Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) The Reason for Receiving the Blessing

The fall is marriage not centering on God. Because marriage centered on Satan, it now must be done in the name of God alone. Such marriage is the world historical marriage. It is not marriage in one nation but it is the marriage beyond nation and beyond the satanic world. It is the ground of surpassing the satanic world.

The mass wedding centering on our Unification Church is not just limited to our own church's marriage ceremony. It is the formula through which the whole of humankind will move. We must know this clearly. Then, what is the fundamental reason for receiving the Blessing? It is because our ancestors were fallen. If the human ancestors had not fallen, this work of the Blessing would not be happening. But because of the fall, there is the course of restoration remaining in order to go back to God's sovereignty, and we must climb this way. This explains the purpose for religion and the goal of history.

Ultimately, what is the final purpose? It is to have the true family. This is the ultimate purpose for fallen humankind to discover. In order to establish the true family, true people must come. Among the true people, true man must appear first. By doing that, the true man finds the true woman and they have the holy wedding centering on God, and finally the true family is started.

Due to the human fall, humankind was unable to have that origin. Therefore we must deny all the families which existed until today, according to God's providential will centering on the family foundation, and we must go over the existing family standard. If someone cannot go over this standard, the fallen world cannot return to the original world. This is the principled interpretation. Fallen man and woman, no matter who they might be, cannot stand in front of God without going through this conditional formula. We must understand this.

Satan entered through Adam and Eve; in other words, a husband and wife pulled him in. Therefore, the husband and wife must chase Satan out. They were attacked by Satan and became fallen parents, so the true parents must come and restore this. Without doing this, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The fact that even now Jesus is praying in Paradise means that we still remain under Satan's accusation. In the future, in order to become citizens of the third Israel, we must receive the Blessing centering on the Unification Church. In the past, in Abraham's time, in order to become Israelites, people had to receive circumcision. In the same way, without receiving the Unification Church Blessing, you cannot be a citizen of the third Israel. However, in receiving the Blessing, conditions are not simple. I myself offered my forty years of life because of that condition. I spent my whole life for that.

Why do we get the Blessing? In order to give the Blessing to others and see that the Blessing goes to the whole world.

We cannot establish the ideal of heaven without marriage and the family. In the Unification Church, the purpose for all the good men and good women receiving the Blessing is to build the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven. Not only unmarried people, but also people already married who have the correct standard must get the Blessing. Everyone must receive the Blessing in order to return to the world of the original creation. In the Principle, a true man and woman enter the world of the original creation through the Blessing, but due to the fall, that work of love never happened.

Human beings, by finally standing in the position of parents, are receiving the heavenly inheritance. That is Jesus' Feast of the Lamb. In other words, people must go through the Blessing of the Unification Church, which means receiving the Blessing from God.

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