Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) The Providence of Restoration Centering on Families

Where is the original base from which God begins the salvation of fallen humankind? Is it a certain nation which has pride in its civilization? No, it isn't. Would God make a certain social system the center, saying it is the ideal system? No, He wouldn't. Then would God make a talented individual the center? No, He wouldn't. Then, what would be the center? You should know that the family is the base which can transcend all these things. If God exists, God also has to find that family. Therefore, humankind has to qualify to pass through that gateway of family, raise the symbol of victory and move forward toward the world. An individual who can follow this principle and thought has to appear.

Restoration takes place centering on families.

The Messiah is the person who comes representing the Christian individual, Christian family, Christian clan, Christian tribe and a Christian nation. What that person has to do is something global. But the beginning is with a family.

Why will it start from a family? It is because all the incidents started from a family. In other words, it started from the family of Adam and Eve. The fact that we lost God, expelled the archangelic world, lost the world of all things, lost human value, lost human love-all started from Adam's family. These all occurred because one man and woman met each other wrongly.

Therefore, how can we link all these together? A man and a woman must meet correctly. Who and who have to meet correctly? Is it God and man? It is not God and man, but man and woman who must meet each other correctly. Because everything was expelled by man and woman meeting each other wrongly, if a man and woman correctly meet each other, we can restore through indemnity.

In order for you to perfect yourself as an individual, you have to go through the course of restoring your family. When Adam fell, after the individual fell, the fall was completed by the fall of a family. Therefore, for you to perfect yourself, to become perfect by yourself is not enough. Your family must also become perfect.

From the Principle point of view, Adam and Eve originally fell from an immature position, the completion level of the growth stage. We all know that when Adam fell, he did not fall alone but he fell together with Eve; in other words, they fell as husband and wife. This means that a husband and wife united and fell to the adopted child's position, servant's position; and servant of servant's position. We can conclude that in the course of restoration we cannot go up, searching for the child's position, without the. husband and wife relationship.

An individual related to the providence of restoration does not end as an individual. The individual must link to a family. Why? This is because the fall was linked to a family. The motivation of the fall was in Adam and Eve as individuals, but them pulling that motivation into the family resulted in the involvement of the clan, nation and world.

Originally, Adam and Eve were to unite as substantial father and mother, completing a family which was God's ideal of creation-in other words, completing an ideal family of love. However, this was not done. In order to complete this, Jesus had to come. When Jesus came, he had to greet his bride from the position of the bridegroom.

When Adam's position, which was to be perfected without falling in the Garden of Eden, can be restored, and when Adam and Eve can be united centering on that love, then the fall can never occur again.

You must know that God is the God who moves according to the rule of the Principle. Because Adam was lost, he has to be found once again from the satanic world. Because Adam was in the position to dominate Eve, but Adam made a mistake and could not fulfill his role as husband, Eve was taken by the satanic world. Therefore, we must find Eve once again from the satanic world.

If we can find Eve once again, will we not have to fight? God prepared the foundation of a nation, church, tribe and family. He prepared Joseph's family and Zachariah's family. Therefore, if Joseph's family including Jesus, and Zachariah's family including John the Baptist, became one, God's will would have been realized in a short period.

If John the Baptist had believed in Jesus, what would have happened? Also, if the sister of John the Baptist had become the bride of Jesus, what would have happened? If I say things like this, the Christians will oppose immediately. They will fuss that a problem has occurred. However, no matter how much they oppose, if they go to the spirit world, they will know that Reverend Moon was not lying.

Jesus, when he came to this earth, knew the historical fact that he had to find a bride in order to realize heaven. If Jesus had received a bride, what kind of a life would they have lived? Would they have fought and said they would divorce? This is only a guess, but I suggest they would have realized the most wonderful and beautiful family.

What was God's will? God's will was for Adam and Eve, after forming a base as perfected man and woman, to realize God's family centered on God's love.

However, was this family of God realized? No, it wasn't. Jesus knew this as God's will and he believed in it. However, because of the betrayal of the Jews, the base of four thousand years' history of the Israelites and Judaism, which was prepared for Jesus, was destroyed, and Jesus had to die miserably on the cross. Who until now was able to know Jesus' heartbreaking situation? No one knew. Today, because this person called Moon came to tell you this story, you came to know. If this is true, how happy Jesus must be.

Jesus as a bridegroom must find the True Mother who will become the bride, or else it is not possible to complete God's family. Unless Jesus' family is formed, God's will can never be realized.

