Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

11) The One Qualification to Receive the Blessing

Our standards are different from the secular ones. I have taught you to block the satanic accusation and to establish the victorious authority. What situation are you in? It is a problem because you are not in the completion level of the growth stage. How am I going to bless you?

You are gathered now in order to receive the blessing. What is the Blessing? Until now, for six thousand years, religion emerged and was practiced in order to find one man. Therefore, you who were born as women, if you did not join the Unification Church, you would not be able to receive the Blessing centering on God. For one thousand years, ten thousand years, no matter how long you made the effort, you would not be able to receive the Blessing centering on God. If there were no Unification Church, there would be no Blessing. Without the Teacher, you cannot even think about it. What is the fall? It is loving each other by yourselves. This happened due to Satan. Therefore, centering on God and with the connection of love, the new husband and wife come out from the new place waving the flag of history. It is happening for the first time in history.

Then are you qualified to enter here? No. If there is one qualification, what is it? It is to know the True Parents. The fact that you know the True Parents is the qualification. Consider the ancestors who were in the providence of restoration until now. Actually you do not qualify to face those ancestors. However, they did not know the True Parents. Jesus came on this earth but could not teach about the qualification of the True Parents. Long ago, among ancestors like Abraham, Moses and others, no one knew the True Parents. Today, one thing is different for Unification Church members: we know the True Parents. Therefore, you can have faith only in that. We are the sons and daughters of the True Parents. In this world, nothing can deny this. Even God cannot deny this. It is absolute.

Do you know me? You do know or you do not know? How do you know, and what do you know of me? You know my face. Do you think I am on the level of teaching Principle to you? What do you know? In the Principle, the Principle up to Jesus' time is not the Teacher's Principle. Do you know my history? [No.] If you do not know, then why are you here? Did you practice filial piety? Did you not? [We did not practice filial piety.] Even if you are not people with filial piety, do you have the qualifications to come here and sit down? Did you become a loyal follower? Or did you not? [We did not become.] Why did you come here and sit down if you did not even become a loyal follower? Then do you think that God knows about me, or does not know? [Knows.] Do you think the ancestors in the spirit world know about me, or do not know? [Know.] You should attend me more than God and the good ancestors attend me. Among those who doubt how this can be, those bad members, those false people, not even one person has the qualifications to sit here. I fought for forty years of my life, then had the Holy Wedding in 1960. Until I reached that point, I went to prison many times. I was beaten countless times. I threw up blood many times and I survived the battle. However, when did you get persecution or get enormous beatings and when did you shed blood? When did you receive persecution like that? Investing my life in and out of the country's boundaries in order to make the foundation, and I shall bequeath the whole thing to beggars like you. You have no qualifications to receive the blessing! If Satan cut off all of your heads and threw them in the Pacific Ocean you would turn into water ghosts, I would not recognize you. Because there is no other way, I give you the Blessing.

Are you in the position to receive the Blessing? [I am ready.] Are you ready? [Yes.] What do you mean that you are ready? Until now, I brought all those stupid people and taught the will of God and gave the Blessing. Therefore, how should we prepare for the Blessing?

Break down Satan and, in front of heaven, pledge to return the glorious victory in the end. There should be people proclaiming this but you came here with no preparation, like naked people. That is why you must observe the heartistic standard of the Blessing from the historical view and re-examine your own shortcomings. You must know how much you are lacking. Until now, there have been many terrible mistakes. It is unforgivable, but with special grace, I forgave you.

The heart of parents cannot hate the children who are going to the place of death. Even with the burden of the cross, in order to make the children live, parents keep going. That is the heart of parents. Therefore, I bear all the burdens and make you live and keep going. However, if you think that this is the tradition, you will be destroyed. You will be left with nothing. Before Parents open the door of love, you must re-think. You must think how you can be qualified without shame before Heaven and earth.

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