Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) The Meaning of Changing the Blood Lineage

The birth of human beings begins with the seed of the husband, the seed of life, which enters the wife. If that is so, where do you think is the site of conception? It is the woman's womb. History is ready for us to make the condition to go back to that one point, the site of conception. Now, in order to give birth to a baby from a woman's womb, there must be a man. Eventually a family must be established. However, considering the entire process, the hidden seed of the baby started in the man. So, man's seed in his blood must have the condition of being one with God's love. Unless man passes through this course, he cannot fulfill the condition for complete blood lineage conversion.

So, the seed of the baby arrives in the woman's womb. What about the father? In the father, the seed originates in the bone marrow. Therefore, by passing through the father's bone marrow and the mother's womb, the baby is born. Then, how is a baby made? You must know that you were made by passing through your father's bone and your mother's womb. History is interesting.

Christians who believe in Jesus, centering on the standard before the fall, must be born from Jesus' bone marrow in the position of his children. This means that there was the seed of a son before the birth of Adam. Today, Christians must be reborn as children through Jesus' bone marrow. In order to do this, they must be one with Jesus. Then they must be born through the spiritual mother, the Holy Spirit. That is why Jesus told Nicodemus to be born again.

Jesus said to Nicodemus, "Unless one is born again, one cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven." Then Nicodemus asked, "How can a fully grown man be born again? Isn't it impossible to go back to the womb and be born again?" Then Jesus said, "You are a famous teacher among the Israelites and you do not know?" At that time, Jesus was speaking deeply about the Principle. In Christianity, the concepts of rebirth and new life imply the Principle system, which means that the restoration of the blood lineage happens through the mother. The liquidation of original sin happens through restoring the heavenly lineage.

But receiving a new life, being recreated and born again, happens only by going through the True Father's body. Complete spiritual and physical salvation is possible only through the True Father. The children who are born through this course do not have original sin. They enter heaven without repeating this course. Until today, Christianity could not completely explain how a person is born again-what the starting point and the purpose of rebirth is.

They cannot even understand that it is a big mistake to think that one is born again just by growing to be thirty years old believing in Jesus. The starting point of the heartistic content is not being thirty years old. Unless you make the condition of having the heartistic connection, the starting point and purpose of rebirth cannot be realized. If you do not know this, rebirth is impossible.

In order to change the blood lineage, go back to Adam's bone marrow, go back to the center of his body. Satisfy the condition of connecting God's love with a seed in the father's body or you cannot be reborn as a child of God. This is absolutely clear, even intellectually. Is this message in the Bible? If it is, then the Bible is God's Word.

Until now, what did it mean to believe in Jesus? Jesus is a man who is the unfallen original Adam. Above all, he is the spiritual father with flesh. That is why, unless you are one with him, there is no way to be born again. That is the reason that in Christianity, human beings enter Jesus' bone marrow, which means yearning for Jesus like craving water in a dry desert and meeting with Jesus' loving heart. The only way to team this is through experience, yearning and welcoming Jesus as the bridegroom. Interpreting Jesus as the bridegroom has two meanings. The first is to become a seed entering into the center of his flesh and the second is to make a condition such that you pass into the mother's womb, which means being in the bride's position.

Originally, there should not be a separation of spirit and body at a person's rebirth. But because Jesus died as he did, only the spiritual rebirth is possible; the spiritual body was reborn but the physical body could not be reborn. So Jesus must come again in the flesh. That is why people who believed in Jesus and went to the spirit world must come back at the time of the second coming, passing through Father into and through Mother's womb. Unless this condition for rebirth is made, there is no way to have life. In other words, you must emerge from Father's bone marrow as the seed of a son or daughter and be born through True Mother. You find Jesus through the Holy Spirit; this is like entering True Father's bone marrow as a seed. Accordingly, that process must be restored through indemnity spiritually at the time of the second coming. The seed has entered the bone marrow spiritually and has come out through Mother. That is the way to restore the connection of heart and blood lineage. Today's Christians do not even think about this; they just believe that they will enter heaven. That is absolutely a mistake.

Since your given position has nothing to do with the True Parents, and instead you were born with the blood of false parents who were chased out of heaven, you must deny and transcend yourself in order to get rid of your blood lineage. Basically, without changing the blood lineage, you cannot go to heaven.

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