Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

6) The Reason for Holding the Mass Wedding

The mass wedding ceremony is the pride of the Unification Church. Moreover, we are having this wedding ceremony not just within one race but with Western and Oriental together. Therefore, this is our pride. This work cannot be done except in the Unification Church. Even the president cannot do it. It is not because I was born good that I could do it, but because the face of God is working.

More than anything else, the mass wedding is for establishing God's new family.

At the mass wedding ceremony, everyone is here together, passing through the work of indemnity. Don't you want to know why we hold the mass wedding? If the Blessing event had happened in the Garden of Eden, it would have been the big cosmic event. However, due to the human ancestors' fall, in order to indemnify the failure to accomplish the heavenly standard in the Garden of Eden, we are holding the mass wedding ceremony. Jesus should have held such a marriage ceremony on the level of all of the Israelites, at the least. However, no one was even concerned about Jesus' marriage. To liberate Jesus' grief, we must even be willing to die at the mass wedding in view of all people. Last year, the 430 Couples mass wedding ceremony became a world topic. In many ways, the world uses this as research material. God's marriage must be a worldwide event on that level.

The reason we perform the mass wedding is because the fall happened together, as a union. The archangel and Eve and then Eve and Adam fell together. In order to fix this, we must mobilize the spirit world and also the world of woman and man.

The feast God sponsors should be greater than any feast in the satanic world. However, because as individual selves we cannot stand at that standard, we must hold a mass wedding ceremony the likes of which has never happened in human history.

The Teacher's Holy Wedding ceremony should have been more magnificent than any wedding ceremony until today, but because I did it during the suffering period, it did not happen magnificently. Therefore, in failure, the condition for doing it magnificently has remained. Church members among three generations, centering on yourselves, should be in the position that you had the best wedding. By doing this, you can make the condition in front of Satan. That is why we hold the mass wedding ceremony. Even on the internal level, in order to have the wedding which makes God happy, we must make the condition of offering.

Before the coming of the holy family, there could be no way to engraft satanic families to the heavenly families. Because of that, in order to establish heavenly families, we have the mass weddings in the Unification Church. Although secular people may mock the Unification Church's mass wedding, through the mass wedding God can have the content for engrafting.

God is working in order to connect the right blood lineage. The Unification Church's mass wedding is cutting the many generations of wrong blood lineage and revising according to God's wish.

The Unification Church's mass wedding is not just solving one individual's marriage problem but solving this problem from the beginning of history to now, for countless ancestors, tribes, nations-all those who were in conflict with God, in order to open the door. In order to do that, each Blessing group at one time, as a club, takes their period's portion of responsibility as one team; if 36 couples, 36 families are one team; 72 couples, 120 couples and 430 couples each become one team. Through them, centering on establishing the indemnification the historical marriage of failed families, the central resurrected families appear.

The Blessing stage is not the marrying place of Kim so and so and Moon so and so. These people are historically representing the world, nation, tribe, clan and family, and are making the foundation by even throwing themselves down centering on the family.

Centering on God, for the world race, we perform the mass wedding ceremony in the Unification Church.

Because we are related as one big family even without having had the marriage ceremony, we must have the mass wedding.

What is the purpose of the mass wedding? It is to save the world. This marriage ceremony transcends national boundaries, race, language, culture and customs. It is the international mass wedding ceremony. It is the appearance of the new people of God. Accordingly, this marriage ceremony is the basis for public interest.

Originally in the Garden of Eden , there should have been the marriage of one man and one woman. By doing so, they were to represent the whole world of man and woman and heaven and earth. This Blessing is the mass wedding ceremony. Maybe there is a small number of couples, but this is the foundation of the Blessing. It will get larger as more come each year. If the number of blessed families is more than 3.7 million in Korea, Korea will be restored automatically. Suppose, one day we will have 10 million, 50 million and 100 million. Asia will be more than restored. It will automatically happen.

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