Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

7) Women and Make-up

When trying to find the person who will love them, people embellish themselves and adorn their minds. The reason a woman sits in front of a dressing table day and night, looking at herself in a mirror and making herself up, is because she has the desire to receive much more love from the person who loves her.

The woman who decorates her body in order to keep an eternal beauty is trying to defy death. It makes us think of a battleground where men face their enemies and fight by risking their lives and shedding blood. We feel sorry for such women, but at the same time we love them for wanting to keep their beauty for eternity.

Unification Church women do not put on make-up or spend hours trying to look nice because they are much too busy trying to spread God's truth. But they probably have the inclination to put on make-up and took nice. Even the person who was satisfied with how she looked before she received her partner will become more concerned about her looks once she gets a spouse. She wants to look good in front of her partner. She thinks about whether her hips are not too big, whether her waist is too thick, whether she is too short, or whether she is too ugly. That thinking and behavior comes from her intention to spread the fragrance of love by blossoming as a beautiful flower. She moves with a rhythm and posture and invests herself to look charming. In the same way you should meet your partners by widening the diverse aspects of your past lives centering on God's will.

Women want to change every day into new and beautiful clothing, right! Then have you ever thought about how you should have a beauty in your face that is better than changing dresses every day? What do you want to do by wearing beautiful dresses? You probably want to go looking for the one you love. How unbecoming it would be for a person to look for her lover by dressing up gorgeously but with a scowling face. At that time, the dress will judge the person. You must know that no matter how beautifully a woman dresses, if she looks depressed and without love, the clothes she is wearing will lament. But even if the clothing is not luxurious, it will be content if the person wearing it has a serene and happy face. At that time, that clothing she is wearing will shine like the jewels that decorate the center of love.

For example, the beauty of the diamond is enhanced by the gold ring in which it rests. Have you ever seen anyone wearing a ring made only of pure diamond? And from the standpoint of the gold ring, it will be more beautiful by virtue of having a little diamond set on top of it instead of being just a plain gold ring.

Is it for your own sakes that you wear beautiful clothes and put on make-up? Or is it for the sake of your spouses? Why does a flowering tree have fragrance and blossoms? Is that tree flowering because it likes the blossoms and fragrance or is it blooming for someone or something else? Like a person, a flower cannot look at itself. Therefore, we can surmise that the fact that a beautiful flower blossoms and spreads its fragrance is not for itself but is for someone or something which can enjoy that flower and its fragrance. The flower and its fragrance are there to attract butterflies and bees. The tree's fragrance is there to teach the bees the right direction to come to it, and the flower's blooming guides them to distinguish it from others. Women wear beautiful clothes and put on make-up for the same reason that the tree blossoms.

When women wake up in the morning, they put on make-up as they look at the mirror, but they do unnecessary make-up. For whose enjoyment do they apply make-up? Is it for the sake of their husbands or is it for their own sakes? Originally, make-up is real make-up when it is done at a cremation ground. [Laughter.] The word "make-up," ("Hwqiang," which in Korean means both makeup and cremation) itself does not feel good. When you understand this, you should do make-up in a serious way. For whom are you doing it? When I was coming to Seoul by train, I saw that the bathrooms become busy about 30 minutes before arriving at the Seoul train station. Most of the people using the restrooms are women with skirts. Men are dignified. Thus it says that in the Last Days women will be busier than men.

Having a good outward appearance is advertising with a billboard in Satan's world. If a person goes into a store that does many advertisements, he will be overcharged and ripped off. You must know this. That which is real and genuine does not advertise. This time when you come to the Blessing, do not pay attention to any woman who is wearing new clothes, applying rouge and cosmetics all over her face, and raging with excitement. That kind of person will bring enormous problems and even disaster. On the other hand, there is something mysterious in a woman who looks as if peeling off one layer of her character will bring another layer up as you give and take with her.

These days, you ladies put powder and other cosmetics on your faces. Why do you put on make-up? Is it because you want to boast of being the daughters of Satan? [Laughter.] This is not a laughing matter.

When you go into God's camp, you may put on make-up. When you go to Satan's side, you should cover your face with ashes. When you go out, you should think, "I have God's Hyung Sang and His love; thus I am better than you people who are all made up but do not know God."

Even in the Unification Church, God likes those who clean up for the whole and do laundry for the center, better than He likes those who put on make-up for themselves. The person who lives for himself will go somewhere else. No matter how much the person tries to stay, he will eventually leave.

Even at the times when you are wearing nice clothes, make-up, and smelling of beautiful fragrances, you should think of the day of liberation.

Blessed women can put on make-up, but unmarried ones cannot.

These days even we Unification Church members are using make-up! I forgive that. Mother is using make-up, she is married.. . . But those maidens who use make-up, for whom are you doing it? If you have money to buy cosmetics, give it to me! By using makeup they want to go around with some guys and think of capricious things. A maiden has to be innocent. She also has to be unaffected. What are manicures for? The married women can do it. Why is that? It is because she has to compete. In front of her husband, his wife has to be better than others' wives. In addition, a daughter-in-law has to be better than other daughters-in-law. A father-in-law and mother-in-law want their daughter-in-law to be the best. Therefore, in order not to lose out, she has to put on make-up. Before that, no make-up should be used. Before that, a girl only has to receive her parents' love.

Father knows that the toil of those who have walked the way of God's will together with Father is great. I know that the merits of the Unification Church members who have suffered for the fulfillment of God's will by leaving behind the comfortable life, and especially of those women who have toiled for years without wearing make-up, are great. I feel as if I should invent a line that stops aging and hand it out to them, even though I know that they will finish their lives in the physical world and live with God in a dominion of love.

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