Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1) The Reason the Messiah is Necessary

We need the Messiah because we need to receive salvation. Then, what is the necessary and fundamental starting point for salvation? It is the point of contact with God's love. However, the fundamental reality is that humankind is a collective entity with Satan's substantial body. It has nothing to do with God and in fact is in direct opposition to God's love. This must be indemnified.

Indemnity means the elimination of the original sin. In the process of eliminating original sin, the principal issue is the blood lineage. Fallen people by themselves absolutely cannot solve the matter of the stained blood. That is why we need the Messiah.

Jesus came to earth and fulfilled his mission as the spiritual father. He spiritually warded off Satan. A husband symbolizes heaven, therefore he goes to heaven; a wife is the symbol of earth. Therefore, she must fight with Satan and if she doesn't like her husband, she cannot stand in the position of his bride. Satan fornicated with man and woman in the Garden of Eden. We must gain victory by indemnifying this, then start again. Centering on the Holy Spirit, you must overcome Satan's invisible limitations and be free. Jesus and the Holy Spirit's force of love has the capacity to bring rebirth. After receiving the rebirthing life force, you must fight Satan and win. Unless you live your entire life like this, you cannot go to heaven.

Christians on earth say that they will be free from original sin when Jesus comes again, but what does it mean to be liberated from original sin? It is the restoration of heart, the end of Satan's accusation, and separation from his blood lineage. This is the accomplishment that will remain until the end.

To have a different blood lineage means to have a different father. Therefore, fallen man, born with stained blood, cannot indemnify sin without the original True Parents. Do you understand? That is why until today, centering on religion, history desired one person who is not fallen and who is qualified to be the first ancestor of humankind.

What is the nature of the Messiah fallen man needs? Fallen people do not need a Messiah in the fallen parents' position. The Messiah should be as unfallen Adam and Eve, one with God's will, receiving God's love and God's blessing in the position of True Parents, and able to give rebirth to all people. Otherwise, men and women cannot move to a position which has nothing to do with sin.

Who is the Messiah? The Messiah is the True Parent. Then why do you need the True Parent? Because you must engraft to True Parent's love. That is why, unless the Messiah, the True Parent, appears, fallen people cannot be free from original sin and then go from this sinless, liberated position to the completion stage to receive the Blessing.

Adam could not become the True Parent, but rather established the coming of very sinful parents. The Messiah's doctrine, Christ's doctrine, teaches how to engraft history in front of God by the process of restoration through indemnity. This is necessary because of the fall.

We must overcome self-centered attachment to our satanic parents and make the final victory centering on true love. Only through God sending the Messiah can we surrender the satanic lineage.

If there is one who does the work of removing the satanic lineage from the generations of humankind, that one is the Messiah. Unless the True Parents appear, humankind cannot be one with God and cannot make a reciprocal base with goodness.

Because Adam and Eve fell, Cain and Abel lost the way to be vertically one. Adam and Eve are in the position to have their fallen affairs restored through Cain and Abel. Adam and Eve did not have the foundation to make the vertical connection. Since we want to stand in the True Children's position, we need to meet True Parents who connect us vertically to God. Unless we restore our position as unfallen children, we cannot unite with God and climb to the completion stage. No matter how much you have faith and no matter how well Cain and Abel are united, unless the True Parents' foundation is restored, there is no vertical way that we can grow.

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