Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

4) Restored Families

When the Lord of the Second Coming receives a bride, the term "restored family" will appear for the first time. The restored family must be found again; it is the family all humankind hopes for. During the history of six thousand years, many religious leaders, who were sacrificed by the resentful power-holders and false politicians, hoped for the Lord to come and compensate their resentment. However, the attack upon the enemy cannot be done alone. If it were possible to do alone, they would have done it already. Therefore, a heavenly family has to appear. A heavenly family should appear and form a new footing on this earth. And with heart dynamite, it must burst the satanic world.

When we say restored families, who will be the center of these restored families? The purpose of God's creation, for which God has been searching, is a family formed by true sons and daughters. Therefore, the center of the restored family should be God's true sons and daughters. Then who will that be? It is a person who comes with all the power to inherit this universe. That person is the Lord of the Second Advent. This Lord of the Second Advent has to come and form a family.

What is our resentment? It is that Adam and Eve could not form a true family as true parents in the Garden of Eden and start a new history. This was God's resentment before it was humanity's resentment. The purpose of God in creating humankind was to form this family and to build a kingdom of peace on earth. However, God continuously repeated the history of restoration instead, carrying this resentment for the endless course of six thousand years, because this family was destroyed. You are to know that during that course, God had to cross over so many paths of resentment forming history up until today.

The Lord of the Second Advent is the person who comes to take responsibility for and resolve that history. Then what does the Lord of the Second Advent have to do? He has to form a family. He has to form a family not in the air but on the earth. From there, a clan, tribe, nation and world will appear for the first time. When the Lord works to build a new heaven, he should not suffer the world with the authority of the second advent or with numerous barred windows. When the Lord of the Second Advent goes over the national level, we must prepare a foundation so that the world can turn at once. You must know that if we fail, the miserable history which Jesus had to go through on this earth may be repeated.

The coming Jesus must definitely form a family God desires. That family has to be a true family. Until now, humankind has been pursuing true love. False love after all is not good for the family or the society. Therefore, there must start one true family centering on God's love, love which all humanity can share in common, and centering on the greatest love, love for which all humanity hopes. Unless this family appears, we cannot form a tribe, and unless this tribe appears, a nation and a world cannot be realized. Therefore, the family is the highest standard of humankind and the highest standard of God's hope in the providence of restoration which God proposed.

What is a restored family? It is a substantial historical hope. God, for six thousand years until now, has been carrying on His providence in search of this one family. Where should this substantial historical hope be formed? It should indeed be formed in this present world, in this practical society. It should not be formed in the future. It should be formed now, in the present world. The time this family will be formed is the Last Days. This is the base of historical hope and the hope of all people living in the present world. It is the base of the hope of humankind living in the past, present and future. Many saints and sages who were born as human beings, who lived and went to spirit world, longed for this family.

The spirits which died for goodness-for what did they become sacrifices? Many people of goodness died as sacrifices in order to become the fertilizer to support this one purpose. Therefore, when this hope is realized, the saints and sages who were sacrifices in the process of history will for the first time be able to receive the grace of God. The Bible talks about the crown of righteousness, the crown of love, and many other crowns. These are references to the grace of God. The central place where their descendants, living in this present world, can receive this grace through their ancestors is the restored family. Therefore, the people living in the present world believing in religions have to receive the Blessing through this foundation. A family which can resolve the historical resentment can resolve all resentments in this present world and can become the starting point for a new history.

What is the Unification Church members' hope? It is to become a restored family. Our hope is here; the origin of peace of the United States is also here; the base of happiness of all heaven and earth is here; and the base of our providence is also here. Also, the base of heaven and earth turning upside down, which begins the true heaven and earth, is here; the origin of all the value of life is here; and the beginning of hope is here. Then, who is the center of the restored family? It is the true ancestors. The true ancestor is the parent.

Humankind, because they fell, can see a father and mother reborn. Can you see a father and mother born again in this world? Because of the fall, we can see it happen. It is an amazing fact. This is why Christianity teaches that we have to be reborn. We have to reenter the womb of a mother and be born again. But can we go into the mother's womb again? Because this is impossible, we have to be engrafted. We have to cut off our heads and graft Jesus onto our necks.

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