Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5) Man and Woman Are Created in Relation to Each Other

Human beings are either man or woman. "I" am an extension of Adam and Eve who are created by God. Do you understand? When we say "human being," substance already exists in there. How many kinds of things are included in "human being"? Such things reside in the earth, in human beings and in God.

Realistically speaking, we people are very handsome. Therefore, if some women say, "What kind of man could look like that?" and laugh, or if some men say about some woman, "Why does that woman have big hips and look like that?" heaven will punish them. No matter how seemingly ugly, that man or woman is the Creator's greatest masterpiece.

Do you like men who wear a mustache or do you not? You ladies, please tell me. [It's better that they have them.] What about you men? [Better to have them.] Then why do you not grow them? There are times when growing a beard is good. Now is a busy time, so it's better not to have them, but when you are playing around naturally, it is more handsome to have a mustache.

When Japanese people make gardens, they trim and polish them; but the Americans like natural gardens. You like natural things. Do you like artificial things? [No, natural things.] Because you like a natural environment, in the future, there may come a time when you will receive hundreds of dollars in salary by growing mustaches. It might be true someday. Pretty soon, you might want to grow mustaches and beards.

Then why do women have no mustaches and beards? God did not feel good when He saw that Adam was growing a beard. Thus, when He was creating Eve, He made her so that she did not have any beard. [Laughter.] Thus, what is the greatest masterpiece in all of God's creation? It is woman. You women, do you feel good about that? These women are masterpieces all right, but for whom are they masterpieces? They are for men. [Laughter.] You might not feel good about that, but it cannot be helped.

Why did God make those masterpieces? He made them in order to receive a rare stimulation. Man and woman are complementary. Women are very soft and tender, and men are rough and tough. Thus, a strong and stout man likes a soft woman. A soft and tender woman likes a strong man. That's how it is. If there still is a woman who likes the kind of man who has skin like woman, she should be dead! And if there is a man who likes a woman who is as rough and awkward as a man, that man should be dead!

When you look at men, mostly they are not soft-looking but tough-looking. A man's hand is as rough as a concrete floor, and would he feel good if another rough hand touches his hand? When a soft woman's hand touches him, what happens? Everything in the universe is created to be in harmony. Even when you look at a motor, the turning armature is hard and solid metal, but the stationary contacts have surfaces made of soft, flat brass. This arrangement does not wear out easily. But if the contacts were made of adamantine steel, the more the motor turned, the more there would be sparks and rapid deterioration. The natural law of heaven and earth has all things in reciprocal relationships. If we consider this, we know that God is a professional.

That is why, more than putting a man's hand over another man's hand, it would be better to put a woman's hand over his. This is the natural law of the universe. That is how the soft and the hard can be one. If they are not, neither is complete. If a man's hand is over another man's hand, he should feel really bad, but if a woman's hand comes and touches him, he should feel good. If that does not happen, it means the law of the universe is not applied. That is why woman's hand should be soft, and man's hand should look thick and heavy. Men should look like man, and women should look like woman. Therefore, man has a mustache and beard. Because that beard stimulates the soft surface, it can feel the stimulation of love. Thus, you can conclude that it is good that man was born as man and woman was born as woman.

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