Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5) The Indemnity Condition Necessary to Receive the Blessing

People use the word "blessing" easily. However, this Blessing is the other side. You do not know how much suffering and hardship came before and follows after, how difficult it was. The one who gives us the Blessing is God. And those who receive the Blessing are men and women -- you. However, unless individuals in the fallen world make the appropriate condition to receive the Blessing, God cannot give it.

When looking at the Unification Church's Blessing, what is the challenge? The challenge is to make the indemnity condition in order to receive the Blessing. Enormous contents are linked with this. From the historical view, you received the fallen blood lineage. That is why in order to receive the Blessing, you must cut off from the fallen lineage, and in order to solve the fundamental problem, you need the heavenly condition. That is why until now the Unification Church has received persecution and walked the course of the heartistic cross. That is why, when you joined the Unification Church, all your secular relationships were severed. Everything is being divided.

In order to receive the Blessing, the indemnity condition must be set up. If any filthy thing happened in the past, it must be washed clean. However, this cannot be done by yourself. You need help. In order to get the help of a lawyer, you need to confess everything including your internal heart. Then the lawyer can defend you as if he himself were standing in your position. If you do not do that, you cannot receive his help.

I am defending you in the position of a lawyer in front of God. Therefore, you must confess to me all of the secrets that no one knows. You may think that you have worries. You must know it is a thankful thing that Teacher will listen to those stories. In order to receive the Blessing, you must pass through this. Although it became dirty, by erasing with an eraser you can make a clean white paper. Only by completing this condition can the Blessing be received.

The moment of Blessing is welcomed through countless sufferings establishing the indemnity condition, overcoming the satanic false charges and safety breaking through with faith in the Principle.

Unless you have internally restored three things, your Blessing standard is not acknowledged. God is the center, above is the heart of parents and below is the heart of children, and unless you can reach the heart of husband and wife, your wish for the Blessing is itself against God's Principle.

Those who can say confidently that you are in that position, raise your hands! Nobody in Japan is qualified for the Blessing! Whatever may happen, we always have the problem of indemnity. That is your sacrifice for your resurrection. Therefore, you must make the indemnity condition. You should be saying "thank you" to that.

In order to receive the Blessing, there must be the individual resurrection. You must pray as Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Jesus came as the father of humankind, as the true parent. Judas selling Jesus, consigning him to the way of the cross, represents what the whole of humankind did to Jesus. That includes us as descendants. In the providence of God, it is the same as if all people sold their own parents. To make the indemnity condition, we have the indemnity fund. Due to one person's action, Jesus who came as the True Father was chased out and the providence of God was completely blocked in all directions. As the condition to indemnify this, for a four-years period, an amount of money equivalent to the number three must be returned to God as the price of selling Jesus. The four-year period represents East, West, North and South. In Korea the amount can be 3,000 won per year; in all 12,000 won are donated during the four-year period. That amount of money is in no way close to the condition for selling Jesus. However, you must think about the holy will of God. You must offer it with the heart of blood and tears.

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