Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2) The Indemnity Condition Has To Be Established By Myself

What result came about due to the human fall? God and the angelic world were chased out of the human world, and we lost the world of all things. Next, the individual base, family base, clan, tribe, nation and world foundations were all lost. The word "lost" means that Adam and Eve themselves chased them out. Who has the responsibility for that? That responsibility isn't God's, it is not the angelic world's nor the creation's; it is the human responsibility. This result was the human responsibility. Therefore, human beings must take the responsibility and assume the destiny to go the course of restoration. However, the course of restoration cannot be traversed by oneself. Absolutely, you must go through the re-creation, al principle with the help of the spirit world. It cannot be otherwise, because it is the principle of salvation that God and the spirit world mobilize for re-creation. Before God created human beings, He created the angelic world. With the help of the angels, He created all things and through all things as material, He created human beings.

Because the fall was committed by human beings, restoration through indemnity must be done by human beings. The Principle is that the one who committed the sin should indemnify it. Since the parents became fallen parents, unless the True Parents come and indemnify this, humanity cannot go back to God. The one who can solve these things is the True Parent. The value of the True Parents is not comparable to ten million dollars or even billions of lives. That is why, when you've found the True Parents, you should be able to say, "I'll follow with my life." Jesus said, "Those who want to live will die and those who want to die will live," because that describes the way, the beginning point of restoration through indemnity.

Indemnity conditions must be established by your own self. Another person cannot substitute for you. The fall means the loss of the authority of subjectivity. In restoration, no matter who interferes, you must be confident of yourself and go with the clear subjectivity. No matter where others are going, I must be busy going my way. At night, there is no time to sleep, there is no time to find a place to sit comfortably and eat a meal. Without having a heart this serious, you cannot go the way of restoration.

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