Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

6) The Indemnity Period in Order to Receive the Blessing

In order to receive the Blessing, you must go through a long period of religious life. However, until now I have blessed people who do not have that long-time faithfulness. Observing the result after the Blessing, it was not good. It has always been like that.

More important than the Blessing is whether or not your course of indemnity is finished.

Until now, I walked the indemnity road and made the effort. What I would like is for you to take one-half of the responsibility. It is easier for you because you can just copy what I've done. Originally the term is three and one-half years twice; in other words, you must pass through a seven year period of indemnity. However, before the Blessing, go through three and one-half years and overcome the seven-year indemnity course. That is the course of re-creation.

In order to have the family, you must realize self-perfection and then make the reciprocal relationship. Standing in the position to make the reciprocal condition, receive the Blessing and then pass through the three- year course. This is the Unification Church Principle. I am not saying this just to make you do witnessing. It is because the heavenly law must be obeyed.

You are also like Jesus. Going the way I went, prepare for death and go to hell on earth as a savior so that you can fulfill the indemnity course. Because of the 33 years of the indemnity roads that I walked, I'm letting you do three and one-half years within three years now.

You have three and one-half years to find spiritual sons and daughters, and then you get married and go three more years. During those three years, fulfill a separation period; after that you should have physical children. That must be done in seven years. Because the number seven was not completed, the spiritual and physical worlds were lost. You must know you have the mission to complete the spiritual and physical restoration through indemnity within seven years. Without doing this, you cannot follow Teacher.

I try to bless all people who joined and were members for three years. Those who did not, I cannot help.

If you respect receiving the Blessing, you should not just go the common way of a three-year course and offering three spiritual children to God's will.

Those who joined the Unification Church must go through the course of self-development and self-discipline. More than a seven-year course of trials must be passed. In the future, this will be official.

Young men and women: do not sweat blood for your own bodies or for your own families. Only for the Will, honestly devote all you can for at least three years. Then you can have truly great royal children.

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