Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2) The True Meaning of Rebirth

Rebirth does not come through fallen people who are the fallen descendants of Adam and Eve; it must come through the blood and flesh of sinless parents. Unless you go through this, you cannot go back to God. The original root of sin began with Adam and Eve. This must be indemnified and overcome. You cannot go back to God's side unless you are reborn, having no original sin and having nothing to do with sin.

What is God's method for saving us? Salvation cannot come within the fallen sovereignty, no matter how much effort God makes. That is why God must send the model of unfallen Adam and Eve, the True Parents, to this earth. Through these parents, humankind goes through the course of birthing pain, separating eternally from the satanic dominion. Then no matter what, Satan cannot invade; only God can dominate and subjugate us. People with original sin cannot go back to the original sinless position without being born again.

When Nicodemus asked Jesus, "What must I do to receive salvation?" Jesus said, "You must be born again." That means that because Nicodemus was born as Satan's child, in order to receive salvation he had to receive the Holy Spirit and be born again. All satanic relationships must be liquidated and God-centered original relationships must be created.

When this leader asked Jesus, "What must I do in order to get to heaven?" Jesus answered, "Unless you are born again, you cannot go to heaven." Being born again means becoming a citizen of heaven after removing the chains of sin.

Being born again means changing in heart.

There are people among Christians today who believe the second coming of the Christ is on the clouds. Salvation through this concept cannot be true faith; it is blind faith. If salvation were that simple, the Unification Church would not be needed in this world.

Even if you have made the foundation of faith according to God's providence, you need to be engrafted in order to become God's children.

If the True Parents are the true olive tree, then you are the false olive trees which need to be engrafted. It is not just about an extra sprout or branch. New branches must come out in order for the normal function to occur. What happened to humankind after the substantial foundation of faith and love was lost? The blood lineage was turned upside down. This must be reversed. This is why we must understand the importance of the contents of the time we are in. When Nicodemus asked Jesus, "How can I enter the Kingdom of Heaven?" Jesus answered, "No one enters the Kingdom of Heaven unless he is born again."

In the process of engrafting the true olive tree onto the false olive tree, you do not engraft at the level of a branch up on the trunk; rather you cut the very bottom of the tree (leaving only the root), then you engraft the new branch there. This means that the Christian churches must establish a new standard, a new system of order, and a new way of thinking centering on the coming Messiah. The result of their faith was the fruit of the false olive tree. In order to raise the fruit of the true olive tree, the old tree must be cut and the new branch engrafted onto it. If engrafting is not possible, the entire old tree must be pulled up with its roots and burned. If left alone, the seed of the false olive tree will spread and make countless false olive trees. The purpose for cutting the false olive tree is to engraft: onto it the eyes of the true olive tree.

The problem is that when comparing the eyes of the true olive tree and the false olive tree, they appear the same; therefore, conflict comes in. Especially at the time of the second coming, many antichrists appear, confusing people and preventing them from seeing the truth. That is why Jesus said, "Pray constantly and stay awake."

By cutting the bottom of a false olive tree and by attaching to it the true olive tree, the false olive trees will all be cut and become the orchard of true olive trees. I am working on this job, so people are in an uproar. They are afraid of the pain of cutting their bodies and are doubting the ability of the gardener. With the springtime of God's providence, the work of engrafting the false olive trees has already begun.

In rebirthing, you cannot be less capable than Adam and Eve. If you are, you cannot restore even the basic things. In rebirthing work, an individual must be born again, then the family level, tribal level, national level and world level should be reborn. Today's Christians are ignorant of this.

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