Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5) In Order to Become a Restored Family

You should know that Jesus came to this earth, externally as a King having the power to depose the satanic world, but internally as a parent. In order for Jesus to act in his position as a true parent, he must set up a condition to become a true parent. But this condition cannot be formed with power. It is only possible through love. Then what kind of love is that? It should be love that is much bigger, deeper and wider than love in the satanic world.

You must know that unless Jesus proclaims, "Treat me better than you treated the king of the satanic world; treat me better than you treated your parents in the satanic world; and treat me better than you treated your husbands, wives and children in the satanic world!" we must conclude that Jesus is not qualified as the Messiah. For this reason, Jesus proclaimed, "Love me more than you love anyone else." The proclamation which determined the qualification for Jesus to become the Messiah was, "Unless all humankind living in the satanic world in the past, present and future loves me more than anyone else, they cannot come before God." Jesus could actually practice this, not just say it. He was able to love those who loved him that much. You must understand this clearly.

Then, how will it be? If we love Jesus more than we love the king in the satanic world, a road will be opened to inherit the royal power of the heavenly nation, and if we love Jesus more than we love our parents in the satanic world, then a road will open for us to serve our parents in God's nation. If we love Jesus more than our wife and children in the satanic world, then a road will open for us to love wife and children in God's nation, and if we love Jesus more than we love our husband and wife in the satanic world, then a road will open to love husband and wife in God's nation. Do you understand what I am talking about? If you love Jesus that way, externally you will be able to find everything and also you will be able to receive Jesus and God.

Jesus declared, "No one can become my disciple unless they love me more than they love anyone else." In that age, by such words, Jesus was as much as consigning himself to death by a person with a sword in front of other people. Isn't this too much to ask? If a husband who has a wife hears this, will he say, "Go and love Jesus, to his wife? No; he will threaten her, saying, "I will kill you if you go to him often."

Therefore, the most difficult position is the position of the Messiah. The most difficult work is the work of the Messiah. Raise your hand if you wanted to be a Messiah once. To my knowledge, those who say they want to be a Messiah are crazy people. You cannot become a Messiah by doing anything you like. Do you understand how difficult it is?

In order to find God's family, you must be able to stand up, rejecting satanic love. This is why Jesus said, "You must love me more than anyone else." He said, "You are not worthy of me if you do not love me more than your parents, husband and children, or wife and sons and daughters." But is that possible?

Jesus said things that would make people criticize him for being a dictator of love. Jesus told us these words because we have to transcend the love toward parents and children in the satanic world. If we are below that level, we can be possessed by Satan. Even if you become a minister or an elder, no matter how famous an evangelist you become, you cannot come out of the realm of satanic dominion.

Most religious people do not know this amazing fact. Especially the Christians, who are to inherit the traditional historical relationship, do not even dream of this. You must come to know how regretful this fact is.

The road for us to go in search of a family is not a straight road, but a rough one. Because all the twisting of history were caused from one family, in order to search for that family again, you have to understand that we have to overcome many rough paths of resentment over the tangled situations of history.

How can you become one of the restored families? You have to be related to the Unification Church. You have to practice the teachings of the Unification Church. What are the teachings of the Unification Church? They teach how to subjugate Satan. They are trying to expel Satan, who has been doing historically resentful things to God. In this teaching, there must be a content which has the power to expel Satan anytime in history, appearing before Satan saying, "Hey, you enemy Satan: step back!" Unless we have the power to subjugate Satan in this Satan-dominated world, we will never be able to unify this world. In other words, you cannot become one of the restored families unless you can prepare content which has the power to subjugate Satan and completely obliterate the fact that Adam and Eve came under satanic dominion in the Garden of Eden.

Today, what do the people believing in the Unification Church, or the people who know the will of God through the teachings of the Unification Church, have to become? They must have confidence to be victorious, winning every fight in history. Furthermore, these people have to have the personal subjectivity to move forward keeping loyalty, with the ability to subjugate this evil world no matter how evil it is.

The Unification Church has to take responsibility and restore the failures of the history of God, which has been retreating every time Satan and God fought. The members of the Unification Church have to become the people with that qualification. In the present world, democracy and communism are fighting each other. But even within that process of fighting, we have to be the qualified people who can step over, solve and be victorious. Only with a subjective power to stand up, dominating the age and not being dominated by it, can we qualify to link to the heavenly family.

What should we not forget in our daily social lives? The incidents that occur in your interpersonal and social relationships are the environment still handcuffed to the enemy who maltreated God in the historical process. Therefore, you have to throw away all Satan's historical traps and become a person who has the power of judgment. In other words, you have to be careful not to be caught by the rope of Satan's accusation. In each word you say, in your living, in the work you do in society, you should remember that the environment surrounding you is the result of Satan's cumulative persecutions, attacks and insults to God over six thousand years. You have to become a person who will not fall down even in the midst of this environment.

Unless you can dominate Satan, you cannot link with the heavenly family. If you cannot be connected with the heavenly family, you cannot became a heavenly clan. If you cannot enter the realm of the heavenly clan, you cannot participate in the heavenly tribe, and if you cannot become a heavenly tribe, then you cannot join the people of the heavenly nation. If you cannot join the people of the heavenly nation, you cannot enter the heavenly kingdom, the kingdom of heaven on earth.

What kind of a world is the kingdom of heaven? Because this is an original world, an individual, family or clan which will be accused by the satanic world cannot enter. Therefore, members of the Unification Church from now on must unite their clan-the individual, family and relatives. In other words, three generations must become one. If we look at Adam's family, Adam was one generation, Cain and Abel were the second generation, and the sons of Abel and Cain were the third generation. The three generations must become one. When we took centering on God, God will be the first generation, Adam and Eve the second, and Cain and Abel the third.

Jesus came as the second Adam and was to become the second ancestor of humankind. However, because the providence he was pioneering failed, Christ had to come again. Therefore, the Lord who comes again will come as the third Adam. This third Adam, in order to fulfill human history, must solve everything in history. Therefore, based on the three generations, you also have to form a family which Satan will not accuse. You have to know clearly that unless you can form such a family, you cannot be included in the heavenly realm of clan, nation and world.

What should a restored family be like? After loving all the people, all the nation, and by love transcending everything, you can rise one step higher as a restored family. Who is in the restored family? God is in the restored family. You have to be able to love this God. You must love God with love greater than that with which you loved the tribe.

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