Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) The Work of Rebirth Through the True Parents and the True Children

Two thousand years ago, Jesus came as the second Adam. Jesus came with the mission of True Father, who is the Messiah to save all human beings. However, because Jesus was crucified, he could not stand as the true parent with a physical body. With that result, spiritual salvation was fulfilled but physical salvation did not happen. Until today there were no true parents who could save both our spirit and body.

Therefore, we must be born again through the Second Coming of Christ, who comes with the authority of the True Parent. We must be born anew conditionally or symbolically through the mother's umbilical cord. We are going the way toward that. Until today, the Holy Spirit worked with the function of the mother. We must be born again through the Holy Spirit as the mother and the spirit of Jesus who is the father. Of course, we are born through the womb of the mother. But if we think more deeply, the origin of life starts from the father. Historically, although the blood lineage was spiritually changed and restored, the womb of the mother did not receive the father. Because of this, until today Christians have hoped for the return of Christ, the father who is the source of life. Through the force of the Holy Spirit they have been waiting for his second coming.

Even before the fall, already the life of sons and daughters was existing in the body of Adam as seeds. Seeds which may become a son or daughter were in the body of the father. In this way, if we think fundamentally, we must be born with the spirit and the body together. Because of this, in order for us to restart, we must return to the position of a seed. In order to fulfill that providence, Jesus must come as the true parent. Therefore, we must be born into a restored new life through the second coming of the Messiah. If you analyze what I have spoken until now, you can know clearly whether or not you need a new Messiah, the second coming of Christ.

At the Second Coming, Christ must inherit all the Christians who are spiritually in the position of seeds in the body of Jesus. Christians are not yet born again completely. They are in the position of seeds in the body of Jesus. Even though their position is spiritual, they must prepare the foundation to welcome the second coming.

Although the Holy Spirit has been working as the mother, the substantial father must come. Before the true mother appears, you must become one with the true father. Therefore, you must return back into,. the body of Adam as a seed which is still virgin. Accordingly, we must be born anew through the unfallen true father. A seed starting from the unfallen Adam's body must be planted in the womb of the mother. The seed in there is real and we must return to that position. Honestly, this work is being accomplished through the Unification Church.

Today, it is the same in the Unification Church. Everyone must be absolutely attracted to the Teacher (the Father). Man and woman should be longing to see the Father so strongly that you shed tears. You must long to see the Father and love him more than your wife, your husband, and your children who are beside you. Without that heart, you cannot connect to God. From the time we started to do God's will in 1950, we have been working like this. At that time, even though the Unification Church members did not have the Mother, they centered on the Father. If the Master (the Father) was sad, they were sad, and when the Master was happy, they were also happy. They felt what the Father was feeling spiritually and could enter the same position. That is going back to the body of the Father as baby seeds. If a father is sad, the son should be sad, and if the father is happy, the son must feel happy. Unless you make heartistic oneness from that position, there is no way to go back to the womb of the Father. That is why the heartistic experience is the problem. However, it is not enough just being a seed of the Father; the womb of the Mother is necessary. In other words, through the Mother's womb, we must be born again.

Therefore, in 1960 (April 11, 1960) by the Holy Wedding, the True Mother was chosen. Through this, with the blessing of love you felt when you were inside the Father's body, by attending the Mother and with the connection of love with the Mother, you can be reborn. After rebirth as I have described, you must be different.

Why are you Unification Church members following the Master (Father) day and night, leaving your physical mother and father? It is because if you do not make the heartistic condition to be in the bone of the Master as a baby seed, there is no way to be born again. You must make the condition that you love the Mother and Father equally in order to be born again. Without attending the True Parents, you cannot make the condition for rebirth. Have you passed through that course? Aren't you hearing this for the first time? Have you ever even glimpsed this content in your dreams? I knew about this content so I have been living for the Will.

