Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5) The Blessing is for the Entire Cosmos

God's Blessing is absolutely public. That Blessing is not for the individual or family only, nor for a nation only, nor for the world only. God's Blessing is for the entire cosmos. In order for you to become perfect Adam and Eve, fulfilling the purpose of creation, you must get married. Why do you participate in this marriage? You do it because of God, for the will of God. However, until now, from the perspective of the will of God, there were many people who did as they pleased. If something was not to their taste, they would say that they were not going to do it. Such people should be cut off. In front of the will of God, they cannot be forgiven.

Now, for whom are we doing this work? It is for God, for the Will, for humanity and for the world. It is not being done centering on the self. You, individual by individual, man or woman, it is not for yourself. Before it is yours, it is God's. It belongs to the world before it belongs to you. In order to go to this noble position of bride and groom, you must realize the value of your own existence in all seasons, day and night sacrificing and witnessing to people in front of God. Then the Blessing is allowed for you.

The Blessing is not for your own self, for through you as an individual the new family represents a clan, tribe, nation and the world. That family, if he is Kim, is not for the Kim family only. The family should represent the tribe, nation and furthermore the world. We must know that unless you accomplish such a family, the Blessing cannot be fulfilled. That is because although the human ancestors, Adam and Eve, were two individuals, since they stood at the historical starting point, it did not end with just those two people. Through those two people, the new family was founded; furthermore, a new tribe and nation were realized. The Blessing position is this place of forming the world-wide foundation. This foundational place was lost due to the fall of Adam and Eve, and we are in the position to restore it. Therefore, this Blessing is not for ourselves. Also, for the base of this Blessing, we must receive the Blessing from the position of transcending tribal and national limits. Without this determination, we must know the inevitable fact that restoration cannot be accomplished.

When you receive the Blessing, think that you are receiving it for the world rather than for yourself. Those who receive the Blessing with this thinking will remain in history, but those who do not will just pass from history.

Now in the present moment, centering on your tribe, you are standing in the position connecting Korea and the world.

Therefore, representing world humanity, representing three million Koreans and representing your tribes, pledge to take responsibility as religious leaders. By that, our family will remain. Centering on heaven, in the historical moment and in the presence of the world, our family will be the necessary family. In your world of love you will be the necessary family. Receive the Blessing with determination to establish the absolute content. You must know this content.

Centering on heaven and earth, the new world must appear. As an individual self, you must be able to say, "I will become like this son or daughter. The way these sons and daughters are going is for the country of God's hope. Until this moment they have been pursuing not only the country but the world." While you are going, there may be many difficulties, poverty, and ups and downs. But that should not be a problem. No matter what, you should be husband and wife overcoming everything and surpassing the country and the world. Surpassing the country and world should be the problem.

As one mate and one female, two naturally live together. That is not the point of receiving the Blessing. The Blessing is the position of taking the destiny to make a new world and going forward with definite relationships. You must know that this is the Blessing place. This way is determined by whether you want to go or you do not want to go. It is our life's inevitable fate. This way is given once in our life; there is no second chance. If you want to go, you must know that there is no further restoration course; this is the final way.

Those who are attending the Blessing should not attend just as one individual male or as one individual female. That position is for six thousand years, representing man and woman. You must know that this is the place to which you are invited. You must experience this by internal heart.

The one who appeared at the point of Blessing as the responsible leader, in other words, the center of existence, is not limited to the immediate environment. He is the central figure with global content. Therefore, the Blessing does not end by fulfilling the relationship of husband and wife. Through the Blessing, a new family, new clan, new tribe and new nation should be formed. This point is only the beginning.

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