Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

4) Who Is Giving the Blessing?

Adam and Eve fell from the completion level of the growth stage. In order to restore this, we must go the opposite course. Because they fell centering on the love problem, in our course of restoration and reaching our goal, we must absolutely overcome the love problem between Adam and Eve. In order to overcome the power of love centering on Satan, you must connect to God's love through the True Parents. Therefore, the descendants of the fallen parents must go the way of overcoming the fallen sovereignty by welcoming True Parents and becoming vertically one with them. You cannot overcome the fallen sovereignty by yourself. Absolutely, man and woman must become one to solve this.

The Unification Church Blessing has that meaning. Therefore, the Blessing does not happen according to your thinking. It must originate centering on the parents. Even in the fallen secular world, people have a history of getting married centering on the parents, not on themselves. It is the same in the course of the restoration. True Parents come and, through them, according to the providence of restoration, we go beyond the level at which Adam and Eve fell for the first time.

Because the fall happened by love, also restoration has to be done centering on the love relationship of heavenly new parents. That is why Teacher and Mother perform the mass wedding ceremony together. That is the ceremony of inheriting love. What is formed here becomes the eternal tradition. Revolution is not necessary. In this way, without revolution, the new tradition is established between heaven and earth; the new family, clan and tribe, and the new nation and world are forming and will conquer this earth.

This is the place to establish the heavenly way. I have been giving my life in order to establish the Principle rule. I'm not going to listen to your advice and take care of marriage matters lightly.

Who is giving the Blessing? If there are no parents, then another person can do it, but if parents are here, no other person can do it. Therefore, in the Unification Church, the Teacher gives the Blessing. You young men and ladies here, if I say I'm not going to give you the Blessing, your whole hearts will be disappointed. Once anyone knows the Principle, he or she cannot get married on their own. Must Teacher give the Principle so plainly in order for you to receive it?

In the Garden of Eden, originally the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve would have married according to God's commandment, with Adam and Eve giving the Blessing. Our marriage ceremony is the same. Therefore, in our Unification Church, the Blessing is given in the name of the True Parents. Have you ever seen one's own parents giving the Blessing in the secular world? Saying no is to say that in the secular world there are no perfect people. The marriage ceremony is the ceremony of the inheritance of love, God's love. Parents are living with parents' love representing God's love. With the order to live like this, marriage is the ceremony of inheritance. God's love is inherited from the parents. You do not receive it from some famous person; that is the archangel's giving marriage. Some famous person coming and doing the marriage ceremony is the archangel's giving the marriage ceremony.

Before marriage, you should not have your own idea about it. You assemble your heart before the heart of God and Parents. After that, grandparents and parents are linked, then the Blessing is received and the whole thing is inherited. Our family is linked, with my receiving and I'm giving to you, so the parents' love is being given to you. The ceremony of the Blessing is the inheritance of the whole. From that moment, I exist, I can have pride. I can say that I am in the center of the cosmos. Likewise, until you receive the Blessing, you cannot move your heart as you like.

Why do I speak in this way? Right now, some people are handsome and have the ability to look good inside and out, and in our Unification movement they are necessary people, but even about them I have worries. They make decisions centering on themselves. Is that good? If a self-centered man gets married to a self-centered woman, they both will be ruined. Is that good? Then how will they avoid destruction? They must digest what marriage is, and centering on the will of God they must make a substantial foundation to overcome. Without doing that, they will absolutely be destroyed. It is inevitable. Then who is going to do that? I am doing it. That is why I have been giving the Blessing.

Things that no one else can even touch, the Unification Church has been starting and guiding on the way of re-creation. The very possibility of this day coming means that the world will be one, that the evil satanic world will be transformed into the heavenly world. Today, that American young people are allowed to find their own spouse is a very strange thing. It is a Christian culture, but they are doing things that the Bible does not permit. This is because material civilization brings satanic erosion, turning the Christian culture into a satanic free world. But why do you not do like that? Can we not do what Satan has been doing? What is love? Inheriting marriage from God and from parents is the Principle. Because free marriage is the fall, we cannot return to the heavenly world unless we pull out this root.

When the Teacher was touring, he called Americans, Germans, French, English and Italians and asked, "Would you like your mother and father to marry you or is it better for your Unification Church Teacher to marry you? Those who want the Teacher to make their marriage, raise your hands." When I asked, everyone raised their hands and said, "Of course, please make my marriage for me." Raising your hands is doing good, isn't it? You shall raise your hands until you are happy.

In the past, Western people did that sort of thing to Oriental people. It doesn't matter that they graduated from a famous university and received a Masters and Ph.D.; once they come to the Unification Church, listen to the lectures and understand the Principle, they cannot get married by themselves. So they invite the Teacher and want to receive the Blessing. However, do I go to that place? It is a very interesting thing. An Oriental person from Asia gathers western people and says, "You rascals!" and they say, "Yes." In that way, they are making the foundation. If I say to sacrifice, they sacrifice, and if I say to go out, they go out. Also, the most valuable thing in their life, marriage, is decided by the Teacher and they just follow. They do not even listen to their father and mother's words or to their own country's president; they just listen to Teacher's words. If Teacher draws a line, everyone follows well.

Thinking humanistically, how rude is the person who takes sons and daughters without their parent's permission and arranges marriage for them. Those parents of whose children received the Blessing must thank the Teacher, saying, "Teacher, thank you." But this is not the time for greeting, because we are so busy. Without greeting at the ceremony, they just looked at his face and said, "Oh, that is Reverend Moon of the Unification Church." By doing that, they knew everything was all right. With that happening, are they all right? In the future, if the son of the American president joins our church, I will arrange marriage for him without concerning myself about the president. Then if that son follows the Teacher's will, that president will have to come down and visit. We have a beautiful plan like that. When you think about this, don't you feel excited? The world is sleeping; we must wake up this world and change history. Mother and Father stand together officiating, being the model, and we will continue officiating the ceremony like that in the future. If the Unification Church does this, others will follow.

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