Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1) Resurrection and the Indemnity Condition

In the satanic world, every person regardless of situation is in the position to make conditions of indemnity. Making the indemnity condition is the same as making the offering in order to resurrect one's own self. Therefore, indemnity is something for which to be thankful.

Because the way of restoration is to return back to the origin, unless one makes the indemnity condition, one cannot go back to the origin. The indemnity condition must be made by human beings, not by God. In order for a sick person to be healed, he must take medicine even if it is bitter. Bitter medicine is the real medicine. Making the indemnity condition is like taking bitter medicine; it is difficult work. However, without making the indemnity condition, you cannot be restored.

Fallen people were not born from God-centered parents in the direct blood lineage. Therefore, our birth must be denied, and we must make a new relationship with God. Without going back to the origin, you cannot go to the Blessing position. In other words, because we were born from the fallen dead world, in order to return to life centering on God, we must be resurrected. We need to be born again. But being born is not the conclusion; we then must go through the growth period. In order to pass through that, the indemnity condition must be established. In making the indemnity condition, not only the individual's responsibility but also the national mission and world mission together are included. You must know that what you did concerning this responsibility determines what happens with your Blessing.

If you know the will of God more and more, you realize your physical body is being made dirty through Satan and you feet like burning that which has the filthy blood of Satan flowing through it. You feel like throwing away your hands and feet and your whole body, which is used by Satan. If you think you want to preserve yourself as you are, stained by Satan, you are being stupid. Have you ever had that experience? Since we cannot remain dead, we need the conditions to eliminate our past relating with Satan.

You need to get the lesson from Teacher about the method for making the indemnity condition. If, a long time ago in Japan, there had been one person thinking about that and forgetting even the coasts of Japan, by now Japan could have unified the whole world. There is no business in the world as great as that. In the Bible it says, "What good is it if you gain the whole world and lose your life?" Life is that precious. We must know the correct method for the indemnity condition, which results in your own precious life.

The way for salvation is to pay indemnity and then restore the way. Indemnity means you climb through the path by which the fall happened. Then go the opposite way.

Teacher established all the historical indemnity conditions, then he won victory. It should not be a problem even if Satan attacks with all of his methods and ways, as Satan has done to goodness until now. Think about carrying out maneuvers, like Stalin's method of liquidating all religious people, toward Satan. Teacher even has that side.

Perfection does not happen automatically but is established through indemnity. Therefore, the people in the fallen world cannot perfect themselves without making the indemnity condition. Self-perfection is accomplished through the perfection of indemnity. Those who did not go over the hills of indemnity absolutely have no way to be perfected. If we look from the internal view, it is perfection of the individual self, and from God's side, it can be said to be restoration. Perfection of indemnity could be called the perfection of restoration. That is why it is restoration through indemnity. Therefore, we can never separate these two words: indemnity and restoration.

When we say "perfection through indemnity," it means "indemnity for restoration." Centering on perfection, reach perfection through the course of restoration through indemnity. After indemnity, then restoration. After being restored, then go the way of perfection. Therefore, you can think of indemnity and restoration as one.

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