Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

7) The Course of Training and the Seven Days Fast

In the Unification Church, there are 2-day workshops, 7-day workshops, 21-day workshops and 40-day training sessions; all together, within 6 months you should receive 70 days of training in the Principle. This is the Word and the Law. By doing that, you can know what the Unification Church is.

Those who join the Unification Church go through the training course. There are 2-day, 7-day, 21-day and 40-day workshops-all together 70 days of training are needed. Through this training, fallen, ignorant people are restored. The 2-day workshop is for changing to the new direction. From the ideological point of view, if looking at it from the providence of restoration, it is the same as the foundation for the providence of restoration. The 7-day workshop goes to the formation period. It is correlative to the Old Testament period's providence. By entering here, one goes to welcome the New Testament period's Messiah. 7-day training is correlative to the Old Testament period and is the time for restoring the characters of the formation stage. 21-day training is correlative to the New Testament period. After this workshop, you should be able to attend Jesus as the Messiah, perfecting the character of John the Baptist. That is to perfect the adopted child position. From here, by receiving the 40-day workshop, you are entering the Completed Testament, welcoming the Messiah and entering the engrafted position. Finally you are entering the position to make the heavenly new generation. By doing this, you are inheriting the heavenly son's position, which is better than the unfallen Adam's position. However, it is not over by inheritance; you must be equipped with the character of a heavenly son and then you are able to enter the Heavenly Kingdom.

If you receive 120-day training, you are able to establish the members prestige and reputation of the Unification Church.

Those who do not get 120-day workshop are not counted as core

Because training is being systematized from the 2-day to the 120-day level, it is the same no matter where you are in the world.

In the Last Days you must pass through the three stages of judgment. These are the judgment of truth, judgment of character, and judgment of heart. In here, doctrine is the truth. By passing through these three judgments, you are qualified for the position to attend and make a relationship with the True Parents.

It is the Principle that those who do not pass through these stages cannot receive the Blessing; this is the Principle. Think about it: if I give the Blessing to people who do not even know the Word of God, what can I do if they do whatever they wish afterwards? If a person who does not know the law is on trial, the judge makes the decision as he wishes. That is why the law is taught.

In the Principle, there are three stages of judgment: judgment of the truth, judgment of character, and judgment of heart, because the fall violated these three things. I am qualified and I am teaching you. The way of restoration could be taught only after I myself went through it. Because it is the Principle, the parents should know first. Practice also must be done by the parents first. The Principle has already been established through this foundation by Teacher; if it were not it could not be taught.

You must practice the Principle and not be the person who is caught by the Principle. To do so, you must embody the Principle. Those who are contrary to the principle of indemnity cannot fulfill the substantial restoration. If the condition remains unfulfilled, Satan will pull and say, "It is mine." Therefore, in order to establish the substantial foundation, you must get the victory through a face-to-face fight with Satan.

Because we were born with Satan's blood, we must take out our blood and throw it away. That is the reason religion has taught, "Do fasting, be humble, and hit your own body."

When you are going to the spirit world, if you did the seven-day fast for heaven, you can be registered. Why? Because God suffered six thousand years working in the course of restoration, you must do this fast. That is why in the Unification Church there is the seven-day fast. Think about it. It is not to make you suffer but to let you have the condition that your body is being hit in front of heaven.

That is why the body must be hit. We human beings must say, "This body, my enemy. Hey, this meat loaf! In there, the blood is wriggling," and then stab it with a knife. But thankfully, Jesus was stabbed instead. Then what did Jesus leave for us? He gave us his blood and flesh. You must become the person who represents Jesus.

In the past, when the followers of Jesus were praying to meet Jesus, they had to make effort for at least seven years, day and night. Without doing that, they couldn't meet Jesus. However, in these days if you make effort for seven days, you can meet the Teacher. No matter what the problem may be, if you make effort for seven days with fasting, Teacher will teach you without fail. You must know how hard was the road by which God has come. Although I have come here, I must go again. In order to find me, attend God who went through unknown hardships. I must attend God and go through the indemnity process. Then where are you going with God? In what position are you? It is not centering on you. From the spirit world, through the heavenly connection, with the given foundation, you must run ahead to the front of the world.

Those who judge the life of Teacher do so because they don't know the life of Teacher and don't know the situation of heaven. 80% of the people around me should be communicating with the spirit world. You must raise your standard even by doing special fasting and prayer. Otherwise, I will look for more desirable members.

Among you, those who have finished 7-day fast, raise your hands. To those who did not experience one week fasting, you do not know the feeling on the seventh day, thirty minutes before midnight. Even if hundreds of books tried to explain, you still could not know. The many times you may have heard explanations about the taste of sugar do not amount to once licking a piece of sugar.

Those who want to believe in the cross have to substantially walk the road of the cross. Those who do not know the heart of God must stand as the incarnation of God. In order to be the central figure of the providence of restoration, give your loved one to Satan and have the determination to endure.

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