do you feel bad about mass weddings? Do you want to have marriage as Father chooses? Answer me. Would you rather marry as you like, or go to the person whom Father chooses? If you want to do that, you cannot love as you like. You cannot give the gaze of love as you like. You must know this clearly. Therefore, guys should not grab young girls' hands as they would like to. The day you take hold of a young girl's hand, you are not a virgin any more. Do you understand? These are not my words. This is the word of the Principle. It is the word of the Principle of Restoration.

When a woman is walking on a road and meets a handsome man, she thinks she wants to see him again. This is the nature of the fall. If you are sons and daughters of God, you should not show even the slightest interest in anyone except the spouse that God selected for you. Looking at someone directly itself is not a sin. But when you look with interest, the powerful force of the fall can take effect and can lead to an unexpected accident. That is why when you are walking on a road and come face to face with a handsome man or a beautiful woman, you should not look with interest.

I have this worry and anxiety for your sake. God also said, "Do not eat," out of love for Adam and Eve.

The fall of the human ancestors, Adam and Eve, was because of woman, right? That is why a woman is closer to being in that kind of situation. She has the tendency to be overcome by the temptation of a man. Women are interested in any kinds of words, and if they are sweet words, they can be drawn in.

The four weapons of Satan are cigarettes (gas), alcohol (liquid), drugs (solid), and illicit love.

Father tells unmarried men and women not to shake hands if possible because the electricity of love flows through holding hands. The spark of love cuts a wound in the mind of the other person. The wound made by love cannot be healed with any medicine in this world.

In the Unification Church, we tell young boys and girls to not even shake hands. We must know that Satan is always spying on us and that this is the way Satan takes revenge.

Until the Blessing, the Unification Church members who are unmarried should not shake hands with each other. If we think of love in terms of electricity, if it is 100 volts, all 100 volts should fuse properly instead of becoming dimmed by something that short-circuits the electricity on its way.

You are unmarried bachelors. When you get married, do you want to get married to a widow or to a maiden? Please answer. Do you want to marry a maiden or a widow? The person who can be invested with life is pure. To offer yourself as a pure being to God requires an absolute standard. That is why in the Unification Church we say that we should never have love affairs. Unification Church men and women: what has a love affair to do with us?

Life starts from a pure being. When a human being is born, he or she is born as an unspoiled being. When it comes out of its mother's womb, it is born innocent, not with some kind of blemish. Isn't that right? Therefore, a person's body is born pure, and his mind is also born with innocence. Even the heart of a young man, who can smell the fragrance of spring in his puberty, is born pure. Body and mind all are born innocent and spotless. But if a person has self-centered and licentious thinking, can that person be pure? Are you saying that you want to offer that kind of person to God? Being born with a pure mind and body, can you spend it on someone impure? According to the law of indemnity, you cannot do that.

As a youth who is close to 20, where would you put your holy, pure heart that is not defiled or tainted, having kept it safely and carefully? It should be placed on the altar with which God can be most happy. By this God will become happy. And the sacred ground where a man and a woman with such pure hearts can meet and be bound together is the place where a bride and a bridegroom meet.

You American parents think it strange and worry if your child does not have a person to date when he or she is 18. On the other hand, in Korea, the unmarried men and women of respectable families cannot even touch each other's hands before they are married, even if they are over 30. They cannot even wink at each other.

Comparing their outlook on love, in the West there is free sex as well as all kinds of strange people involved in sex, but in the East, it is not like that. In the Principle viewpoint also, unmarried men and women have to be pure before marriage.

Can the Unification Church women have affairs or not? [No.] Can the Unification Church men have affairs or not? [No.] Does Father force them not to have affairs? [No.] They can do it if they want to. But it is inevitable that they don't. Thus, the Principle is effective. But if love affairs were prohibited by force, people would do it all the more. They would fall by themselves on their own accord.

In the Unification Church you cannot have love affairs. You absolutely cannot. Love has to begin in heaven and end in heaven.

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