In order for you to become the children of the True Parents, you must make the condition according to the Principle through the law of indemnity and through the bone marrow of the parents. Doing this, you can be in the position of sons and daughters. The period of making this condition centering in the 1960s was the 40-day witnessing period through 1961 and 1962. During this period, we ate only barley, didn't we? The reason we ate barley was that the three year period was an indemnity period. During that period, centering on Father's direct lineage, we were restoring the four position foundation and you were centering on the parents, making the Cain-Abel relationship and working to make Cain and Abel one. The unification of Cain and Abel starts from the womb of Mother and there unification must begin. Before that stage, before 1960, was the period when you had to be one centering on the Teacher (Father). At that time, whether man or woman, old or young, everyone loved the Teacher. Even men cried because they wanted to see the Teacher. In this world, there are some men who cry because of women. But there is no case of a man crying because he misses another man so much. The case of men yearning for each other so much that they cry does not exist. Have you ever heard of such? Absolutely, there is no other case like that! That is because crying centering on love and longing to see each other does not exist in this world.

However, in the Unification Church this is happening. Even the men cry when they miss the Teacher. Even if they are leaving their parents, brothers, sisters, wife or children, they run to meet the Teacher. Their longing heart is this desperate. Why is it like this? Before Adam and Eve were born, in whose body did they grow? Did they grow in Eve's body? Did they grow in Adam's body? Inside of Adam's bone marrow, there were the seeds of sons and daughters. Although he did not experience love, the seeds of children were growing there. Then centering on the connection of love, through the mother they were to be born as new lives. This is the principle of birth from the parents to the children. From the same position, the Unification Church members, man or woman, young or old, all like the Teacher. Ladies, did you like the Teacher or not? You liked him so much that rumors spread. Grandmother or young lady, grandfather or young man, everyone liked the Teacher and followed me around. What does it mean? It means that the heartistic unity is accomplished.

Unless you pass through the connection of love centering on Adam and Eve's first love, and freshly through the parents' womb, there cannot be the beginning of life; and without accomplishing the principle of restoration, the complete indemnity cannot be accomplished. That is why, centering on the will of God, you loved the Teacher, and centering on the Teacher's emotion you worked to become one and the heartistic. direction moved toward this way, consciously and unconsciously.

By doing that, you are engrafted heartistically to the True Parents' bone marrow, through True Mother's womb, making the condition to be born as the original Adam and Eve. Without doing that, restoration cannot be done. Do you understand? Therefore, you must be restored through Mother while the Teacher's sons and daughters are in the Mother's womb, centering on the True Children. You must restore Cain-Abel relationships. You must know this clearly.

Of course, our physical bodies are already grown and we cannot literally go back to the perfected Adam's body in the seed position. Therefore, by becoming one with the True Parents and their children, who are the True Children, we make the condition to be born again. By Cain completely surrendering to Abel, these two can be restored in the Principle; accordingly, the person who is in Cain's position must unite with the person who is in Abel's position, that is, with the True Parents and the True Children. By doing so, we receive benefit as the restored children. Through the True Parents, when born as the True Children, we can receive the conditional object as the True Parents' holy body. In this way, we must pass through the course to be in the position of the True Children.

Through whom are you making the condition to be born as a new child and to become one with the True Children? It is not enough just to be one with the Father. Without passing through the True Children, it cannot be done. No matter how important the Father is, without passing through the parents and their children, it cannot be done. True Parents need true sons and daughters. With whom then can women be one? A woman should be one with the True Parents and True Parents' daughters. All men must be one with the True Parents and their sons. Because woman fell first, the restoration of woman occurs first; then the restoration of man happens. Before that, who is standing in the position of a restored woman? The True Parents should give birth to a daughter first, then to a son second. This content is very principled. Although this is brief, we must understand that behind it there is a long and complicated explanation.