From the Principle's point of view, no matter how wonderful a saint is, or how much a person knows of God's will, he or she should not be alone. He or she should be a couple.

Centering on the prepared foundation, it was the ideal of creation and the ideal of restoration to prepare a family foundation. It was the hope of history spanning the providential ages.

It was the mission and purpose of religions to fulfill this hope of history and to cleanse all the miserable facts of history. And the family is the base of hope where Jesus, who came to fulfill that purpose, can settle down.

Through Adam and Eve forming a relationship of false love, evil resulted. Therefore, we must seek the lost result of goodness. Thus, the coming Lord of the Second Advent should prepare the relationship of a parent which Adam and Eve lost, uniting it with the heavenly side. The Lord of the Second Advent should link love through centering on God and form a foundation for the Blessing. Then the relationship with the True Parents will be formed and a family of goodness can start. Because Adam and Eve fell during the completion level of the growth stage and lost the foundation to realize a true family, the family is to be sought. That family can be found through relationship with the True Parents at the position of completion level of the growth stage.

If the Lord of the Second Advent comes to this earth and realizes the victorious realm of an individual and family, that family is not limited to one environment. That family will represent world Christianity. If a tribe is linked to this foundation, then that tribe will not merely be one tribe but will become a world tribe.

The center of a perfected individual, family, clan, tribe, nation and world is a family. Therefore, in the history of the providence of restoration, families such as Noah's family, Abraham's family, Jacob's family, Moses' family and Jesus' family were set up. At the center are not many families, but one family. It must be only one family which represents the clan, tribe, nation, world and universe. It has to be a family that is united centering on God's heart. I cannot yield on this point. We have to be superior as an individual and as a family.

What is the hope of history from now? It does not hope for a superior person or a superior nation. It hopes for a family standing in the realm of love which is linked to the universe. Only a family of that quality can prepare a foundation upon which God can rest, and only that family can form a new world. Only that family can bring eternal happiness to this universe. If we would like to relax in this kind of family, we will find a foundation of happiness prepared.

We are not moving forward with individual salvation as our goal. We should form a base for family salvation. The family becomes the base for the formation of societies and nations. Therefore, it must be a true family. True and true come together even if we try to prevent it. However, water and oil separate no matter how we try to mix them. The more we try to mix, the more they separate.

Thus, if a family can have an essential unifying element or unifying factor, then the formation of a clan will be possible through this model family. This family will be different from the families to which we are accustomed. It will be different from families which search for a new method by uniting and influencing practical social systems and world affairs. The model family will not try to blend with the environment or the society in which we live. It transcends them all.

Heaven and earth differ to a degree of which we have never dreamed. All people, no matter what their differences, desire to love and serve a laughing parent rather than a crying parent. Then, how can we live with and serve a laughing parent and laughing brother?

A model family must center on a parent of all humankind and the world, and not on this-worldly couple or a parent.

If you come to form a true family centering on true parents and true children, the age of you Unification Church members will arrive, in which a base will be set up for you to become dominators. And from now, flowers of happiness will blossom along the way Unification Church members go. The reason I went on a world itinerary was to restore a family four position foundation. Through a world-wide family four position foundation we must restore what Jesus could not restore individually by forming a four position foundation centering on Peter, James and John.

This is why I prepared, centering on Korea, a horizontal family four position foundation with the United States, Germany and Japan. In other words, because I have already prepared a conceptual base for the world-level Messiah, the Unification Church will never perish. Even if I die, the concept of the Unification Church has the enough power to subjugate the whole world.

What is it that the Unification Church is proposing today? The Unification Church proposes the family. This is a new family centered on a parent. Sons and daughters making their new start from this new family system must stand up, cleansed of their past.

The Unification Church way is not an individual way. It is a way to go as a family. It is a way to go forming a family together with the members. Do you understand? A family member has a parent and brothers and sisters. If a member of the Unification Church cannot love the brothers and sisters with more than the brotherly love of this world, he or she is not being true to our ideal. That kind of person will receive indemnity. He or she will not be able to avoid it. Ultimately, that person will be pushed out. No matter how hard you try, you will be pushed out.

Then next, you have to move on to your families. Each family member will gradually come to have a family. There will be your brother's family, sister's family, your younger brothers' and sisters' families-they all will form families. The time of you being an individual family member has passed. From now on, you have to act in terms of families. You rise to a higher level to go as a family unit through the Blessing. Then, which is more precious, you as an individual or you as a family? You as a family. This was the hope of six thousand years of history.

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