Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) In Order To Eliminate the Satanic Sovereignty

If you want to find complete salvation, you must liquidate your own sin and your past. Now through your activities you must clean up the sins you've committed. In order to eliminate sin, you must not do things against the Principle.

Evil is to allow the condition for Satan's invasion. What is sin? Whatever content you have for Satan to attack, that is sin. Therefore, Christians more than anyone must clearly know the root of sin. Evil is Satan himself, needless to say, and in Eve evil starts with, "Let me be the subject, let me be the center." God's original principle of creation is, "Live for the other (spouse)," while "Live for myself' is the satanic fallen nature. You must know the origin of good and evil clearly. Evil people say to live for myself; God wants to break this down and Jesus also wants to break it down. That is why He taught: do not be arrogant, live for others and serve others.

We broke down due to the fall; in order to fix what is broken, we must adjust to the original Principle which existed before we broke down. After that, we must go through the course of re-creation, in order to become one with the principle of creation. The fall happened from the motivation that the other exists to invest in me, not that I exist to invest in others. Therefore, in investing we must do the opposite from the world. That is why religions teach to sacrifice the self for others.

After the fall of Adam and Eve, what kind of illness did the human race contract? Centering on Satan, we got the sickness of love, and through the sickness of love, the blood lineage of Satan has multiplied. In other words, the illness is received from Satan's blood and is born in Satan's direct children. But how did that love sickness start? It began from the point of thinking only of one's self and centering on one's self. By denying God's order and the heavenly principle and centering on one's self, the sickness of the fall was born. That's why in order to heal this sickness, you must deny yourself and you must live absolutely centering on God.

If the archangel, Adam and Eve, were hoping centering on God, they would not have fallen but would have established the ideal world. Heaven is the place of life attending God absolutely and making the relation of love through Him. In order to straighten out this origin, God has been leading the providence of restoration. If you are being proud of your own self, it cannot happen.

In order to come out of the self-centered, fallen sovereignty, you must have a God-centered sovereignty. If you have such, then you can come out. Otherwise, there is no way to get away from the self-centered sovereignty. One must take this way inevitably.

As a member of the Unification Church, while you are doing witnessing or business activities, do you ever happen to say, "It is too hard and I cannot do this"? That cannot be God-centered but is centered on your own self. In light of this principle, if you complain while you are working in the Unification Church, and deny the work, you must know clearly that your work is unqualified. He who works in the Unification Church centering upon himself will complain within a short time when hardship comes. He will claim that all the work he has done in the church is his own. The way I must go might be difficult, but I must think: God is going in front of me, my friends are beside me, and our brothers and sisters are there. Also, we must think that the fate of all humankind's future remains in front of us. I must think that I will go until I give my life. By having this thinking, you can overcome the self-centered fallen standard. Not me-centered; by thinking centered on God, you can overcome the fallen sovereignty. That is why, in Unification Church, the most difficult times mean we are kicking out the most difficult fallen sovereignty and getting closer to the day of liberation.

Originally, the fall brought us into a place of death. In order to salvage this, you must run into the place of death. No matter what, we all have to go through that fate, so you must do it with a joyful heart as a real man and woman. Like that, make the determination; the members will increase as they go according to the will of God, and the world will go in a new direction. Our heart must be burning to establish that mother-baby desperation. In your heart, do you have the faith to go beyond the limit of life and death?

Teacher has been watching many dozens, many hundreds, many thousands, many tens of thousands of life and death situations, and has fought with Satan. Although the countless situations of difficulties come like waves, the goal that Teacher made has not changed. Even if my legs are broken or my eyes are popped out or my neck is being cut, I do not change from the beginning point of determination. Therefore, I'm victorious as long as I'm alive.

How could we get out of the love of the fallen sovereignty and the blood lineage of the satanic sovereignty? Whenever you think about only yourself and loving yourself, Satan can take you away. If I do the opposite, denying myself and thinking centered on God, and live this way, Satan cannot manage me and God abides in and manages me. By doing this, you can be liberated from the archangel in the satanic world. From the position of fallen archangel you can climb to the unfallen archangel's position,

Although Adam fell in the individual position, because he was the center of the whole he must restore the world. It cannot be restored at once. It must be restored stage by stage. After restoring the position of an individual, the family environment and clan, tribe, nation and world and the cosmic environments must be restored. All together there are eight stages or levels which must be passed through. Only by solving these problems can human beings who are pursuing the ideal world meet freely with God, the subject of love. While doing that, if some level is blocked, one may pass the lower levels but one cannot pass the level above. That means that one cannot continue on the way to be one with God. If you reach some level, you may get the help of spirit people on the form- and life-spirit levels but it is difficult to communicate with God. From the individual level to God: how can we expand the way directly to the communicating environment? This is God's worry and the worry of the men and women of the fallen world. These two worries came about due to the human fall.

Man and woman fell through the archangel, and this must be straightened out. This absolutely cannot be done at the offering stage. The self must be denied first. That is why those who desire the absolute, unique subject must pass through the position of absolute denial. One who desires the absolutely unique subject must fulfill the condition by denying reality. Therefore, restoration through indemnity cannot be established even if a small condition of affirmation remains. This absolute denial must be established beginning on an individual level, to the family, clan, tribe, nation, world, cosmos and to God.

Then the eight levels are completed and connected to the ideal direction. Level by level, unless we pass through the course of denial, we cannot be connected to God.

Where does God appear? He appears to the unfallen Adam and Eve. There, we can find God. We all must return back to Adam and Eve before the fall, sinless Adam and Eve's position. If you welcome the True Parents there, you can make the true clan, true nation and true world. This claim is addressed in no place other than Unification Thought. In order to reach this level, we must penetrate through the opposite side from the fall. The indemnity course naturally appears for fallen people, because without overcoming this, you cannot go back to the origin, you cannot clean yourself out. How can we restore from the individual problem to the family, clan, nation and world? We must have a clear ideology.

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