Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2) The Value of the Blessing

From the Principle point of view, you must know how important marriage is. The Blessing centering on God is the meeting place of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. Horizontally, it is the meeting place of the eternal world and the temporal world.

The 66 books of the Bible are not scattered. They are organized by the word Blessing. If you study these 66 books, you will find that they harmonize reasonably with the victorious Blessed couple.

The fact that you came to the Unification Church and received the Blessing means that God, after four thousand years of the providence, sent Jesus and he restored the family centering on the will of God and he stands on the victorious foundation. That is why, even if your descendants may not gain merit in the providence of restoration from your victory base, you can inherit merit from your ancestors who made effort during four thousand years of providential restoration.

Jesus came, consummating four thousand years of history, and what did he do? Because he did not have the family, he was destroyed. If he had had the family horizontally representing the same length of time, the tribe could have been indemnified within history. If that had happened, Jesus' clan, tribe and nation could have been established. In order to win that family, Jesus suffered for 33 years. He could not get the Blessing even after he suffered 33 years -- and you think you know the value of the Blessing? The Blessing is the door which opens upon the solution to thousands of years of searching.

What is Jesus' wish after two thousand years of effort? It is for the Marriage of the Lamb. What is the Marriage of the Lamb? It is the Blessing! Jesus' wish for two thousand years has been the Blessing, that is, the Marriage of the Lamb. In order to have the marriage feast, the bride must come in front of the bridegroom. That is the consummation of Christianity. Therefore, without passing through Christianity, you cannot enter heaven.

Between Jesus and you, who received the Blessing first? You are in Abel's position and you must restore the elder sonship, that glorious position which you can inherit first. Spiritually, Jesus is in the father position to you, but on the physical level, you have made relations with Teacher. After receiving this enormous Blessing, you do not know the value of the Blessing. You are like a prince born to a royal family, who does not know his value when he is a baby. Since you have grown up, you must recognize yourself as the prince of heaven and heavenly people, and you must have the proper manners for all situations and fulfill your responsibility based upon your own position.

The meaning of the Blessing is that it is the starting time of the Messiah, who has made a foundation on the earth for two thousand years centering on the chosen nation and religious organizations, now having the name of the bridegroom and bride. Can you be the Tribal Messiah? Because you made the relationship of father and son with the Teacher, Satan cannot do anything. As you can see, the Blessing is incredible.

What position do you have through the Blessing? The Blessing grants you the best position in the world. In the position of Blessing, with whom will you make relations? You cannot become perfect by yourself. You are perfected by the love of parents entirely. When a son is born from parents, whether he is handsome or not, he resembles his parents. In the same way, the Unification Church teaches about the True Parents' mission. That is the blessing of all blessings.

The value of the Blessing cannot be exchanged even for the world. Sometimes I regret that I gave the Blessing. The Blessing is one man and one woman, centering on God's will, becoming true father and true mother, producing true love.

Because of a problem relating to eating and clothing, will you forget your mission and sell your Blessing for money? Are you intending to do this? God's Blessing cannot be exchanged for heaven and earth.

Death is the same for the king of a country and the people of the country, but their content is different. In this way, concerning the Blessing, externally it does not look so special, but the content has an incredible difference.

Among the participants of the March First Movement, among thirty-three people, wasn't there a Lee, Gaup Sung? Now he lives alone, but if you study about the March First Movement, you know he is higher than the president, don't you? Of course, he is higher, without question. Like that, those who received the mass Blessing will be receiving unusual glory. Do you understand? Even though in the last couple to get engaged the bride is missing one eye, her nose is tilted, she is missing an ear, one arm is not there and she may be disabled in the worst way, she will receive the glory of the world. Not because of these problems, but because she is blessed by the Teacher. Do you understand? You cannot buy this with billions of dollars. Our Unification Church ladies, do you understand? How much do you know?

The Blessing is not fulfilled easily. It does not happen like a memorial ceremony or an annual event. If you know the value of the Blessing, you must inherit the love and the heart of the Father.

The place of Blessing is majestic. It is a fearful place. You cannot respond to it suitably with your emotion. The value of one life is greater than that of the universe. That is why when taking responsibility for one person's life, you must take responsibility for eternity. You must know this problem is a concern at the place of the Blessing. That is why when this time comes in one's life, everyone is happy. In order to participate in this enormous Blessing place, you must make an historical determination. The Blessing is the point of life and death.

The Blessing is the most valuable thing in the cosmos. At the same time, it is really a fearful thing. Suppose one spouse thinks about other things, spacing out. That is betraying the other spouse. Through you good ancestors, the world and the nation are born.

Therefore, those who received the Blessing must think about the universe with their eyes open. The Blessing is so you can give blessing to others.

You must know the value of the Blessing before receiving it. By receiving the Blessing, you are standing on the level of being a citizen of the third Israel. All of you: after knowing the meaning and the value of the Blessing, can you say that you are Unification Church members without receiving the Blessing? Do you respect as adults those who are not married? Even the secular world recognizes that if a virgin lady or bachelor dies, they turn into a ghost or demon. That happens not because somebody artificially contrived it. It is the way of the universe.

In the Garden of Eden, if a woman had not been created, what would have happened? The fact is that the existence of women is the cosmic magic. This is the truth. The magic among all magical events is the existence of man and woman. If just one side existed, human history would have ended. You must understand the value of the Unification Church Blessing from this angle. Once you meet your spouse, that is your connection to eternity. You must be thankful and be so strong and bold that you would not exchange the original husband and wife's love for the cosmos or God. If you taste true love in the Unification Church, that light of love must follow you no matter where in the world you go. Without loving humanity and the cosmos centering on true love, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. That is why the keys to heaven were given to Peter.

Heaven is entered after fulfilling the family. That's why we have the mass wedding in the Unification Church. What is that mass wedding? Those who come to see the mass wedding are surprised, saying, "I thought the mass wedding was not a big deal.... but wow!" It is true. It is a beautiful and great thing. That is why those young ladies and men who come for the first time, wanting to go to the mass wedding, panic and cry because they are afraid that they might not qualify.

A while back, there were some sisters who escaped to headquarters and lived there because their parents wanted to have them married. Normally a daughter feels happy when her parents want to arrange her marriage, because she knows that she is becoming old; but why did these sisters escape? It is because they did not want to marry if it was not officiated by Reverend Moon. What is going on there? The content of True Parents is there. If not in obedience to Reverend Moon's word, they knew marriage is no good.

Being 80 years old, a grandmother knows that she cannot enter heaven without receiving the Blessing, so even in the last minute of her life she wishes to make conditions for the Blessing. In the Unification Church, things are going this way. Since Reverend Moon must take care of this, he has a rough life.

In the Unification Church, why do we perform the mass wedding? If I explained everything, it would melt the bones of even the grandmothers. They would pine, "If I could be young again, I would go to the Unification Church mass wedding." Whether or not ignorant people say bad words, with tears they would want to go. When a person is happy, she is positive, and laughs. When she is overflowing with joy, then tears come. That is not a bad thing.

Today, in the Unification Church, we perform the mass wedding. Among you here, if you are wise, there is no more fearful fate than being kicked out, unable to receive the Unification Church mass wedding. Because they know that, if I call to an American or Japanese, they respond, "Yes, I'm coming," and run to me. No matter if the king or the president opposes, they come. In this way, put the hook in the nose and pull the world hard; it will be pulled.

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