Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) How Do You Meet Your Ideal Partner?

Your ideal partner is the person who will be your companion on the road to the ideal world.

Who is your ideal partner? Your ideal partner is a person who receives God's love in great quantity. The one who can stand closer than you to the formula course is your ideal mate.

Then who is that person who can be close to the formula course? It is the person who is close to realizing the hope of every historical period. It is the person who is close to realizing the hope of the past and who is close to becoming the center desired by the present-day society. Moreover, if there is a starting point in the future, it is the person who is close to that starting point. You should value that kind of person.

The fact that the term, "ideal partner," appeared at this moment on the earth and people making a lot of noise is infinitely joyful good news. It is news about which God can be happy.

The foundation to have the ideal spouse is to marry as a couple in a place Satan cannot invade. That is, the ideal spouse is married as a couple by the will of God on the foundation which has indemnified the vertical history horizontally. Therefore, the ideal of marriage has to be centered on God.

If it does not surpass the standard existing at the time before Adam and Eve's fall, a new ideology cannot start. You are not standing in a position where each of you has fought and became a person whom Satan cannot penetrate, but you are in a position where you are believing in and following this ideology. Therefore, your Blessing will come to nothing unless a heartistic foundation and a substantial foundation are laid continuously.

Men say that they want to become handsome in order to find beautiful women. This is because the more perfect one is, the more handsome one becomes. A more perfect person is better able to find a perfect, ideal spouse. Because there is a standard where the best of the ideal subjects and the best of the ideal objects become happy one hundred percent, the more they become perfect in the love of God, and the more they fit perfectly, the more they become ideal. That is why we seek beauty and perfection. Perfect love is the core of the universe. Man without woman and woman without man cannot find that core.

The term "ideal spouse" is very good, is it not? Until now, you have thought that an ideal spouse is like this or like that. No matter how good your partner is, you will not find his or her value unless you have within you the quality to do so. Do you understand what I am saying? Where is your capacity to discover whether or not your spouse is excellent? Without you yourself being the best, you cannot find the very essence of your spouse's excellence.

The ideal spouse comes later. The self has to be thought of first. How to perfect yourself is the most important thing. The ideal spouse means putting the will of the spouse first, but the perfect, ideal family cannot come about unless it first is decided that you can become the perfect subject or the perfect object.

What is the priority for an unmarried man and woman? The problem is whether or not I myself am perfect. Before thinking about your ideal spouse, first you must become a filial son or daughter and have a relationship with the parents who will testify that you are a filial son or daughter. You must become perfect in that sense. After that is accomplished, the ideal spouse can be sought after and loved.

The reason the Unification Church until now does not give the members the Blessing right away, but makes them do fund-raising instead, is in order to make them aspire for the parents' vertical love. The reason we tell you not to worry about fiancés is because once you fulfill the vertical love, the fiancé appears automatically.

What is the fall? It is realizing horizontal love before perfecting vertical love centering on God. Therefore, without establishing the vertical love, you should not think to meet your fiancé or love him.

There must be many people here who have already been matched. Among you, those who can say that you have perfected vertical love, raise your hands. If there is such a person, I will allow that engaged couple to live together and I will bless them in marriage prior to others. Because it is unprincipled for a person who has not fulfilled the vertical love to marry, Father has been waiting.

The person who, in his or her lifetime, loves the world, God and humankind with love greater than the love between man and woman, and only after accomplishing that comes to love his spouse, is an ideal person.

Who is the best companion a human being can have? Jesus, who came down to this earth, tried to find a family where he could realize perfect love. The best companion is the family where true love is practiced. In order to find that, a person has to go through the course of offering in this world. He has to go through the course of offering based on his body. He must reject the love of Satan's world and indemnify the love of the heavenly world. He must, from himself, transcend matter, transcend the desire to be centered on the body, transcend lust, and deny every realistic and sensual element. He must go through such a course.

Who is an ideal partner? It could be a person different from you. You should not resent your partner. Do not think to flee from your partner, but welcome him or her and digest him or her.

What is good fortune? Living well or eating well is not good fortune. Meeting a partner well is good fortune. Paving the way of a husband and wife by following the relationships of heaven and earth and following the law of the natural relationships of human beings is the greatest of blessings. There is no greater blessing. No matter how popular and prestigious he is and how famous his family is, if a person does not meet the right wife, then he will be miserable. No matter how good an academic background or how handsome an appearance he has, he will not be happy if he marries a bad wife. In the same way, no matter how famous or of good standing a woman is, if she gets a bad husband, the result is the same. Therefore what is the greatest of all good fortunes? Meeting your partner well. That is the greatest blessing. By meeting your mate well, you will have good children. Isn't that right?

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