Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1) The Hope of Fallen Humankind

Through the fall, the first human ancestors Adam and Eve created the fallen blood lineage. They were to become united with God in the unfallen world, the original ideal world of God's hope, and to give birth to sons and daughters with a direct lineage to God. However, they formed a relationship with Satan and became the head of Satan's lineage giving birth to dead children. Therefore, today all humankind has met false parents. Therefore, we must deny the blood lineage of the false parent and meet the True Parents.

The hope of fallen people is to meet God's son. Fallen people are grieving about being born as Cain's children and are wandering, searching for God's true son. We must find God's son. However, if we had to search out the individual-level son of God, family-level son of God, clan-level son of God, tribal-level son of God and national-level son of God, how much suffering would humankind go through?

For this reason, God sent the Messiah representing the national-level son's realm. Therefore, the day when humankind receives this Messiah, they can also search out the individual-level, family-level, clan-level and tribal-level as well as national-level son of God. You should understand that the advent of the Messiah is to convey the joyful message that now we can discover the national-level son of God.

We, who are born of the fallen relationship, must meet the son of God, who will enable us to transcend the condition which Satan can accuse. After meeting the son of God, we must meet the parent. You have had fallen parents, but you have never had a true parent. Therefore, you must find a true parent whom God can love.

Then you must find the parent's family. After finding the parent's family, you must find God's love. If you have found God's love, then you will be able to meet God. Likewise, fallen men should search for their brothers and sisters, their fathers, their mothers, "my house," and "my hometown," centering on God. You should understand the fact that humankind on this earth had to walk this path.

When the sons and daughters who can receive God's love become parents and form a family in which they love each other centering on God's love, then in the environment in which everything can be accomplished through family peace, they will automatically prosper, singing the song of love. Then, a God-centered tribe will also take form automatically.

However, because Adam lost that family standard, we must recover it through religion. Until we find the family, we cannot find the clan, tribe, nation or world.

What is the ideal, wish and hope of humankind? We can conclude the following: First of all, the greatest hope of humankind is to serve God as my Father. Second, it is to become the sons and daughters who can receive God's love; and third, it is to inherit everything God possesses. Humankind has no greater hopes.

What is happiness? It is the feeling of orphans when they find their parents after six thousand years. What can be a greater happiness? The purpose of religion is to help find these parents. The parents you thought were dead for eternity are now able to live. If you find you have a means to discover if your parents are alive, you will not do anything else. Will you let your properties be an obstacle to finding your parents? Even if you had to put everything aside, you would invest all your sincerity in finding your parents. Isn't it so in this world, also? Are there any children who feel happy hanging onto their land or money when their parents are dying?

If the original parents centered on the original relationship can come to life again when you thought they were dead, then to pioneer that way you need to have sincerity beyond what can be expressed in words. You have to show your loyalty in the position of feeling heartbreaking sorrow and regret for the sorrow of heaven.

With this heart, you must prepare the way for your parents to come alive again. This is the way of a child living with filial piety. This is our responsibility. Therefore, we must not concern ourselves with this -- worldly things, but must pioneer this way. We must not concern ourselves with the joys of this world nor its persecution. We must be able to go even the way of death. We must have a relationship of filial piety to pioneer this way.

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