Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

9) The Original Standard of the Blessing

Because the human ancestors fell at the adoption level, that is, the completion level of the growth stage, to qualify in terms of external form and the proper connection, you must climb back to the completion level in the growth stage. Then you can inherit true sonship. Because the human ancestors fell from the completion level in the growth stage, to be restored you first go back to the completion level of the growth stage.

When I look at you, there are mouths and other features in your face. In the body there are legs and arms, flesh and form. When you combine them all and appear in front of God, what part do you think God would love? God does not love you centering on one part. God, loving the whole, wishes you all to be sons and daughters. The standard God desires is not 50 points, nor 60, 70 or 80. He desires above 100. What is the standard beyond 100 points? It is not the standard from which Adam and Eve fell. Seeing the sorrow of the fall, in front of God everything must be restored through indemnity, and 100 points is the place of going beyond the standard of the fall. In other words, Father desires that you pursue the standard which existed before the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. If this condition is not accomplished, God's reputation will decline. Knowing the fact that Satan's attack on Adam and Eve took away that glorious day, God must have those who go beyond that standard and receive the Blessing as husband and wife. If Satan takes back the children of God, then he is destroying God's reputation. Thinking about this huge standard, you in here must not think about getting Blessed for your own sake.

Historically, the providence of restoration appeared and then remained unaccomplished. All its contents must be pulled into the present and again clarified, indemnified and restored. To realize this, the Unification Church came about. My mission is to do it on my own and to have all the Unification members follow and do this throughout the world. Your mission is set according to the words of the Teacher, marching to complete the providence of restoration. Men must arrive at the standard above Adam before the fall and, because they must substitute for Jesus' body, there must be no short, coming. Women should be at the standard above Eve before the fall, as the bride of Jesus, and should have no shortcoming. The mission of the Unification Church is to give birth to those men and women.

With the authority of God's sons and daughters, no matter what the hardship, go toward Satan's origin and make the standard to fight it out face-to-face. By making Satan, who attacked Adam and Eve, pass through the course of surrender, the standard of the Blessing can be established.

Those who follow the Unification Church say "Relationship with the True Parents," "new heavenly family," or "the Blessing." That Blessing is not in the line of death. The Blessing is not part of the indemnity rule nor below the death line. The Blessing is within the unfallen Garden of Eden. This is the Blessing.

The fact of the members getting the Blessing now correlates with Teacher's Holy Wedding standard in the 1960s. Because you are following Teacher's accomplishment of the standard of perfection on the national level, there is no persecution for you. The Blessing you received is the standard Jesus has desired for two thousand years. It represents the position of being substantialized. Therefore, sending the blessed members to work with their clans is the same as Jesus sending the Holy Spirit to work on the earth.

What condition will chase out satanic things created by the ancestors' mistake? It is the Blessing. Making the victorious condition of the Blessing chases out Satan. Because Satan invaded Adam and Eve, by our fulfilling the blessed family, we indemnify all the past mistakes of our ancestors and we can see the start of the victory of resurrection on earth. That is why until now all the satanic false charges in the spirit world could come at us easily, as if through an open door.

The fall is below the completion level in the growth stage, and the Blessing is above the completion level of the growth stage. That is why the Blessing has no relationship with Satan. Accordingly, Satan cannot object or attack.

The Holy Wedding does not mean that the husband and wife can do as they please. It absolutely happens in the position of representing God's true love. Masculinity receives complete love and femininity receives absolute love.

Until now, it was common to exchange letters between man and woman and relate to each other. Winking is done so naturally that it is like buying a pencil on the street. When people of that quality want to receive the Blessing, Teacher feels bad. Originally, the standard of the Blessing rules out feeling bad like that. If I look from the Principle point of view, you are not qualified. But as the descendants of the fall, you must be restored to the original standard.

The crux of the matter is: am I in the position for God to call me to substitute for Adam? Am I in the position to be called to substitute for Jesus? Could I be recognized as representing the new coming of Jesus? Seen from this perspective, before receiving the Blessing you must criticize your life from the past to the present.

Today, there are many of you thinking just as you please. You may think, "The Blessing is a ritual in the Church. I myself have fulfilled this and that condition, and many years have passed since I came to the Church. Therefore I'm qualified for the Blessing." However, you must not think like that. This day is the day that God finds the son who was lost for six thousand years and He finds the lost daughter by welcoming this day. Through this, there is the solitary point at which we can connect to God's love. We must know this overwhelming fact. From here God's will spreads horizontally. We must consider seriously the question of how many of us here think like this as God's sons and daughters, one with God's heart, preparing for the day of the Blessing.

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