Blessing And Ideal Family (Part 1)

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

9) The Historical Day of Hope

God created Adam and Eve after many difficulties. In order to create Adam and Eve, God created the universe. God endured many difficulties to create the universe. Because God invested so much to create Adam and Eve, I'm sure God was happy beyond words when He finished. However, there was to have been a moment when God was even more happy, and this was to be the moment when His son and daughter were united, in other words, the time when Adam would have a bride. This happiness was to be connected to all things that give birth in heaven and earth, and the center of love was to be linked to all humanity. If branches were created from there with explosive power, then the whole world would eventually have been involved. Then people would have been born resembling God. Those who were not born resembling God would try to resemble God.

Were you born resembling God, or are you going to try to resemble God? Which one! You have to try to resemble God. If you had been born resembling God, then when would be your day of celebration! I don't know if God resembles you, but if you were born resembling God, which day should you celebrate? You should celebrate the day you were born. Then you should celebrate the day you get married. Then you should celebrate the day you have your sons and daughters. This was the origin of history. History developed in order to realize this, and this was the content of the providence.

The fact remaining from the fall is that we lost our original parents. Through the fall, when we lost the parents, we lost the children. In addition to the children, we lost all things, and together with all things, we lost God. We must restore all these.

Adam and Eve were to become God's true son and daughter and then were to become the true parents of humankind. Adam and Eve were to dominate the whole of creation. There was supposed to be this glorious day for the whole creation also.

The dominion over all things cannot be accomplished alone. The parents must have children, forming a family. All things can be dominated based on that restored four-position foundation. No one alone can dominate creation. Jesus came to this earth to dominate all things and the world, but he could not.

God wanted to give the Blessing to both Adam and Eve, not just to Adam. Therefore, Adam and Eve had to become husband and wife.

But husband and wife are not enough. Husband and wife are the vertical center from God. Adam and Eve were the internal and external center linking heaven and earth centering on God. The spiritual dual characteristics appeared as substantial dual characteristics forming an individual set of dual characteristics. This became a man and a woman centering on mind and body. This was Adam and Eve. Therefore, when Adam and Eve become united, they become for the first time the center of a horizontal four position foundation, forming a center base.

However, although the parents are the center, they must stand also in the subjective position as the center of the horizontal world representing the clan level. To do so, they need an object. That object is their children. Then, when the four position foundation is formed, heaven and earth are linked for the first time.

In the world today there is a children's day, but it is not a true children's day. The true Parent's Day, Children's Day, Day of All Things and God's Day were determined and announced by our Unification Church. These days were not determined at random, according to my thoughts, saying, "Today can be such and such a day." All the Holy Days were determined after going through a formula in the restoration process. Without going through the formula, restoration is not possible. In the restoration process, there is always an order, and I have always restored everything according to that order.

There must be parents before children can exist. Therefore, it is the principled to proclaim Parent's Day before proclaiming Children's Day.

Originally, all people were to possess the ideal of parents. Therefore, if God's Day is determined, then Parent's Day will be determined at the same time, and then Children's Day and the Day of All Things. However, because of the fall, everything was lost. Therefore, in the process of restoration, what is the first thing which must be found? Man must be found first. You must understand that unless Parent's Day is determined, Children's Day cannot be determined.

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