Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

4) It Is Inevitable That Your Partner Is Somewhere

When Adam appeared as God's ideal creation, did he compare this person or that person whom he might pick? Adam could not do that, because God made Eve for him. Whether Eve was beautiful or ugly, he was to love her absolutely. No matter how big or small, she was the sole, unique being for Adam. Therefore it is the Principle that they love each other absolutely. When they feel the taste of love, those details are no problem.

True love fills and over-fills what is imperfect. You might think that Adam was handsome and Eve was beautiful, but you cannot know that. Whether a man is handsome or ugly cannot be a real problem. These days there are women who shun mirrors because they think they are so ugly, but this is totally unnecessary. I have talked about finding the ideal partner for a lifetime. You might think that at the matching time I will consider, "Ah! Is this the one, or is that the one?' But what is ideal is absolutely only one. It is the same as in the Garden of Eden where there was only one man and one woman. Should the person who is supposed to become the True Parent look at this woman and that woman, with his eyes always staring? Lightning does not strike by looking at where it is to strike. When plus and minus become close, it will always strike. At the moment the minus appears, they will become one. You also must become like that, centering on the love of God.

Is there anywhere in the whole world where, if there is only one woman and if ten males are born, they would say that nine of them should die? Do people worry about that? When a girt is born crying, does she look around asking, "Where is my man?" When a man is born, does he straightaway look for a maiden? It's not right. This is because the mate is inevitably somewhere. Is there anybody who thinks that he should not have children because he is worrying about this point? Is there anyone who wants to have birth control because of that? There is no need to worry about that. If there is a man, there is a woman. If there is a female, a male will be born.

All men and women of this world are in the position of the fallen Adam and fallen Eve. Fallen Adam and Eve became the son and daughter of Satan. Therefore, going into this world of Satan, the problem is how to find, win, and establish God's son and daughter. This is fulfilled through the Principle. If there comes to exist a perfect Adam, then the perfect Eve will be restored. If a perfect plus appears, the minus will automatically come into existence. This is the fundamental rule of creation. If a perfect minus appears, a perfect plus likewise will come into existence. Therefore, there is not much difference between the numbers of men and women worldwide. No matter how much it seems that air is moving about in all directions, it is a reaction to achieve a balance of pressure. This is the same principle. If perfect man is born, a perfect woman will be born. In the Bible, this is stated symbolically, when we read that a woman, Eve, was created out of a man, Adam.

In terms of God's providence of restoration, the reason why the fall happened is not because of "U." You must know that the condition of your relationship to the other, the partner, is always the problem. Since we are re-creating, we must deal with the will of God. Therefore, the problem is to make a correct relationship with the object or partner who can become your companion. People of the world desire that their partners be greater than themselves. But this is an impossible way of thinking in the course of the providence of restoration. Expecting my partner to be greater and better than "I" is not right. Because there was the fall, expecting the partner to appear in the fallen world as a person greater than "I" is wrong. If you desire your partner to be a good person, you should manifest that by investing more effort than your partner.

The misconception of fallen men and women, that when one gets married, one should expect that one's partner will be better than oneself, should not be in your thought. A relationship based upon that cannot possibly succeed. If there are such couples, they are all fake. They are not connected and related to God. The partner must always be in a position lower than "U."

Why? It is because there has to be re-creation. It is through the merit of investing myself that my partner is moved and comes to appear as an object with value. God created heaven and earth not just to see them as they are. He created in order to love, with heart as the basis. In the same way the only thing that matters in re-creation is acting with the heart as the guide. Even though Adam and Eve are small, in the world of the heart, they are not seen as small but big.

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