By the birth of the sinless True Children, for the first time in history the heavenly four position foundation is restored. The satanic world has no base to attack this foundation. Because the chosen nation has not yet been restored, the heavenly foundation has one starting point and expands to a family, clan, tribe, and to the national foundation. The nucleus of this restored four position foundation is a heavenly family, and through that family a nation is built. This will be the strongest nation and this will be the new Israel. That nation will be victorious over the satanic sovereignty and will be the center of the whole external world.

Since you cannot go back to the womb of Mother, what you should do is become one with the Teacher's children. During three years, you must be in the position of a baby in the womb. That's why Teacher told you to make the following mottos for these three years: First, "In your life, make these three years the most substantial result." Second, "Become the representative of God." Third, "Show and love others." Here, "Show and love others" means to restore the four position foundation.

By doing this, today, centering on these three stages, make the condition to be a baby in the womb, eating and living together. Mother also ate barley for three years while you were eating barley. As you did activities, she also did the conditions. Ye Jin and Hyo Jin as babies were born eating barley. In other words, Mother lived with the same heart as you. Now, you were born of the womb, as Cain, in order to be in the position to love Mother and the True Children.

By being one with them, conditionally live as if you were a twin in the womb. Centering on them you must be in the position to attend them. Only by doing that can you avoid the struggle of two seeds in the womb. In other words, you can eliminate the origin of the fall. From here the restoration starts. Do you understand? [Yes.] While you were not aware, these things were working out. When Ye Jin and Hyo Jin were born, you ate rice soup. Because Mother ate rice soup, the babies also ate rice soup. Therefore, you ate rice soup reciprocally. You must know that this was the absolute condition for the heartistic oneness to be indemnified. As you see, restoration does not work without careful planning. It works step by step, with not even a little space for any leak, in order to make the relationship with you in the present historical time. It has been fulfilling all the internal conditions. These contents are not happening by themselves. Like this, the historical course of hard work took six thousand years to find the real authority. Also, throughout history, through countless saints and martyrs, sacrifices were made and we walked the course of indemnity which cannot be exchanged for anything. Through this difficult spiritual connection, the parents fulfilled the four position foundation. You must also fulfill the four positions and make the victorious foundation. This is the Blessing.

All his life, Teacher has been fighting. Without thinking of life or death, he has been fighting. In the outside world, if there's a painful thing, maybe it can be avoided; but this work cannot be avoided. It cannot be solved by power or threat. If it's not done according to the Principle, arrows will be coming from all directions. Maybe this fight is more difficult than God creating the universe. While this was going on, you could not even comprehend how I was making the indemnity condition and the internal foundation. Through that foundation, the new transition point was formed, and this is the heavenly victory.

Nobody knows that the coming of the True Parents and the birth of the true sons and daughters was so difficult. You probably do not know how I waited with patience in order to come to this position. You must learn about that heart. If you do not inherit that heart of love, you cannot go where the Teacher or God stay. You must be concerned that if I die now, who is going to love God as I do and who is going to love humankind? In that sense, I must live a long time. Teacher is watching you with hope that soon a person of character and stature similar to his will come. You must know this. If God could give blessings to Reverend Moon, God giving such a person would be the biggest gift. Until today, God has been betrayed and tortured. If a person appears who loves God more than the Teacher does and works harder than the Teacher to liberate humankind, that would be the glorious day.

Who is going to change the blood lineage? Not just anyone can do that. You must know that in order to do this work, I walked the way of the tearful cross. Because of this foundation, without having merit, you can connect to the new tradition of the Blessing. In establishing the victorious authority for the transition, it took many thousands of years of God's work. Centering on the substantial results, there has been the suffering life of the Teacher. Based on this, where are you standing? The Blessing means engrafting, and by being engrafted the blood lineage is changed.

You must know that restoration comes through the course of hardship. The Teacher is not only finding the truth, but he must accomplish the entire truth which he finds. Now the Teacher is teaching you endlessly. It is as if you are receiving the graduation diploma without doing anything. Therefore, you must know how valuable your position is.

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