Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

12) The Faith and Determination We Must Have

By centering on whom do you receive the Blessing? It is the Parents, the absolutely trustworthy True Parents. "I am centering on the True Parents' connection of flesh and blood. No force can cut this relationship." Unless you have this faith, you will be punished if you receive the Blessing. In the future, if you get caught in this condition, you will be miserable. Look and see these blessed families until now. See the result. That time will come. Those kinds of people were returned to the satanic world. What is going to happen to their descendants? I'm not going to talk about that now. It would affect their relatives and their ancestors in the spirit world. Because of this, huge problems are involved. You appeared representing history and the good ancestors. You represent good ancestors and your own clan at this time. You came forward and you are in a serious position. When we went out to witness in 1960, those who opposed the Unification Church with their whole energy received punishment. All were broken down, while we are being successful. Fireballs will come down on them. They played as they wished, but will see in the future. Heaven has never been advertised. Under this enormous promise, we are marching seriously.

What is the one and only truth? It is the fact that we came out with the flesh and blood of the True Parents. That is why although billions of satans from the satanic world are surrounding us, they cannot attach to us. We are different from the old Adam and Eve. We are not the people of self-interest and desire. Because of self, desire, the origin of the fall has remained. We have the destiny to go on, stepping over and climbing over the remaining grudges. That is why we must step over and climb over those grudges. In order to welcome that holy day, we will never give up no matter how dreadfully tangled are the courses. We must clarify our faith. Without this belief, to receive the Blessing is to make God a puppet. For that level of people, it is better not to receive the Blessing.

Among you, those who think that you have the qualifications for the Blessing: raise your hands. From the Principle viewpoint, raise your hand if you have the qualifications for receiving the Blessing. [Everyone is quiet.] So, until now you have lived as you pleased. From now, are you going to listen to Teacher's words and live with absolute faith? [Yes.] You must know clearly. Can you believe? [Yes.]

After you are married, even if your husband or wife is sent out, you must be grateful. They must be sent out and come back. Without doing that, you cannot conquer the satanic world. Also I went to North Korea and came back. It was not just once that I went and came back. Since I was beaten by the communists and shed blood, you also must get the beating and shed blood.

I received distress from three nations. I received persecution even from the Russians. Of course, I got persecution from Japan and from Korea, including Kim Il Sung's party. Talking about the nations, I went through four nations and went through suffering. Among the many denominations, I received suffering through three generations from the churches. From them, countless thousands of people were mobilized; more than 300 thousand people were mobilized. Without passing through the trials and suffering, restoration through indemnity cannot be done. When I recount this story, your eyes are so big and blinking. There is no one who has gone through what the Teacher has until now. When did you worry about the will of God without sleeping during the night and without food? Have you determined to do the will of God even if you lose your life? The fact that you do not do like this is an insult to God. It is an insult to the good ancestors. It is an insult to Teacher and it is an act of betrayal. What is the fall? Centering on the self in order to make progress, isn't it? No matter what type of man or woman you are and no matter what kind of suffering or trials you have endured, first of all you must have faith in the True Parents. You must have absolute faith. My heart toward the True Parents cannot be changed no matter what tempts me. Even if I lose my life ten times, I will not deny them. Like that, you must have faith. That is the problem. If you are not like this, you must repent. Do you understand? What this means is to have absolute faith.

With your entire life, go through the course of trials and fight it out. Offering my heart, with one mind in one life, I have been fighting. I came out looking forward to cross the final line centering on the original will of God. I came out to have the heart of gratitude even if I fell down ten million times by the sword of Satan. With desire for Principle, and without fault absolutely centering on the True Parents' blood relationship, I made brotherhood relationships.

That is, no one could attack me. "Who is your brother?" If asked, you should be able to say, "He's so and so." By doing that, you can do restoration. I have been doing this work. Jesus passed away doing this work. You are here with me, in a position better than Jesus. Is that not true? You have the special blessing that you are attending the True Parents. Therefore, you must have filial piety. Among your brothers, you must be the most filial, pious son. Not a prodigal son; become the one of filial piety. Centering on the parents, you shall be the son of filial piety. Do not become a prodigal but honestly become the true sons and daughters.

By doing so, you become the example in front of other brothers. Brothers should be bearing all the crosses by themselves. In order to teach them, be the one with the greatest filial piety. They must be the representatives of filial piety. All of you in here should be like that. You have cloudy and blinking eyes and want to lead an easy life, don't you? Such people are false people. They are the same race as the enemies. You must repent, and if your conscience is hurting you, please repent. Are you eating the food? You must repent by fasting. Do you understand?

That is an insult to God, an insult to the ancestors and an insult to the parents. It is an insult to the three worlds: the world of angels, the world of Adam and the original world, which is an insult to the world of the original home. Such people cannot be forgiven. However, I gathered such people and matched them. I relate to you the sorrow of parents having bad children. However, you do not even think of this, not even in your dreams. That is why you must have only one belief. Even if you receive sorrowful things, in front of the True Parents you must not change, but maintain the belief to be filial, pious and loyal followers. Do you understand? That is really important. If you have not had faith like that yet, you should repent with no reservations. If you come here with the feeling of shame, you need the prayer of heaven's sympathy and pity. If I look at you, there is no room to say this and that.

The Blessing is incredible like this. I also get caught in here and I have been battling my whole life. Doing that, I lost all my younger years like a withered flower. Now, I am going over 50 and looking toward 60 years old. While the blood is flowing in my veins, until now, I've been doing this work. Because without me, everything is ruined. If there are crowds left from the first seven-year course, I have the responsibility as the father; I must pull them to go. I do this work. That is why I have gathered you. That is why, even if your bones are being melted, no matter what, you must have faith: "I belong in here." Until the law and the Principle for the nation is established, as a fighter, march in that direction. By heaven's order and command, like a loyal follower, even at the cost of life in front of the countless good ancestors, I must establish my duty in front of God as I am today. You must make the new determination. By doing this, our work must begin.

The Blessing position is a resultant position; the matching with Heaven begins from the position God cannot recognize. This should be the fallen people's attitude. If it is not like that, you must know that you will remain a loser. If you do not do it right with your one chance in this position, billions of your descendants will be caught, and your good ancestors will be caught as well.

The time just before the Blessing, when I call you and am questioning you, is for you the most valuable time. In the future, in order to give the Blessing to many people, I will have a time like that in the Headquarters. In order to do it, a large number of hours are going to be spent, but even if it takes months, I will do it. it's not an easy thing to do. Therefore, you must pray very much. After making effort, come to that place.

In Japan, they are wondering what the Blessing is, and the relations of men and women are very active. Even if you promise to each other secretly, I will know. Even if you do not wish to tell, eventually you will have to confess. Relations between man and woman, other than those between brothers and sisters, are Satan's substantial body. That is absolutely not permitted. If there is a small element of that in you, it must be cut and destroyed.

You are the final, total, substantial body of the 6,000 years of historical blood-lineage sin. You are exhibit material of the 6,000 years of sinful history. Your cells, one by one, are tangled in the sin of 6,000 years. In order to solve this, you need historical repentance.

In your blood, Satan's blood is moving. That is why you do not have all the elements for God to be close to you. You should be complaining of your shame and, after hating it, step out of it and come to this place. However, have you ever thought about that?

In order for you to inherit from the True Parents, you must know clearly that you cannot retain the characteristics of the satanic world, like a false olive tree. You must not do things to satisfy your own desire, not caring whether they are good or bad. Such people have nothing to do with God and they are relegated to the satanic world.

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