Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1) The Meaning of the Blessing

The meaning of the Blessing is that the True Parents and the True Children are fulfilling the purpose of creation.

God exists as the dual characteristics of plus and minus. When this is divided into the plus which is the man and the minus which is the woman, then when Adam and Eve are re-unified, the resultant form is their children. In this way, centering on God, the first, second and third generations are formed. Then among these three generations, the problem happened in the second generation, Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve could not become one centering on God's love. Since God could be their spiritual connection, God is determined and the relationship with God will be connected to their children through the standard of love. That is what we call the Blessing.

God's hope is that through creating, rearing and Blessing humankind, they multiply through having many children. Jesus' hope also was to receive a bride when he came to the earth. Christianity has been shedding blood for two thousand years, waiting to become the bride. Likewise, God has worked through the way of the providence in order to find one man and one woman to whom to give the Blessing. When God looks at you, you should be a true man and woman; in other words, true sons and daughters. You must know you were to be the sons and daughters of God.

The Blessing is the opening of Heaven's door. You enter with your children.

In this world, there are countless numbers of people, but we can divide them into two: men and women. It is our core purpose to seek the way to unite them. Until now, there was not one family origin, but we are searching for it. If an origin is found and spreads seeds, they will become the new trees. This is the Unification Church's Blessing.

In our Unification Church, we express marriage as the Blessing.

What is the Unification Church's Blessing? Not like a man and woman meeting each other and just getting married, but centering on God and the True Father, they meet and receive the Blessing. Because man and woman met wrongly and were chased out, man and woman must do well and must work to restore everything. You must know that the Unification Church Blessing is making the foundation for this.

The perfection of a man and woman's love is the perfection of the universe. The day this love was broken, the universal order was destroyed and the vertical world was broken. Therefore, from the providential viewpoint, you must know how important marriage is. The Blessing centering on God is the place of meeting of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and Kingdom of Heaven in heaven. Horizontally, it is the place of meeting in the external and temporal world. Through true love, man and woman gradually get closer to the center of the eternal world. Man and woman centering on God will unite into one in the center. Man and woman centering on God, giving and receiving love, will become one and will give birth to sons and daughters. Sons and daughters who are born as the fruit of love, through give and take action centering on parents who are one with God, will produce the four position foundation.

The religions which have been leading the human race do not know about the Blessing. A majority of religions emphasize an ascetic life and are prepared to be the bride. The difference between the Unification Church and the other religions is that the Unification Church has the Blessing in the name of the True Parents. From God's providential point of view, this is a surprising fact. Also, it is surprising that the Blessing candidates include representatives of all humanity on the earth. That is possible with true love. The Blessing is the beginning of the new world.

What religion is the Unification Church? The word "unification" is used because this church is to start one world from the will of God. Centering on the unchanging love of God, a true man and woman become one horizontally with each other and vertically with God.

In the Unification Church, we restore fallen man and woman centering on true love by giving the Blessing. God's primary will is that this be accomplished. In the future this will expand, as the work of making one world will remain. Now, through holding several Blessings for people worldwide, the new tradition of love is established as the road of tradition.

The Unification Church is the place to educate people to enter the heavenly world by bearing the cross of the teenage problem and all the satanic crosses, and putting on white robes. By doing this, we restore them as righteous people and make of them new men and women. The Unification Church mass weddings gather from the world young people who have made the condition to represent thousands of generations as men and women, and make of them a new family.

The Unification Church mass wedding ceremony is not just a wedding ceremony of a man and a woman to make a family. Until now, marriage was centered on the individual self, but our wedding ceremony is holy and has the content to make God happy and the condition to indemnify history. Our marriage ceremony is to liberate God's grief caused by Adam and Eve's fall and fulfill what Jesus could not, which is to pass through the standard of the bridegroom and bride. This is explained clearly in the Divine Principle.

Today, you have not yet made the absolute connection with the True Parents. In order to make that connection, there is the Unification Church Blessing.

Teacher has been making effort and fighting for this day. Through the Blessing you inherit the True Parents' connection. Therefore, the Parents' Blessing is the banner for the battle against the satanic world.

