Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5) The Day of Blessing Is the Day of Fulfilling the Historical Hope

Today, think of the word Blessing centering on God's will. The word did not begin with the Unification Church. Until today, God has been keeping this word inside in His mind while He has been working on the providence of restoration. We must know that God has been hoping to see this Blessing realized.

When God created Adam and Eve and gave them the Blessing, God's hope was for them to have the same viewpoint toward the Blessing that God had. No one realized that Blessing until now. God is in the sorrowful position and, until today, He has been waiting to see His hope of hopes, the Blessing, realized in the course of history. After four thousand years of the historical course, Jesus came to the earth in order to give the Blessing, for the realization of God's original will. Although God accomplished this work of providence, Jesus, too, could not go to the place of Blessing and we know that He was crucified. After that, in the course of Christian history, many Christians shed their blood as martyrs and fought, but we know that God's hope has not been realized yet. Thus, the word Blessing did not start with the Unification Church. Since the beginning, after the fall and until now, throughout the course of history, in the core of His mind God has been hoping always and moving forward. We must know this! God has been walking the way of suffering until now, waiting for that one day to realize that hope, but he has not yet found that day. Therefore, when this day is found, it will be the day of historical liberation. It's the day that God will accomplish His historical hope. Thinking about this, we must know the enormity of the Blessing.

The Blessing is the goal of history and the key to the liberation of all people.

Walking the miserable historical course of sorrow and pain, going over the monotonous courses, God is happier to welcome the day of liberation than He was welcoming unfallen Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. In order to welcome this day, God had to chase countless saints and sages to the way of death and had to lead with patience for six thousand years in order to raise victorious sons and daughters. If we think of God's situation, how thankful is the day and how good is the day and how happy is the day! Suppose the person appeared who could make such a day. The entire universe would shake and heaven and earth would celebrate.

Do you think there will just be the Feast of the Lamb? The liberation ceremony should be done as well. From the time of the fall of man until now, all the feeling of accusation, pain and suffering can be liberated by the day of the Blessing; this is the Holy Wedding Day.

In the Unification Church, centering on 1960, the word Blessing came about. With this word and this life style, I suggested that it did not happen just by the necessity of this time of the 1960s. What has been the ultimate hope of God through the course of history wherever He's been carrying on the providence? That is to arrive at the one point of the Blessing. We must know this fact.

The Blessing is the hope of God and the hope of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. A new history begins when this hope is realized. The Blessing is the work which fulfills the hope of the whole. Therefore, the blessed family must stay as the subject for the realization of this hope. Because Jesus could not realize this hope, he must realize it by coming again. The Unification Church must be responsible to realize the hope which Jesus could not realize.

When do you think is the time for realizing the Blessing? Now is the ultimate time for God's hope to be realized. It is the time to end God's agony over the six thousand years of hard work. God's only son came to the earth and worked hard. In other words, it is the time for Jesus' hope to be realized. Moreover, centering on the family of that son, it is the time for starting love; it is the time for all creation to receive delight, worthiness and glory. How much would God like this day? All sin will disappear and the brightness of the sun will rise and receive the merry universe. All of nature will harmonize and all animals will dance in the beautiful morning; it is the day to welcome the victorious morning. The Blessing is the place where all the sorrow in the course of history, from the past until now, will be terminated. It is the new starting point for the hope of God, which was never realized in the past. It is the starting point for the new era, the new future.

Until now, what has been the cause of human suffering? It is that we have fallen ancestors who could not receive the Blessing. Because of that unfortunate history, even now their descendants are suffering continuously. Then what is the hope of all human beings in the universe before God? It is for is the day of Blessing. This is an absolute historical fact.

In the beginning, Adam and Eve were made after the creation. As the center of that creation, Adam and Eve were created as the substantial body of glory and God wished to have the day of Blessing filled with delight and the pledge of victory. Because of the fall of Adam and Eve, God could not accomplish that Will. Today our generation must complete the Blessing. By lifting the glory of victory, we, as husband and wife, sing praise in front of the whole universe. In order to welcome the one chance to have that happiest day, we must know how blessed we are to be attending this enormously glorious place. Even Jesus died hoping for the Blessing. Countless people in the providence of restoration, if we think about the past, gave their lives for the will of God, with all of their heart and effort. What they were hoping for was to accomplish the Blessing. In the spirit world, countless spirit men could not connect to the Blessing; even now they are hoping to connect with the Blessing. If we look in the Bible, the crown is mentioned, the crown of love. It symbolizes that in front of God, with the Blessing partner, they will become citizens of God's permitted country. The crown symbolizes special authority from God. You must know this. These facts, centering on what is happening in the Unification Church today, should not be seen plainly only here. Throughout the course of history and through the present into the future, countless spirits in the spirit world pursue this. Their point of hope is realized from here. Those who are attending this huge Blessing: do you know this fact? You must make a new determination from a serious position.

From the day that Adam and Eve fell, the human situation has been wanting the day of God's Blessing.

The family is the focal point for yourselves and for the history of God. This is the Blessing.

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