Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2) Do Not Decide Your Partner by Yourself

You must not choose your partner on your own. Especially do not try to discover who he or she is by prayer. A person who does that will come to no good end. Once Father blessed two persons who had decided through prayer, and he established an indemnity condition for them. But things did not turn out well. I cannot tell you who they are; only Father knows. Their fate was according to the Principle. Even if Father forgives them and they go on to fulfill their indemnity condition by themselves, it will not be good for them in the end. Inevitably, within three generations of their descendants, similar phenomena will occur. Indeed, the Unification Church is a fearful place.

When you face Father and look at him, you might think he isn't much, but he is a fearsome person. Those who have given Father a hard time all were destroyed. That is why when I work for the sake of God's will, I myself am very serious. I do not decide something in an irresponsible way. Before making a decision, I consult Heaven and set every standard according to the Principle, and then I announce the policy. When I know that something is heaven's will, I do not care what the world thinks about it..

Once, when Father was just about to match one sister, another person who was standing right beside Father said to her, "That person is like this and like that." Father said, "Then who is the person you recommend?" And he introduced a person whom he preferred to the sister. The person he recommended was a person for whom he had a liking in his mind, and he had the desire to offer a very good husband for this sister for whom he cared. Is this not understandable? Those who are mothers here, when you look at your daughters and their prospective sons-in-law, you whisper to each other about having a son-in-law that you like. In that incident, the woman listened to that bystander's advice and married the person he had recommended, rejecting Father's words. But the result of that marriage was not good.

Father once gave the Blessing to about ten couples who really liked each other and wanted to marry each other. Of those, 80% ended in failure. I will never do that again. Perhaps in the future, I will give numbers to everyone and will match by numbers. At that time you have only two choices: you can get blessed, or you can refuse. I will have to match by numbers in order to marry tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of couples. At that time Father's antennae will be different antennae. At that moment Father will not be of this world. Father will use emergency tactics. Father will use emergency tactics that he has been using until now to defeat Satan. For that amazing event to happen, a lot of preparation, prayer and devotion will have been poured in. It will take less than ten minutes to decide the partners for 20 couples. But in order to decide the partners, there will be careful and meticulous consideration. It will not be haphazard.

You who are being blessed at this time should follow Father's will. Previously, of those who married based on their own preferences, some of them suffered separation through the death of their spouse. At the matching time, even when Father refused their request, they kept wanting to be married, saying that they liked each other. When Father said, "Is it OK even if you die" they still wanted to be married together. So I blessed them saying, "Go ahead. Do as you will." Sure enough, many of them ended with that fate.

None of you should take a stance centering on yourselves. If there is a compass in you, that compass should always point to God. You are to turn your compass all the way to where it points to God. When you turn the compass to point to yourselves, there will be harmful side effects. How great are those side effects? Those whose compasses are turned to center on the self will, after a while, reach a condition where they might die. If you look at them after about three weeks, their eyes will stick to the insides of their sockets. When you look at this alternative, you must find your partner centering on God.

Those who discuss amongst themselves and come to Father for the approval of their marriage are only trying to use Father as a sacrifice for the acceptance of their marriage. When they say, "We like each other, so please marry us," Father will never bless them. Why? They are acting not only according to the habit of conventional society, but according to the will of Satan. Then centering on whose mind should the matching be done? The issue is whether it is to be done by following your own minds or Reverend Moon's mind.

The viewpoint of marriage in the Unification Church is different from ordinary marriage. The Reverend Moon does not give the Blessing for the sake of the husband or wife, but for the sake of their descendants.

The fact that you are living together by Father's having chosen your partner means that you fit together as closely as possible. If you find that your partner does not fit you exactly, it may mean that one of you might have died without having a long life.

Marriage is not supposed to take place haphazardly. It is not to be done between persons who meet in the street while coming and going. If two people marry just because they feel attracted to one another, some disaster could happen just as they get married. Then we would realize that there was something mysterious about their fate. It was because they did not fit well with each other. A pine tree must be grafted to a pine tree. There are types that fit correctly. When you realize this, you must deal with the Blessing this time with new and better attitudes. Absolutely do not stand in a place where you want to pass through the Blessing in a position that centers on yourselves. You should know that the Blessing is not for yourselves; it is for the nation and even for the world. Moreover, you must take to heart that the Blessing is for the sake of your descendants.

You should not approach the moment when your partner is chosen with a heart of happiness but with a heart of infinite suffering.

From when you start, until the end, you must watch your heart very. carefully. This time is the most important period in your life. It corresponds to the six thousand years of providential history,

In the position of infinite suffering, in the position of extreme sorrow and in the position of risking your life, you must decide. You must take responsibility for your fate in the place of experiencing and tasting the worst suffering, sorrow and death. You should not feel any complaint whatsoever and you should feel with the understanding that this will never happen again.

In order to pass through this gate, how sad was Jesus? How many times did he pass through pain and anguish? Over how many critical moments of death did he go? In order to come to the new road of life, you must receive that degree of agony and suffering in the worst environment. This place is the place that closes the door Of suffering, closes the door of sorrow, and closes the door of death. Therefore, you must go over this after feeling the worst suffering, the worst sorrow and the worst death. Through this, the road of rebirth can be opened, and you will resurrect from worry, from suffering, from sorrow and from death. This is how you are to receive the partner.

You must come to your decision based upon the standard of number three positions. That decision cannot be made for you by Father or by God. The only one who can decide it is yourself.

Originally, man was created for woman, and woman was created for man. But fallen man must go through the position of a servant, an adopted son and a son, before advancing to the position of husband or wife and then to the position of true parents. Therefore, I will make each one of the blessed couples suffer until he or she feels like they want to die. Man is born alone, goes to marry alone, and dies alone. The parent only introduces, and the decision has to be reached by himself or herself alone. Among you there are probably many who will go away without making effort. Those people should reflect on themselves in contemplation.

This period is the time of resurrection. Jesus' partner, namely the Holy Spirit, also descended from heaven on the day of Pentecost after the resurrection of Jesus.

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