For those who are Blessed, Teacher (Father) will take responsibility even in the spirit world. Teacher will manage and guide. In this way, the Blessing means making an eternal relationship with the Teacher (Father).

The human ancestors fell and a man and a woman were chased out of the Garden of Eden, therefore the husband and wife must triumph over that situation. That is the Blessing.

Now, time has passed the formation and the growth period and is entering the completion stage. The vertical history of thousands of years is passing horizontally. In other words, this time is such that the six thousand years of history are passing at once. Therefore, we must be outside of Satan's zone of attack. Then what is the Blessing? The historical satanic sovereignty until today is being overcome completely by the Blessing.

To receive the Blessing is to become one with God. If you are one with God, you can become whole. Everything of God, whatever the subject has, can be received. God has eternal life. From eternal life He has universal love - as ideal subject He has the worldview. Everything is being bequeathed. That is why receiving the Blessing is the same as inheriting everything. You received God's love previously. By the Blessing we can receive God's substantiality and God's substance. Furthermore, it is not all just God's but it becomes yours. That is why marriage means to inherit everything. The most valuable part of God's love is being bequeathed, God Himself is being bequeathed and everything is being bequeathed. In these contexts we use the word "Blessing." Receiving the Blessing means receiving good fortune.

By the formation of a three-generation family with God's love, God can dwell on the family level and the eternally existing family ideal form is completed. Through the family we can have God, receive God's love, exhibit God's character and inherit the subjectivity of God. There is nothing more a human being desires. That is why the heavenly world is mine and God's everything becomes mine. Originally, this was the hope of humankind. All people desire the best because this standard has remained. You must know this hope and desire. It is possible to accomplish this by receiving the Blessing. Can you understand how surprising the event of the Blessing is?

God's love is absolute, unchanging and unique because God is absolute and eternal. You must reach that heart of God. Those who come to the Unification Church and move in and out of the church are not trustworthy. God's love can abide in the absolute, unchanging heart. Under conditions other than this, God's love will not abide. In order to make God abide in you forever, you must make Satan surrender and you must become the eternal and unchanging self. You have not reached that level yet. In order to be in that position, you must inherit the standard and victory the Teacher accomplished. In Japan, are there skyscrapers? No matter who built the building, the person whose name is recorded on the deed is the owner. According to a piece of paper, that building belongs to that person. Inheriting everything of the Teacher's is the same as this. Get the victory through universal restoration and make the highest skyscraper in the world and make the deed and transfer ownership to yourself. If there is a person who pollutes this, then we fight, risking our lives. Each person here is an owner. Now all members are lined up on the starting line in the same stadium. Please see that you run fast. Absolutely, you will be the center of the Japanese race.

We ourselves do not have any value other than the ability to proclaim the Principle and spread principled opinions. Then, Satan cannot do anything. The entire Principle instructs that the Blessing is the ceremony of initiation for this path. The Blessing is the eternal jewel. It is the one form of promise by which we start now on the path of ten thousand descendants. If someone stains it, all the generations are affected. When Jesus was crucified, the whole nation was affected; in the same way, all the generations are affected.

In the entire life of Teacher, do you know what is the most valuable thing I can imagine? It is the Blessing. For all of you, the ultimate gift in human history is the Blessing.

Giving the Blessing means transferring the heavenly authority.

The Unification Church members must know that receiving the Blessing is the principled way. And you must know that receiving the Blessing is happiness. If you obtained the entire satanic world, you would own a sorrowful world. That is why you must receive the Blessing with joy and thankfulness and never exchange it for anything. How are you feeling? You are receiving without correctly knowing the value.

You Unification Church members must not think as you do about the Blessing. This Blessing is the condition for restoration by indemnity. The condition for restoration by indemnity means you are taking responsibility for your family's destiny. Therefore, families must be restored one by one, making the worldwide Satan surrender and pioneering the road for the world. You must think like that, not that you want to receive the Blessing selfishly. You must think you exist in order to give. If you think centered on yourself, that is self-centered and that thinking will destroy you. This is a very serious problem. Good and evil divide here. The Blessing is very valuable and if you receive it in the wrong way you will be ruined.

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