Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

6) The Beauty of Woman and the Charm of Man

A while ago, Father said in England that a woman's beauty is not determined just by her face. Some people might say that a woman is beautiful just on the basis of her face, but the face is only a part of the whole body. You must look at the whole. The face is only the third factor in the standard of beauty. In order to judge a person's beauty, you must not only look at the hands, the feet, the way he or she walks, and the voice, but also you must look at the person from the front, from the side, and from all directions.

A person's beauty is not only in the face. The beauty can be felt from all directions. Beauty is spherical, like a ball. Regardless of the direction from which you look, each person has a perfected beauty of his or her own. That is why a person should not judge and evaluate his wife's face rashly, without thinking.

Many beautiful women soon lose their beauty. But women with virtue or good fortune are different. You can often observe that among women with pretty faces, their faces become strange after having two or three children. The woman who can maintain her beauty even after having children is truly a beautiful woman.

Of all the varieties of flowers, which do you think is the most beautiful? Father does not know what kind of flowers you like, but Father likes the one that looks like a trumpet, because it spreads its fragrance far away. (A morning glory.) A trumpet-shaped flower represents deep love. The scent spreads far away. It has to be shaped like a trumpet or bugle in order for the fragrance to travel far. The morning glory and other flowers of a similar shape have the best fragrance. All people like the flower that has a beautiful fragrance. On the other hand, the lily is simple but elegant. The pure and graceful lily blossoms out from an ordinary green pod; until it blossoms one cannot know whether it will be white or orange or yellow. It is a melodramatic and emotional flower. The lily seems to have a history behind it.

In the same way, you ladies should become like a morning glory or a lily. Like the fragrant morning glory, you should have the heart of deep love. Like the lily, you must become a pure and elegant flower.

Father thinks that the most beautiful women of the world are those with black hair, a white face, and blue eyes. She should not have a flat nose or eyes that are too hollow but should have eyes with about medium depth. Some Western people have eyes too deep, and one sometimes cannot distinguish whether they are eyes or eyebrows. These days because they put make-up on their eyebrows, you really cannot distinguish between the two. They color their eyebrows. Therefore, it is ideal that the eyes go in only a little and the eyebrows are apart from the eyes a little, like Father's.

It is more charming for a man's face to be somewhat rough rather than smooth.

When a woman is trying to get a husband, it would be better to have a man who is wild and rough rather than someone who is delicate and fine-looking. Since a husband and wife relationship is a reciprocal relationship, the woman who becomes the opposite of the wild and tough man will become happy. The wife who can receive the love of a tough and wild husband is a happy wife. You should not forget this, and look at your husband, encourage him to be a rough and tough man.

It is the law of love that the strength of a man is only like a gentle, autumn breeze in front of a woman. In the world of men, the strength of fists determines things, but in front of a beloved woman, that fist becomes as soft as cotton. Therefore, a woman should not be afraid of a man who is wild and rough but rather should think that the stronger a man is, the more value he has for her to love.

In a group of young ladies and men, when a handsome man passes by, the ladies close one eye but look with the other eye in this way. And these men, swaggering and strutting like goblins, also glance at a woman who passes by. Let's say that there is a dark-skinned man who looks like a fluke of nature -- unappealing even when you look at him with your eyes half-closed. But on the other hand, if you look at him as a whole, he might be a very masculine person. When he talks, that kind of person does not talk quietly like a woman. He acts before he talks. Most women would not feel good about that. They think that a man should talk first and offer an introduction before he acts, but this kind of man charges forward without any introduction whatsoever.

When they meet that kind of person, at first the women would not feel so good, but if he can persevere even for thousands and tens of thousands of years, the women will change. If the strong and wild character is that way not just for one moment but is like that consistently, the women will think again. "Other men are deceitful; therefore when autumn comes, they fall like the falling leaves, and when winter comes, they wither and dry. But as for this man, even if he might look like a country bumpkin, he, like a piston that is being driven by pressure, pushes what he thinks should be pushed, until the end. He will do it until his death." If this is true, the women's thoughts will become different. Do you understand?

If that happens, she will love her husband like heaven. Even if he is so strong and tough, if his actions can reap crimson love, she will be dragged in. You women must be careful here. Illustrations of this are plentiful in movies and fiction. Isn't that right?

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