Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

10) The Qualification to Receive the Blessing

When I look at you, you are like trash. What qualification do you have? I mean, do you have the qualification for the Blessing? You are sitting here because you want the Blessing, but what have you done since you came to Unification Church? Receiving the Blessing is not like coming in, sitting down and taking it. After thousands of years of making effort and tens of thousands of years of establishing the effort, then those descendants come with ten million degrees of gratitude. Also in front of the heavenly world and earthly world, all humankind is watching, to glorify the glorious day. That is how to receive the Blessing. Personally, do you think you can do it?

Even though you should stand up with the victorious flag of tomorrow, centering on conditions to be praised as the filial sons and daughters of God, with the internal and external qualifications, with the character that Satan cannot accuse, when I take a look, you are in a big mess. Therefore you must have new faith from this moment. Do you understand? Peter in Jesus' time, John and James-you should not be the descendants of those betrayers. Suppose Teacher is going to the place of death. Could you surely go beyond the standard of Peter, John and James and block the Teacher's road of death, and place yourself on the road of death instead of Teacher? You must have asked yourself this. Young and old, man or woman, all should absolutely make this pledge. Without thinking like this, you cannot liberate Jesus' grief Without liberating Jesus' grief, you cannot come to the Blessing.

Until now, you may have thought that if you did a certain amount, you were all right. However, although you've met Teacher, there is a distance between you and me. It is a mistake to think that everything is solved only by meeting the parents. As does God, Teacher also has responsibility on the earth-not to throw away everything that I have as a beggar in a wanderer's position, but to stand in the position of God desiring a filial son. We should be in the position to find the enemy and restore his children and his wealth, as did Jacob. Without doing this, after returning to the original place, you have no honor in front of God, and you must know that you cannot receive the blessing.

In the family context, you are the Adam of the family; in the society context, you are the Adam of the society; in the national context, you are the Adam of the nation. On each level you must know clearly that you are in the position of Adam and Eve to gain Satan's surrender. You can receive the heavenly Blessing only if you were victorious over Satan. You are receiving the Holy Wedding. Is that not the Principle? How can a person who could not bring Satan to surrender receive the heavenly Blessing? This is the bottom line in the history of restoration.

In order for a fallen person to go to the position to receive God's Blessing, he must make the condition as a faithful servant. After being loyal with his whole heart in the servant's position, he must be loyal from the adopted son's position. In order to pass through the adopted son's position, you must fulfill all the conditions of the adopted son's standard. The adopted son can receive the inheritance but cannot carry the blood lineage. With the qualification of adopted son, you can go to the spiritual level of Paradise only. That is why in order to go over the adopted son's level, engrafting as direct sons and daughters must be done.

After you create heaven in yourself, you can be blessed. Complaining people who wish to receive the blessing will bring about the ruin of their spouses. If you cannot create your own heaven but you desire the blessing anyway, you are a thief. It is more important to finish the indemnity condition than to receive the blessing. Before wishing for the blessing, you must be more desperate to finish the indemnity course. You must do all your duties as a child of God.

Without completely passing through the course of restoration, you cannot receive the blessing. Individual, family, clan, tribe, nation and cosmos-by going through all levels and making the condition to stop the accusation of Satan, you can go to the blessing.

Satan, with his chronicle of blood lineage relations, for many thousands of years has made God suffer and has infringed on our ancestors. Those chains of sin must be completely cut, and with the flag flying from the position of freedom and equality, all nations, all people and the whole cosmos can be harmonized. This place is the blessing.

Heartistically, unless you restore three positions to the standard of the Blessing, you are not qualified. Centering on God, the heart of parents, the heart of children and the heart of husband and wife must be substantialized. Then you become confident men and women; otherwise, you have no qualification for entering the blessing.

Where should the place be for the young person who has kept the clean, unstained holy heart of love for twenty years? Put him in the place where God is most happy to meet and make oneness with the person of pure heart. Isn't that holy place the place where the bride and groom meet?

If you witness to a man or woman in the secular world, raise them as you would your younger brother or sister. Adam did not raise Eve well and also Eve did not relate to her brother. Gather all these facts and make the heavenly public pledge. In here, transcend your man-woman relationship and make the public pledge before God. In a brother-sister position, in front of one's parents, centering on parents' love, pledge to obey the heavenly rule. This is the responsibility of all Unification Church members in the world.

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