Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

8) Three Spiritual Children

In order to make the indemnity condition, you absolutely need three spiritual children. This is because, due to the fall of Adam and Eve, eight family members fell. Unless you go over the standard of representing these eight people, you cannot proceed. Without fulfilling that requirement, to say, "Live for the tribe, nation and world" is just spouting empty words. From the starting point, this standard is absolutely necessary. Accomplish this absolute standard and you will be going the road of destiny, this is the Blessing position which you must know clearly.

To receive the Blessing is to be restored to the position just before the fall. When Adam and Eve were growing up, three angels should have been attending them. Likewise, your three spiritual children represent you being attended substantially by three angels. Three spiritual children symbolize Adam, Noah, and Abraham's three periods of having three children (8 family members) and represent three periods of Cain.

First of all, the foundation of three united angels, which are these three spiritual children, helps you to receive the Blessing. If they do not help you receive the Blessing, it cannot happen. Therefore, without three spiritual children, you cannot be restored. If you do not have three spiritual children, you cannot stand on the foundation of the unity of the three angels. Then you are remaining under the fallen sovereignty and Satan can make a base with you and pull you anywhere. The spiritual children are to be absolutely a unified foundation. Therefore, sacrifice everything and make the environment for the Blessing. If three archangels do not attend Adam and Eve, it is no good. After passing this level, for you to get the recognition from God, these three angels can say, "Adam is fully grown, so please give the Blessing to him with his spouse." Therefore, if there are not three spiritual children, absolutely it is the Principle that you cannot receive the Blessing. Those who got married without fulfilling this remain in the fallen sovereignty.

In order to receive the Blessing, you must go beyond the standard at which Jesus failed. When Jesus was dying, his three main disciples denied him. Therefore, even if you meet the situation of death, you must be one with three disciples and with them you must make a four position foundation. Because that is the formula, you absolutely must have three spiritual children. Otherwise, you cannot receive the Blessing.

In order to receive the Blessing, you need to restore three people. Jesus had the same condition to fulfill. When he went to the Mount of Transfiguration with his three disciples, these disciples were not completely united with him. Jesus said, "I did not come to be served but to serve."

Blessing candidates get the qualification for themselves through restoring three spiritual children as the victorious resurrected body. Because Abet is the victorious elder son, he must take away the children of Satan. The restoration of three spiritual children represents:

1) Spiritually restoring three generations of the archangel;
2) The absolute condition for deciding the parental position;
3) The absolute condition for bringing children to the position of complete victory. Without fulfilling this, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Those who have been members for five years or more, raise your hands. In Japan, it's about 150 people, but when I went to London, about 60% had been in the church for five years. When I asked how much work they did for the Will, they answered that they worked continuously for the Will until now. I asked about the substantial result. Working for the world means saving the world and working for the Will means leading the whole world to the Will so that the world can receive salvation. When I asked them, they agreed. Then I asked, "How many hours a day do you witness?" They said they witnessed only two hours a day, and that when they tried to witness, they couldn't witness even to one person. With that amount of effort, do you think that you can work for the will of God? To how many have you witnessed, those who have been members for more than five years? Those ladies who want to get blessed, to how many have you witnessed? Can those who have not witnessed to more than three ask to be recommended for the Blessing? By helping those people, the church will be destroyed. The captain who stands on the frontline knows how miserable the loser is. Those who know about that will not lose even if they have to go to their death. Teacher knows about the sorrow of losers. Nobody sides with people who do not have the foundation and capability.

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