Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

6) The Principle of the True Family and Religion of the True Parents

History started from the struggle between Adam and Eve. It started from betrayal. God said, "If you eat you will die." But history started from a lie which seduced and made Eve eat secretly by saying, "This is all right to eat. If you eat, your eyes will open." There was a mistake from the beginning. For this reason, we have to go through so much suffering. In order to pay for our sins, we have to harvest according to what we have sown.

In the Last Days, the relationship between brothers will be cut off. In our human history, the way of heaven or the relationship of father and child was the center holding the world together. However, in the Last Days, these will be destroyed. What about mothers, what about children, what about wives, what about husbands! - when everything is maltreated you know that it is the Last Days. If a murder such as a parent killing their own child happens, it is the Last Days. If a story of an elder brother killing his younger brother is heard in all directions, it is the Last Days. If the concept which stressed that brothers are one, or that parents and child are one, or that husband and wife are one, changes to a way of thinking which considers beneficial only something for oneself, it is the Last Days. Because that was sown through the fall in the Garden of Eden, these phenomena are occurring throughout the world. Soon the time of harvesting the fruit will come, but isn't it time now to harvest? This world should not continue to flow like this. Therefore, the time to harvest all this has come.

Through the relationship with the fallen parents, we inherited the tradition which separated from God, and the world ended up in this situation. Therefore, True Parents have to come and set up a new principle. What kind of a principle would that be? Will it be worldism? Universalism? It is the principle of true family. If the principle of the true family does not appear, the principle of world peace will not appear. The representative of this principle of the true family has to be a true son of God. He is the internal inheritor of all the heartistic elements of God, the inheritor of the external world, and the inheritor of the possession of all things. In other words, he is the person who can inherit the heart and body of God, and who can inherit all things. This son can for the first time be a representative of God. When this son appears, heaven is realized for the first time.

What is the principle of the true family? The principle of the true family is a principle of God's love. Isn't it simple? If you do not have love, even if you walk around boasting that you are number one in the world, you are an unhappy person. Do you think so, or not? The principle of the true family is a principle that the sons and daughters will eternally follow the parents when the parents move. It is a principle that makes the younger brother eternally follow the elder brother and the elder brother eternally follow the younger brother. Therefore, when there is a younger brother's nation, the elder brother's nation will follow, and when there is an elder brother's nation, the younger brother's nation also has to say it will follow.

What is the principle of God's love? It will transcend the national borders, will transcend every horizontal world, and in the act of giving and receiving, will always try to give first and receive later. The world following principle is the ideal world to come. The ideal world is not a world which will shout out, "You guys." An ideal world is one with a principle of the brotherhood of all people. Here, people's hearts will automatically move to harmonize with God's love. This world will be like that from now on. Therefore, a true family must appear.

A savior is the Messiah. In the Messianic thought, there is the word "Savior." If you ask those people who believe in Christianity whom they believe, they will answer that they believe Jesus. But Will they say that they believe in the family of Jesus? And if you ask those people who believe in Buddhism whom they believe, they will say they believe in Buddha. But will they say that they believe in the Buddha's family? Have you ever heard of people saying they believe in a family?

However, from now on, a religion of that nature must appear. A religion of a salvific family must appear. That is the religion of the True Parents. This is a living religion of the True Parents who form the four position foundation. In that case, the father and mother become the savior of the family's sons and daughters. Isn't that so?

If you took at the very end of the Book of Revelation, the history of restoration is written. This is why the Bible is great. Because there was a rule of restoration, it was written in the last chapter of the Bible. If you look at the Revelation to John 22:17 it is written, "The Spirit and the Bride say, 'Come.' And let him who hears say, 'Come.' And let him who is thirsty come, let him who desires take the water of life without price." Do you understand what the Spirit and the Bride represent? The bride is the wife of the Lord and the Spirit is a spiritual being. Therefore, from here, a mother with both spirit and body has to appear. Jesus, as the father of humanity, is a man, so he must find a mother from among women, save her and together form the new world. The Christians do not know this. Even if I tell them I will teach them, they will say no. It is amazing because they call me a heretic instead.

What kind of a principle is universalism? It is the principle of the True Parents. These two principles are, after all, the principles of the parents. This is the principle of our family, our nation, and the principle of each of you individually. If man and woman had not fallen, whose principle would this world have followed? It was to have been the principle of Adam. That principle of Adam was indeed the principle of True Parents. It is the principle of father and mother. No other principle is possible. Therefore, the Unification Church has to link the heartistic problems with the principle of heaven centering on the concept of True Parents within the boundaries of the original ideal family. If the relationship of a family systematized by this concept is remaining, the Unification Church will not perish. It shall not perish.

What is universalism? Imagine if your family were overflowing with gold and silver jewelry. Instead of being intoxicated with that jewelry, you are able to forget about the jewelry and live constantly intoxicated with the love of God-when we talk about families, it is this kind of a family. What belongs to the son belongs to the parents, and what belongs to the parents has to be returned back to God as belonging to God.

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