Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

4) The Foundation to Receive the Blessing

The sinful world started from an individual and then expanded to the family, clan, tribe, nation and world. In order to make the foundation, God also must expand the authority of the archangel, or the authority of the servant. From there, He must expand to the authority of the adopted son and move on to the authority of the direct child. Even in the authority of the direct children, there are Cain and Abel. Cain and Abel were born from fallen parents, and they fought and separated. Without making the condition of Cain and Abel becoming one, you cannot go beyond the fallen sovereignty. Fallen authority can be overcome by making the foundation of substance. By doing that, you enter the completion level, but the original sin of blood lineage inherited from Satan still is not eliminated. In order to eliminate the original sin, the Messiah is absolutely needed. Therefore, the foundation of faith, foundation of substance and foundation for the Messiah are absolutely necessary for fallen man and woman. The ultimate challenge is to establish the foundation for the Messiah and receive him and connect your own blood lineage. By doing so, you should be in the position of his children.

Without restoring the relationship of Cain and Abel, you cannot receive the Blessing. In order to return to parents, Cain and Abel must be united. Without doing this, you cannot go back to the parents. Restoration is like that. In Adam's family, Cain and Abel should unite and carry out the restoration; this is the Principle.

In our Unification Principle, what do we want to establish centering on the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance? Since right before the fall was the engagement period, we must be restored to the position of Adam and Eve before the fall. Then what must be done in order to be restored to this position of the engagement period before the fall? Adam and Eve fell with false love and became the false parents. Centering on these false parents, there were three sons, Cain, Abel and Seth. Including their wives there were eight people in the fallen positions. The internal and external content of the foundations of faith and substance are needed in order to restore these eight positions of the family. After this has been restored, then attend the Parents and overcome whatever blocks your way. Here, the heavenly parent is the Messiah. Therefore, after accomplishing the foundation of substance, the foundation for the Messiah must be established in front of the fallen people. Without the Messiah, we cannot go back to the original position. The descendants of fallen Adam and Eve, all people without exception, cannot liquidate original sin without receiving the Messiah.

The ancestors of humankind, Adam and Eve, fell with the wrong kind of love, centering on themselves. Through love centering on themselves, the archangel entered. Through the fall, they chased God out, chased out the original true character of Adam and brought the result of chasing out the original true character of Eve. In this way, by establishing the love relationship not permitted by God, what happened to humankind was that the original sin came about. Therefore the problem for humanity is how to wash out this original sin. However, we were born from fallen parents. Without reconnecting to the love of the True Parents, the original sin cannot be eliminated. Because the original sin was planted by false parents, the denial of this love cannot be done without the formation of love by the True Parents.

People with original sin cannot go to the Blessing, because even though they try to be God-centered, the content of Satan's blood lineage is in their own bodies. Thus, the Blessing position is not possible. Therefore, the original sin must be eliminated. Because this original sin is connected to the false parents, in order to eliminate it, we must center on the True Parents. Without centering on the True Parents and establishing the indemnity condition, there is no way to eliminate it. Without eliminating the original sin, there cannot be the completed husband and wife position with the Blessing centering on God's love. Because you were born from the origin of love, you must be one body with the True Parents. Without that, you cannot have the benefit of resurrection. After passing through this, fulfill the heavenly laws and get the qualification as unfallen Adam and Eve in the completion level. After that, you are recognized by God. Thus, by being "good" you can receive the Blessing. That is why these three stages or courses must be accomplished.

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